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  1. OSM Garage

    Sigma wagon build

  2. OSM Garage

    Sigma wagon build

  3. And a vid I made covering some of the day
  4. A bit late to this, but here are some average snaps I took of the day https://www.facebook.com/pg/OSMGarage/photos/?tab=album&album_id=606137713072095
  5. Hi all Im going to try and do video updates on my cars instead of pictures. I blame Photobucket! Here is my first video. Dont laugh too hard
  6. OSM Garage

    Damiens skyscraper sigma.

    Cheers mate The springs stayed captive with the standard shocks. Clint mentioned during a cert inspection that they are a bit soft than what he'd liked. I agree too. These particular springs are rather soft. Whats your plans for your wagon?
  7. Loving the build The want for a Galant/Eterna/Sigma is high!
  8. Need a sticker. Might have to turn up
  9. At the park building or the carparks on Walters Rd?
  10. Love your work Neal May attend, and bring a devil child or two
  11. OSM Garage

    Jesses mk1 mirage yarns

    Ahh, so it was the fuel pump. Man, might have to look at stock piling a few pumps
  12. Im not sure of Mitsi's of that era, but the later models had metal cased relays. 6 pins.