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  1. oh that was good, thanks kicker.
  2. I'm not terribly ginger these days soz.
  3. Next on my list is chrome 12" wheels and white tyres. I also need to sort out getting these bits shiny again. There doesn't seem to be much out there for replacement parts on kids bikes but so far I have picked up a few little bits: New headseat bits New chain New grips...but were too garbage grips.
  4. More progress! What better to do on a shitty wet Auckland day than paint the frame. Gave it a wet sand first then got it strung up in the booth. Liv Pro Tip #1. Don't wear ballet flats if the floor is covered in half cured fibreglass gelcoat. Every step I took, I got stuck to the floor and when I went to move my foot, my shoe would stay behind. Made moving around with the gun a fucking challenge. Trackpants...gross... Mixing up clear coat. Faaaark yes.
  5. oohhhh kay so I have not forgotten about this. First things first, (Kyteler) I've made sure my nails were a priority before taking photos...not. Alright so Denham/73crownwags put the bike through the paint stripper tanks for me and now all the crusty purple is gone! Thanks!! The frame is in surprisingly good nick. There were a few small rust spots but I got rid of them with a wire brush (I had left it for a good month or so before putting primer on). These photos are post-wire brushing. I then had my first bash at painting something with a spray gun. Probably could have picked something with a few less round bits and curves. I may or may not have had a wee accident/primer spill after trying to get into various nooks and crannies and tipping the gun back too far. For some reason it looks furry in these photos but IRL it is not. I went and got my paint yesterday. Had seriously been considering doing glitter flake but vetoed it as: 1. I am such an amateur painter. 2. Waaaay too many non-flat surfaces. 3. Shitloads of clear coat will make it super difficult to put the bike back together. So I've settled for just metallic cherry red.
  6. At this old, those tyres are rock solid
  7. You metrosexual beast.
  8. I'm going to keep the spokey dokeys, or at least paint them my colour scheme if I can't buy the colours I want
  9. Found our old BMX in my sister's garage this weekend. I have a wee niece now and have been looking for a new bike project so here goes. These wheels are so pooozed. Some sweet stickers I'd like to get re-done. Definitely going to re-do the two frame pads, maybe have one which has my niece's name on it. Undecided if I want to keep the same style/graphic or think of something else. Gave some of the bits a wee scrub - comes up okayish but will probably just get them re-done. I'll never forget the guys face when I got my first bike sandblasted and I gave him a whole bike's worth of nuts, washers and my chrome bits on a big wire to get dipped. Or the guys at EDL when I took in a bag of mixed nuts to get new ones... I have the majority of it now dismantled, except the pedals - that can be tomorrow's job. Will try have a go at sandblasting it this weekend all things going well.
  10. Seems to be pretty good so far, mind you i've been careful with it. I want to get a little booze bag for it but since i'm a girl, it will probably just be full of bobby pins and sausage rolls.
  11. Toucan - that's the exact picture I saw which is why I did the bike like this! Haha
  12. Thanks! I had a horrible dream last night that it started to turn green and when I touched it, all the copper fell off.
  13. Haha. Fixed tyre and went for a ride on those two along the Onehunga foreshore this morning. Bling bling! You'll have to excuse the giant thumb. I got some white perforated bar tape yesterday and tried it on this morning but it looked too bulky and shite so won't use it. I kept the silver caps though to go in the ends.
  14. Used amalgamating tape but I think there are a couple spots which need a re-tape. Brought an extra tube when I had to replace the earlier popped one and some rim tape so should be sweet. Must've been pinched.
  15. Other tyre just popped. doh.