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  1. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Sorry I haven't at all kept up with any of this convo on here can someone send me a spread sheet of exact phone numbers and dates of everywhere I'm sapose to be booking etc?
  2. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Whatever arrangements you make Chris throw me in there mate.
  3. Akl monthly meet

    The only other idea I had was if anyone's work or know someone with a car park around same size as Ellerslie burgerfuel animates car park everyone meet there and get a food truck to come along. Be cool to eat and talk cars next to the cars rather then down below in shop. Just an idea
  4. Akl monthly meet

    Yeh ditto. I still won't show up because I live an hour away unless I happen to be around in city but I like the idea of it being there
  5. Akl monthly meet

    This is great plan! Def get the burgerfuel guy involved he used to bring his Kingswood out on OS club meet.
  6. Akl monthly meet

    Was probly that fucktard that turned up one night claiming someone did a big burnout and almost ran his wife over. I was there the whole night he was claiming and ain't no one did a burnout.
  7. Akl monthly meet

    Can the car park that was the spot in Ellerslie for years not an option these days? Havnt been to a meet in years just curious party
  8. Caffeine and classics 27th may

    @EURON8 what you need the gazebo fo? Shes in full time use alot of the time up here
  9. 1958 p39 Phillips gadabout

    This forum is run by the same people as mopednz so any name calling like what got you banned from that forum you will get you banned here faster then you can say "lets fuck some dudes". @Threeonthetree @GuyWithAviators @Shakotom
  10. Kirk28’s 330 280c caddy wagon

    @brocky41 just some small rust work in engine bay plus general clean up of engine and bay. Should be back together hopefully in a month or so.
  11. Kirk28’s 330 280c caddy wagon

    Current state of my wagon lol.
  12. Kirk28’s 330 280c caddy wagon

    What was that yellow couple @Snoozin wrecked back when he had karls sedan?
  13. Thinking of heading along this month since I havnt been for a long time!! Anyone keen to do what we use to do and roll this then go 'post mans leg pub' for beers and lunch afterwards? @EURON8 @Snoozin @sheepers @edorion
  14. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Get a flight to Auckland I'll listen to your shit yarns the way down to whakatane
  15. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Just my input in food concerns when in small towns. Go to hunting fishing kind of stores in advance of trip get decent packet hunting food you just add hot water and get a fairly good meal put of them plus they don' take up any space in back pack. Did it all across California when at national parks was legit.