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    I'd say u should be faster then that. By momory neals 308 Kingswood pulled high 16s?
  2. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10 discussion

    No wheel alignment i put springs in last night lol. Def not guard mounted low as you see whole cab leaning down and tapering back to the rear of truck. I'll take to work today and put on flat surface and meaure all around.
  3. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10 discussion

    I'm aware of the drivers side spring tensions but my truck has right hand drive conversion so it kind of eliminates it I would think? Or make it worse? I did just put brand new springs in so wouldn't that take it out as well or is there something other then springs?
  4. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10 discussion

    I can't imagine it would be as simple as tyres. I'm hoping it something simple like bent lower A arm I have a had a measure around them can't see any noticeable damage. So my next thing to look at is mismatched spindles hoping one is slightly lower or something. I'll just do as Peter said and just keep measuring to find a problem.
  5. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10 discussion

    An old boy at my work seemed to think the rear would do that. I personally can't understand how that would work? It has C section chassis would of thought would flex enough that rear would be on the piss not front if that was the case?
  6. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10

  7. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10

    So my truck has always had a bit of a gangster lean since I've had it. About 37mm higher in the front right looking at it then the front left. It's always annoyed me! So I bought new front coils and just installed them and it's still got the lean..... any one have any idea what's the problem?
  8. Speeno's Fifty Chebby.

  9. Speeno's Fifty Chebby.

    What ever happened next with this thing Spencer? Been 3 years since last update
  10. Kimjon's resurrection of Pete's wajax velo bike

    Rule of two strokes: does it have compression? Yes... It will run
  11. 73crownwagon's 1974 Chevrolet Vega Wagon

    I still have this. Been long time since last update. Engines always detonating pretty bad always did but I'm sure it's getting worse and it's over heating randomly all the time even tho new water pump and new electric fan. So plan is motor out, small block chev in, fix the rust , respray, cert, burnouts!
  12. chrisr's g20 van

    AFWE have everything for chev trucks so I assume they would for the vans
  13. chrisr's g20 van

    This my mates website for future reference http://www.fuelconversions.co.nz/Profile.htm
  14. chrisr's g20 van

    I've got a LPG guy. Has Chevys himself so perfect guy for you