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  1. When you need a 3/4-5/8 reducer for the heater hose pipe but all you can find is 3/4-3/4. You make your own of course.
  2. it currently does a great imitation of a Peterbuilt whistles at the other cars as it drives away. Every guy at the lights or walking down the road stops and looks expecting to see a deez beast...but no...just my purple turk
  3. Yeah its on the list of to dos but have been told as long as I stay under 15pound of poost and dont crank up the fuel too much I should be ok. But fear not I am gonna put one in.
  4. So I have been driving this thing all week and she was fairly ok I guess. Took it to an auto trans barry round the rd from work and he had a teeny fiddle under her hood and said he was happy with it. Then dropped it into a Diesel Specialist today and he adjusted the fuelling and the idle . Put a bit more fuel in it to make a wee bit more power but reckons there is more in it if I really want but was playing it safe. I tells ya. Its real fun Freight training Ford Rangers up passing lanes in a ratty old faded purple ute. She goes real good now. Very happy. Cant thank the guys who helped me out on the way enough. @UTERUS, @Ogre, @Testament, Mott, Dan, @johnnyfive , and Campylobacter...you cunts kept things moving along when I was ready to set fire to it in a paddock. Right im off to make choochoo noises PEACE OUT!!!!!!!
  5. My old Flattie had one of these...(although in wagoon form)...We put a real basic surge tank into it and it solved many an issue. it revved out far smoother and had way less issues with starvation. It was super basic. Just the stock VL pump feeding a surge tank which was just a large diameter bit of pipe with my old GTiR fuel pump inside it. He also had issues with finding an LSD for his too. But my god it was a lush car...and the disco red interior was grand!
  6. So the pics I took of what I came up with next were on my phone...which I dropped in the toilet on Wednesday. This is all I could recover. This is what I replaced the intercooler with. Its rough but I pressure tested it for leaks and its all good and I have also put 2 ports into it for the boost actuator and for the aneroid hose so they are getting accurate readings from the same area at the same time. But anyway I drove it into the forest today to go for a ride and it made all the right noises and didnt get all hot n bothered. It still needs a bit of a tune up. The TPS that controls the slushmatic transmission is all wrong so it doesnt change gears properly/at the right time but it still pulls like a 13yro boy up a hill. So I will take it to a trans specialist to get it spot on cos Im a bit over it tbh. It could probably do with a wee bit more fuel but will throw a wideband onto it to see whats what.
  7. Apologies to my neighbour.You may find an intercooler in one of ur paddocks.I may have lost my temper last night and thrown my toys...and i was going for distance! Now after deciding a twin inlet Subaru intercooler was a stupid idea as its FAR too complicated for my small brain. So I have made a straight pipe from turbo it intake manifold. So lets try this again tomorrow. Will report back.
  8. So put hacked fuse in and put battery back in after a good looooong charge and buttoned a few other things up. Gave her a crank and boom she fired right up. SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Fixed the idle and put in an EGT sensor. Also had to chop off an old throttle stop as it wasnt letting me get full throttle...like 2000rpm at max foot mashedness. This bit here... Replaced the fucked driveshaft hanger bearing and took her for a drive today. It goes but not well...can hear some MASSIVE boost leaks. Had a feel around and sure enough you can feel the air escaping through pinholes in the intercooler manifold and it also doesnt help that I didnt use gaskets when putting it together and forgot to tighten up the bolts from the turbo to the intercooler...HERP DURP!!!! So battery is BACk on charge and will try again tomorrow after work. Aim is to drive it to work on Tuesday.
  9. Right...Its tomorrow and I just got home from work. So on with the story. If you look closely in the pics up there ^^^you will notice I have a dirt floor in my wee shed. So we made an adapter to attach to the receiver of a mates ute and mated a bed mounted engine crane to it. BOOM...a 4wd engine crane...and it works fuckin sweet! Anyway after a bit of faffing and a LOT of swearing the new motor went in fairly easily. We did have to adapt the new engines fuel pump to accept the TPS from the old engine so lets see how that works out. I figured Id do it properly and put an intercooler on it si I had to fab up a (HIDEOUS) manifold to go from the turbo to the intercooler but it fits and works. Still a couple of things I need to do before its done but I was fairly lucky as I had most of the bits for a turbo conversion anyways as it has been on the cards for a while now. I already got a front pipe from a nissan Mistral so I dan get the exhaust from the turbo to the rest of the zorst. and I had bought the intercooler a couple of years ago in reparation for the conversion too. The only issues I am having ATM is getting it started. The glow plug fuse had blown and the battery is dead flat thanks to the towie who left the key turned on overnight after he towed it. On a side note getting a glowplug/alternator fuse for an old d22 navara isnt easy. Its a stupid nissan shaped fuse and the ones you can get from Repco etc dont fit. And at $62 per fuse and 3 weeks shipping Nissan can get fucked. So for $10 and a bit of fiddling I found I can very carefully pull the nissan ones apart and the repco ones apart and splice them together to make 1 good one. So screw you Nissan!!!! Anyway here is the 1 pic I have of the engine in the hole. Will see if I can take some more interesting ones later/if I can be bothered.
  10. So some of you have seen my purple navara and some of you have even driven it to collect vehicles. It is gutless. Well I was driving home the other night and it died...like dead...like DED! Got it towed and got a lift home from a true GC and went back to Rotorua the next day to pick it up. Once I got it home I pulled it apart thinking it had pooped the head gasket but alas no. Some major scoring on the front and back of cylinders 2 and 3 and to a lesser extent cyl 1 told me it was time for a new engina. I contemplated a newer yd25 or something else...(cummins ISV anyone?)...but decided for sheer ease of legality another qd32 would be the go. So I found one on the Tard and got it shipped up from Dunedin. So when I picked it up it turned out to be a factory turbo version. So the old girl is going churboe. Anyway its getting late so im off to bed. Will update tomorrow or later. But here are some pics.
  11. Use the other ramp as a ladder. Bolt it to the back so you can get up onto the roof. unless you already have a ladder on the back...in that case ignore everything I just said.
  12. Is this the VW place just off old Taupo rd? Cos if it is I drive past it everyday...(I work just round the corner)
  13. I like the way Becca has her knee pads on whilst doing insulation. PS Hi Dan and Rebecca!
  14. Dont be silly Manu!!!! Cherry Red and Gold rims/chrome bits FTW
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