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    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    So I got half a day in the shed.......boom! empty shell all ready to get blasted. And a T50 turned up. It is supposedly of known good condition, and it has a new clutch fork and release bearing....plus already shiny! If I get a few quiet days I can suss out getting it off to the blaster and then panel shop.

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    turns out I need more than half a day...... Everything is off the shell (apart from wheels etc) except fuel and brake lines and a few odd's and ends, so I'm almost happy....... Hopefully should get it done this weekend. I've set myself the goal of having the car fully painted by the end of the year.

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Ok, so it took 4 months, but I finally got some time in the shed again over the last week. Between three kids and business being really busy.......and a stupid set of bunks I refurbished instead of buying new ones (such a time suck!) .....I finally got there and stripped out the doors and only found the slightest rust and the lock holes smoothed over. Will take these back to metal soon. A mate is a diesel mechanic and was doing some odd jobs at the workshop and helped me out with a few things. Rear bearings pressed Front hubs bearings replaced and new discs fitted Rear callipers completely pulled apart (and then painted along with a few other bits) Diff housing seals fitted and cleaned up ready to be assembled So now all 4 callipers are ready to be fully assembled (again - minus shit paint), along with the diff and the entire front subframe - all ready to go in the car once the shell is at the panel shop. I just need a half day to pull the last few things out of the shell to get it blasted and then it's off to the panel beater for some major progress.

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Another good day. Finished stripping the larger flat areas, just need to remove a few bits and bobs and get the rest blasted. A few dents and the odd pinhole but pretty dang tidy! Stripped the boot lid.......like my other one, two big holes, but in different places so between the two I should have a good one.

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Sorry Max - keep forgetting, mostly because I haven't been down the shed for a few months but I'll sort it tonight. Any chance you could message me the details of the guy you got the shell from? Just trying to put as many of the pieces into the ownership puzzle as I can.
  6. Toyota themselves didn't have anything on file, but my friend used used their name and accreditation to get some info for me so I have a good starting point with previous rego history

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Football season is over and the sun is out.......it's paint stripping time! Shiny straight steel and only two spots of rust that'll need cut out behind both rear wheels. So far so good. In other news, I managed to get some old rego history down at my local Toyota and managed to track down a previous owner via Facebook. He was a bit of a rascal back in the day and had quite a big tab with LTNZ shall we say. Here's what it used to look like..... He warned me not to bare metal it as he had put a bit of bog into the roof, but I figured I have a spare if it's real bad and I'd rather get any old bog out incase it's on the bare metal. Should hopefully finish off the big panels tomorrow and line up a sandblaster during the week.
  8. Nah the shell was stripped, good call with Toyota though. I'll hit up the compliance place tomorrow and see what I really need to have.
  9. yeah it just says it's invalid as it only has access to limited chassis numbers - i'll pm you the Chassis Number
  10. Didn't come up on carjam unfortunately I just don't want to do all the work and then not be able to register it because of silly paperwork/proof of ownership yadda yadda........so you saying I don't need anything like that?
  11. Hey Guys. My new ke25 shell has no paperwork history, but a quick call to LTNZ ( via the chassis number) and they told me it was last registered in August 2006, however they wouldn't give me any of that in writing for some strange reason. I need some sort of proof etc to get it re registered so they suggested I fill out a CA03 Alternative Documents Form and pay them $184 (their hourly rate btw) for the pleasure.......any words of wisdom before go further with this?
  12. AALAWS

    windscreen glue, what to use?

    I swear by Sikaflex urethane, but you need to use the complimentary clear primer/activator to prepare the glass and aperture to avoid any bonding issues. (3min flash off time) If you've got fresh paint on the aperture, then give the bonding area a quick scuff with scotch pad and use the ska black primer (10min cure time). If you have a yarn to a local Smith and Smith they might let you buy a tube and have a nearly empty activator and primer for cheap/free.
  13. AALAWS

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Barn find quality! Can't wait until we get some good weather so I can get stuck in
  14. AALAWS

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    SO....this shell is WAY better than mine. It has virtually no rust in the spots that are an issue on my first shell, and the front end/panels are totally straight. It's a early model so the front end is slightly different in terms of the grille mounts etc, but that's an easy fix. There's no rust under the cowel where the heater box mounts up, the spare wheel well is all complete, I now have a set of rust free doors. The boot and bonnet will need to be stripped to reveal their true state as it looks like theres a few gremlins under the surface, but the shell at first look, looks 95% rust free! So the plan is now to strip this and send it off to the panel beater with minimal fabrication work needed. I won't count my chickens, but this could speed up the whole rebuild a lot. Happy Man!
  15. AALAWS

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    This space?