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  1. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal

    Also installed the new door seals this weekend. These have been sitting on my work bench for months so it's about time. I removed the old seals and was very happy to find all the sheet metal in good condition. New seals fitted and looking way tidier.
  2. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal

    I started the weekend by doing some laundry............. Take sheepskin seat covers Risk marital disharmony by soaking in suitably sized container Stir around a little until water turns this delightful colour MMMMMMMM YUMMY! And outside to dry in the sun
  3. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal

    So it seems I made that age old mistake of driving the car before it is actually finished so several jobs on the original to do list haven't happened. Did install an important accessory on the rear windscreen today. This weekend I am going to make a committed effort to install the new door seals that have been sitting on my work bench for at least a month.
  4. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal

    A big effort last weekend to have the car ready for this weeks OS monthly social in Auckland First I completed reinstalling all the exterior trim Then in went the quarter glass Then in went the side window glass and window regulators (kind of hard to photograph glass but trust me it's in there) And finally on went the repaired door cards, door handles and window winders Still a bit of work to be done to cross all of the jobs off the list but at least it's on the road again. Looking forward to the Auckland OS meet on Wednesday!!
  5. Triumphant's 1969 Skoda Sabre

    Mine was a Christchurch car as well so it is certainly possible, the photo was taken at my folks place in New Brighton.
  6. Triumphant's 1969 Skoda Sabre

    It would have been amazing if you had found it. Probably good it's not the same car because if it was I would have had to drag it out of that paddock and restore it. My wife would not be impressed! Interesting that the plates are so close, could the two cars have come off the assembly line together?
  7. Triumphant's 1969 Skoda Sabre

    My first car was a Skoda although ever so slightly newer than yours. It was a great little car, wish I still had it!
  8. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Yea man call an OS working bee, it will be social and cool. Pick a part adventures are always fun.
  9. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal

    Slow progress this week as I was kind of distracted by the awesome event that is Gumboot Rally, I did however manage to get the front door cards finished off. Some of the stitching was kind of rotten so I tried out the sewing skills that I learned in 3rd form home economics. Then reattached the vinyl to the cards and fitted some replacement trim clips in place of the original items that were mostly lost or in poor condition. All fixed and looking good
  10. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal

    The car is back from the painter and it feels like I am on the home stretch now. New weather belts and door seals have arrived from Australia. There was a little light surface rusting in the area where the weather belts fit into the tops of the doors so I carefully cleaned it up and gave it a couple of coats of paint for protection. Before After I also started fiddling around with the exterior door trims. I will install the trims with a combination of original and new trim clips as appropriate for each piece of trim. Getting all the clips installed in the correct position is actually kind of tricky so some patience will be required.
  11. 64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    Been thinking about a Valiant convoy to nationals. Pretty sure an AP5 Safari would be the ideal flagship for such an adventure.
  12. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal

    A very quick update this week All the panel repairs are complete and ready for paint Now all we need is some decent weather in Auckland so paint can happen, a big ask this time of year
  13. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal

    Cool stuff happened this week A local stainless steel fabricator has been busy restoring the exterior door trims for me, I got them back today and he has done a great job. As I mentioned in an earlier post the trims were full of holes where the trim had been pop riveted to the doors, all the holes have been repaired and they look great. Here is a comparison picture. I have also finished repairing the rear door cards. Very happy with how they turned out
  14. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal - Discussion

    Yea I am aware that the front hanger can be changed to lower the ride height. I like the idea of having the springs reset for a more acceptable ride height because I know that Valiants can be very soft in the rear without the extra leaf. Not really after the slammed look, just want a nice subtle drop.
  15. 1963 AP5's Valiant Regal

    More fiddly stuff while the car is away, I made up a batch of my re-manufactured / homegrown trim clips for the exterior door trims. Cut out a bunch of small pieces from thin stainless plate Drilled holes for the fasteners Shaped them all up Tapped a thread and installed the fastners 12 should be enough to replace the missing clips assuming I don't break any more re-installing the trims on the car.