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  1. Hey Guys - Just been talking to the cert guy for the rust repairs on my corolla, and says I need to get a vin assigned to the car. Problem is, the shell is back on the rotisserie and the places I have talked to want me to take it to them an hour away. Now I'll suck it up and take if I have to, it but just checking if this can be done remotely or by a mobile service if anyone knows?
  2. Last few weeks have been productive..... Floor in, panels straightened and fitted, car dropped to painter to be rubbed back and fully primed and undersealed. It's now sitting at home, rust free and ready for seam sealing and getting it on it's wheels to mock up the engine.......
  3. So that panelbeater who was supposed to take it in Feb fell through......but after some calling around I found another and couldn't be happier.... 24th of May, they took away both of the shells - the plan is to use my first shell for panels so it's getting the old chop chop.... By Mid June I go for a visit, and the roof and parcel tray have been swapped over, the new headlight panels and radiator support fitted, a new drivers sill, and patch's made up for the wheel arches, battery tray.......and the whole floor cut out of the first shell ready to be transplanted as it is more economical to do that than some patches. This will fully convert the older shell to a facelift shell with the front and leaf spring perches now updated. Another great bonus is that the better shell is a japanese import so it had been fully dipped in production so the insides were all nice and clean......the original shell, a kiwi assembled, had no primer and is now a sad hacked up pile in the corner. I'll cut the good remaining sections and store them as spares. I dropped off the doors, bonnet, boot, hydraulic pedal box and a few other bits to get them finished off as my mate had literally done nothing to them over a year.....so I should have a completely straight and rust free shell in the next few week! I've arranged to drop it straight to the paint shop to get it completely epoxy primed and undersealed so i can take it home and start some assembly and the engine build can start too. F'n Stoked to finally have some progress!!
  4. So I have found a quality metal magician who can do the work for me early next year - finally! In the mean time I have been chewing through the build fund with more NOS goodness.....especially stoked with the headlight garnish and gutter chrome
  5. I got my KEYPHOS from car colours on the north shore.
  6. Saw my panelbeater mate the other day......he hasn't done much at all. F@#K's sake!!! Oh well, i'll probably look at getting it in a panel shop sooner after all...... I drilled out all the spot welds at the front and back of the roof (I'm swapping them over between the shells) I went right through on 2/3 of them but I'll leave that to the pro's. I'll get onto the drip rails tomorrow if the wife lets me escape for another few hours. I'm going to get started on other bits like getting the fuel tank cleaned up and the plastics all painted so at least something is getting done while I wait for the panelbeating stars to align for me......
  7. I stripped all the large flat panels, and a few other bits, with the 3m strip disks (great for chewing out bog) and then cleaned up the panels and wiped on some Keyphos - simple as. My first shell has been left like that for years with no issue - I've occasionally touched up the odd spot. I had the rest of the shell blasted by waikato sandblasting in Hamilton with ok results.
  8. The bonnet had blown open and bent the back corners and mounts, and had a few small dents. The skin was removed from the frame and it's all getting straightened out. In the mean time I started cleaning up the heater box so I had something productive to do.... Rust, filth, munted foam gaskets, blown fuse/thermostat? (will check with sparky)......and core cleaned and tested for leaks. Stripped, painted, new foam courtesy of packing foam from computer box and all ready for eventual fitment
  9. Just before Lockdown I had another old boy (family friend who had been away from work for a long time due to some hip injuries etc) turn up and say he was back and keen as a bean to get some work so I let him take away a few boot lids, the bonnet and some doors. Both the boot lids had big rust holes, but in different areas so cutting patch panels out of each and melding them into one is the plan. He's going to peel back the whole edge of the skin to clean up all that surface rust under the edge too. Note the mobility scooter/work bench
  10. as above - love the quality and attention to detail. I'm currently reconditioning my corolla's heater unit and should probably go down the 'patient' plating path on a few bits! How do you find the threads/bolts for fitment after plating?
  11. Progress!! No pictures but the local metal magician came round and made up some patterns for the floors. It's not much but it's a start for sure. Excited to see things underway. I have also got a booking for early next year at Bad Penny in Hamilton so they should be able to sort out all the rest for me if the old boy can't finish it off.
  12. One good days weather in two weeks - so finally got the chance to pick up the car from the blasters. It had a little water in it and they forgot a few areas but not too bad. It's got a few areas of pin holes in the floor but no new major discoveries/disasters! These little holes were the ONLY spots of rust in the doors! (lying on top of each other) Now to clean out the sand and touch up a few spots and keyphos it again while I wait for an opening at the panel beaters!
  13. Met a GC who works there and says he has a few spares lying around I could look at from his KE20 sedan.....score Then I got a phone call from another GC who found my wallet after it fell out of my pocket outside the bakery......right when I was looking for it in a panic......PHEW!
  14. Off to the sandblaster with the 2nd shell tomorrow - finally have some down time and good weather in one go. My plan is to drop it straight off to the Panelbeater but I don’t have the budget to get it fully panel beated and painted in one go so I’m trying to figure out the best plan. What’s everyone’s thoughts on breaking it down into the best steps? If I get all the rust repaired and all the body work straightened out, prime it and underseal then take it home while the engine is built, it will be sitting in a primer state - I’ve heard it isn’t good to leave it sitting in primer for a while? I’d be keen to hear some advice on the best process/steps from here without too much back and forth between workshops etc Cheers y’all
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