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  1. Cool stuff happened this week A local stainless steel fabricator has been busy restoring the exterior door trims for me, I got them back today and he has done a great job. As I mentioned in an earlier post the trims were full of holes where the trim had been pop riveted to the doors, all the holes have been repaired and they look great. Here is a comparison picture. I have also finished repairing the rear door cards. Very happy with how they turned out
  2. Yea I am aware that the front hanger can be changed to lower the ride height. I like the idea of having the springs reset for a more acceptable ride height because I know that Valiants can be very soft in the rear without the extra leaf. Not really after the slammed look, just want a nice subtle drop.
  3. More fiddly stuff while the car is away, I made up a batch of my re-manufactured / homegrown trim clips for the exterior door trims. Cut out a bunch of small pieces from thin stainless plate Drilled holes for the fasteners Shaped them all up Tapped a thread and installed the fastners 12 should be enough to replace the missing clips assuming I don't break any more re-installing the trims on the car.
  4. I'd say if you have a real desire to do the V6 thing just go ahead an do it straight away. If you get it on the road with a different engine there is a risk that the V6 will sit in the corner unloved and you will decide that you are perfectly satisfied with the 4cyl (that is what I would probably do anyway). It will probably be easier to do the conversion while the car is in pieces as well rather than trying to nip and tuck a finished car to make things fit. I believe those V6 engines go very well in small cars like the Escort so should be sweet! You have probably seen this already.........
  5. While the car is away having the panel work sorted out I decided to get started fixing up the interior door panels. I started with the left rear, this one actually as a corner broken off completely along with a couple of trim clip locations that can no longer retain the trim clips. I have built a few small boats in the past (you can see them in the background of a few pictures in this thread) and have plenty of fiberglass off cuts in a box in the shed. I decided this would be the perfect material for fixing the door cards so began by cleaning up the areas to be repaired with a sanding disc. Then I cut out a whole lot of little patches from fiberglass cloth so I can build up the damaged areas. Next I set about rebuilding the damaged areas with fiberglass cloth and resin. Finally I put two layers of glass cloth right along the bottom but by this stage my gloves were well coated in resin and I didn't dare try to pick up my phone to take a photo. You can see the strips of glass cloth that I used in the photo above (top left of the pic). I then sandwiched the whole lot together and allowed it all to cure overnight. And the next day it is all cured. Only 3 more to do.
  6. Murphy says that the day you want to drive your car to the panel and paint shop with no side window glass installed it will rain. Or it could just be because it is winter in Auckland. Anyway, rain it did so today I had to install some genuine South Auckland windows for the short trip down to Takanini. On the way down I was stopped at a set of traffic lights and a Police car pulled up in the lane next to me. I thought to myself oh dear, no windows, no exterior door handles, only one tail light installed, dodgy tires on the back, I'm screwed! The officer looked out her window at me then simply smiled, waved and let me be on my way. Freakin awesome!
  7. After a couple of solid evenings work stuff is starting to look more serious. All the trim is off the sides of the car, door handles are removed and it's nearly ready to head off to the panel and paint shop to have the rust in the rear guard fixed and a whole lot of little stuff tidied up here and there. The car looks quite different with the 1/4 glass removed. There are quite a few trim clips that are either missing or not suitable for re-use. You can't buy these so I set about making my own replacements. The factory clip is on the right and my effort on the left. And installed in one of the door trims. These will work nicely but I need to make about 15 of them so will be moving to mass production this weekend.
  8. More progress from the weekends efforts. I had a buddy round on Sat helping out so we actually got a whole lot done. We removed all the side window glass from the car and removed the old worn out weather strips. Crusty old glass out I removed the window regulators for checking and I am very happy that they are in awesome condition. They will benefit from a clean and a bit of lubrication but other than that they are good enough to put straight back in with the new windows. 1/4 windows removed Turns out there is a bit of a trick to getting the weather strips out without destroying them and I didn't really figure it out properly until the last door. The weather strips that I removed first are at the top of this picture and the ones that came out last are at the bottom. The window rubbers from the 1/4 windows are in pretty good condition so I will be re-using them. I will need to clean them up a bit as they are quite dirty and have some paint on them from one of the re-sprays that the car has had over the years. Should be able to remove the paint with care. Got to have the car ready for the panel and paint shop next week so still plenty to do, it will be a busy week!
  9. Definitely check out your earth's, funny things can happen when the solenoid is on the body of the car. I assume that the negative battery lead is connected to the engine block. You may need a grunty earth strap between the engine and body. The one on my car is fairly heavy for this exact reason.
  10. Not sure about that particular roof rack, looks mighty tall. On your starter issues, have you tried giving it a good clout when it refuses to turn over? Sometimes the brushes can stick in the holders. A bash can make them spring into place again. You probably tried this already but I thought it would be worth mentioning.
  11. Had a good evening with the car at the OS July monthly but it was straight back into the shed this weekend to crack on with the project. Started to work on the doors and interior tidy up. I removed the sheep skins as they really need a clean. I haven't seen the stock interior for a while now and man it's a whole lot of green!! Off with the door cards The door cards are actually in better condition than I expected, the damaged areas are small and shouldn't be too hard to repair. Next job is to remove all the stainless trim from the doors
  12. Wheel alignment was sorted today all ready for Auckland monthly met tomorrow. I also got my battery isolation switch installed. Pretty stoked with this, no more disconnecting and reconnecting the battery terminals. With the battery tray and battery installed the switch is nicely hidden away from view.
  13. Paid - Committed!!
  14. So the front end is all back together, the lower control arms went back in without too much bother and no drama refitting the torsion bars either. I set the front ride height just a little lower than standard giving it a kind of funky retro 80's stance. It would be good to go a little lower but I may need to modify the bump stops as it's not too far off them even now. Took it for a drive and even without a wheel alignment it's way better. I will get the wheel alignment done and should be all good for the next Auckland OS monthly meet. Still plenty to be done but having it back on its wheels is a good milestone.
  15. As much fun as that would be I will be struggling to get enough leave from work to drive the AP5 down and back again. Air NZ owes me a couple of free flights so I am going to fly into CHCH and meet up with a couple of mates who can provide suitable oldschool transportation up to Hanmer.