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  1. I assume you are buying/have bought the white GSR-X on trademe. I have just completed a manual conversion on my FWD Sigma, but I luckily had a donor car to get all the bits I needed. If I was to do it again I would look to use a gearbox from a SB/SC/E33A Galant. These gearboxes dont use a vacuum actuator to select 5th gear. Its all cables. Make sure to get the selector cables to suit that gearbox. For the clutch pedal I think you will need one from a manual Sigma as I dont think the Galant is the same. Pretty sure axles are the same between auto and manual.
  2. A bit late to this, but here are some average snaps I took of the day https://www.facebook.com/pg/OSMGarage/photos/?tab=album&album_id=606137713072095
  3. Hi all Im going to try and do video updates on my cars instead of pictures. I blame Photobucket! Here is my first video. Dont laugh too hard
  4. Cheers mate The springs stayed captive with the standard shocks. Clint mentioned during a cert inspection that they are a bit soft than what he'd liked. I agree too. These particular springs are rather soft. Whats your plans for your wagon?
  5. Ahh, so it was the fuel pump. Man, might have to look at stock piling a few pumps
  6. Im not sure of Mitsi's of that era, but the later models had metal cased relays. 6 pins.
  7. Headlight relay normally lives by the battery. Probably what released the magic smoke.
  8. Hey Clint I just messaged Chris and asked if he could remember how the struts were made. He seems to think it was the spigot method. Im kinda thinking of having him do the same to my Starion struts so everything from the spigot up on the Sigma struts will swap over. Whats the deal when it comes to cert? Im assuming the weld can be mig'd and no need for testing?
  9. I do like the 80's NZ Mitsi colours, but that green, not so much. But if you dig it thats all that matters. Are you keeping the same green on the outside? If so, id keep the same colour on the outside in the engine bay. This thing is going to look great no matter what colour it is
  10. Yeah, Measure the outside diameter of the top and bottom coils. Might pay (if possible) to measure the spring length with no weight on it
  11. Do measure before you buy, just in case
  12. Im not 100% on the suspension setups in the early Galant/Sigma chassis. I think up front will be similar to EX Lancer. The rear might be the same as 80's Sigmas. For the front I would look at EX Lancer lowering springs (at a guess 4G11 powered Lancers) For the rear im using standard Mk1 Mirage rear springs. Or look up lowering springs for EX Lancer (either model)
  13. Cheers man. Is yours a sedan or wagon?
  14. Man, what a fail. Must have been going off an old spec sheet for the driveshaft hoop. Heres an example of a hoop that bolts thru the floor Here is what ive made The standard says the hoop needs to be as round as possible. Is my creation going to fly? I also have clicked as to why you asked if there were 2 bolts - 2 bolts per side...... I dont see any mention about bolt spacing. Can they be in close proximity to each other?
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