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  1. G'day @MACKAZ i have to thank you for mentioning this fine forum, i have been enjoying some great threads here and just came across yours. will read it actual "JAILBAIT" thread shortly. feel free to update the thread for me (deankdx from ozfalcon.com.au)
  2. yeah that's going to blow up in their faces, i'm seeing posts about brand new hi vis and boots (fake tradies) we just had a 5.5+ earthquake (earthquakes are rare here)so that may flood the news rather than protest/riots today. Already saw some memes floating around along the lines of .. "release the earthquakes, that will stop these protests" etc. yes, youtube rabbit holes are real, especially Allen Millyard's channel (he built a mountain bike also with internal gears and made his own shock absorbers for it etc.. so, just have a short look .. for ideas/inspiration etc. and come straight back to OS for updates .
  3. I've read all your linked threads also from your sig except the RX3 one, but found ones like this one buried also well worth looking at. i am loving the "Porsche" IMP also. and if you hadn't heard of Allen Millyard(hadn't noticed a mention) you'll definitely see some great videos of his where he hacksaws a motorbike crank case in half (link here so as not to have a non relevant video preview show in this thread) to turn two 4cyl bike engines into a 6cyl for an epic build he did. (don't get too caught up watching all his videos, we need important updates here )
  4. G'day, first post here I've been loving reading all these amazing builds on this site and @yoeddynz yours have been most entertaining and informative to My brains requirements. (been quietly going insane in Melbourne Au lockdown for seemingly forever) when i first read your ideas, i first thought of this project which the guy has nearly finished. thought I'd share it here for you in case it resonates or entertains some thought manufacturing process. feel free to update all your threads to keep the dream alive. Cheers Dean.
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