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  1. Yeh that's fine as long as your not in a hurry for them.
  2. Gay
  3. What ever happened next with this thing Spencer? Been 3 years since last update
  4. Rule of two strokes: does it have compression? Yes... It will run
  5. I still have this. Been long time since last update. Engines always detonating pretty bad always did but I'm sure it's getting worse and it's over heating randomly all the time even tho new water pump and new electric fan. So plan is motor out, small block chev in, fix the rust , respray, cert, burnouts!
  6. AFWE have everything for chev trucks so I assume they would for the vans
  7. This my mates website for future reference http://www.fuelconversions.co.nz/Profile.htm
  8. I've got a LPG guy. Has Chevys himself so perfect guy for you
  9. Being a person who has ridden this bike numerous times and know how fast it can go i would not run that wheel. Not enough strength in the lack of spokes. Just my opinion
  10. Trucks been running like a champ for a long time now! Have been looking at other cars recently and am considering selling this on so if your interested send me a pm. 15k all day
  11. Never had cragers had hustlers 4 stud.
  12. Ah right I think I understand. So Vega and monza are 4 by 4 inch pattern and I believe some corvairs as well. So your pretty screwed for wheels in nz unless you want Morris minor wheels I think??
  13. Sorry I walked into alot of spam can someone give me the jist and I'll comment accordingly
  14. You own old cars?? Fuck who would of known
  15. Trying to figure which way to coming down this year... drive or fly