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  1. if it's in a paddock near by, be sure to flatten the grass in a circular fashion while working the metal detector, this will ensure maximum chance of finding the lost bits..
  2. surely with 11,000rpm it's possible? the head and cams might get there in the smaller capacity if the rods can handle it?
  3. will you be fixing this yourself? i fixed an 8" LS400 lexus subwoofer using a new seal from simply speakers about 10yrs ago. not sure they have square ones? or what you had planned https://www.simplyspeakers.com/speaker-foam-repair-new-edge-it-kits.html
  4. in My opinion with all the Barries you will have drooling or frowning upon the engine in there, I'd make them Look as awesome as possible and have your story lined up along with a home made oldschool engine research and developments badge welded onto them. that way you can say, well they spent 14hrs on a bench(work bench?) at various air speeds(windy days?) with the ideal tuned length optimised for ultimate (make up appropriate cromulent word here) grinbergs. going by Allen Millyard's home made mufflers glorious sounds I'd almost be asking him directly what he'd do.(he responds to youtube messages on his videos, not sure if you'd get a direct sharn with him though?)
  5. that's exactly what i was wondering next? would there be any restriction/turbulence with this in the bell mouth?
  6. i saw one of these adapted to a ford falcon pre crossflow (1975 ish) engine via adaptor plate to the engine, so that could be a way to bolt it up(was custom made, no one stocked it) Castlemaine Rod Shop (CRS Australia) used to have a bell housing (can't remember for what trans) for the "Toyota Hemi" but can't find a listing anymore
  7. talking about the ESP tribute Global trim(Australia) also do the ESP gold paint for the snowflake wheels in a pressure pack can. (ones with the side moulds etc)
  8. still got the water pump issue? ahh don't stall.. sounds epic with full send flat shifting! is there anything on the time cards showing improvement mid track? 100mph Trap speed etc?
  9. how are they checking this? with the odometer or just where the pointer is pointing? perhaps repositioning the needle 5kmh out at zero will be within 5% at 100kmh say (odo will still be out) and say 50kmh will be out by less i think(was suggested to Me once with gearbox conversion in a falcon)
  10. was there any reason you can think of the trap speed being basically the same? I'd thought it would be much higher
  11. is there a paint or coating you can do that will be risk free(to the engine) and still be fuel safe protecting the plastic?
  12. would it be worth getting a regrooving tool on some simple ish tyre designs. the speedway guys i used to sell my panels to(when i'd buy a car wreck for an engine/box etc) used to always use retread tyres because A: they were cheap, B: the rubber was softer and C: the tread design was kind of aggressive (at least the style they were buying was) but they also did groove them also a bit from memory
  13. now i have 2 more threads to read looking forward to the testing videos!
  14. video of dorts in the dust not loading? sounds like a blast, needs a 4wd conversion next?
  15. i watched some of these waste engine oil(black diesel) a few years back also, the guy i bought My toyota surf(wish i kept it) from used to do his oil change and the old oil would go straight into the fuel tank 4 litres x $1.00 litre back then = $4 saved in fuel..(in his eyes) and no need to get rid of the waste. it did smoke though, and stank of oil burning. i put 300ml of old oil in My diesel gemini fuel tank at half full level as a test once and it was smelly and smokey, so i topped it up full with diesel and didn't do that again. i reckon these black diesel users must have a trail of stink behind them and probably smoke. but there's probably a ratio that's minimal. (not sure on the ratio and if it's less an issue when the engine is warm.. )
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