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  1. House is rented and I dont live there anymore sorry guys life got busy
  2. Does anyone want this boat in their personal collection? It's up for sale if yah do. Have bigger and better things in my life I would like move on to. It runs and goes just needs refining.
  3. Put it up for a poll tom after leadfoot I've got nothing planned so I dont care when it is. @Testament
  4. Thread dredge. Paddock is dryer then a nuns at the moment. I've chopped the grass right back down so we just need to come up with a date to re visit this.
  5. Do nothing but get running and bring it all covered in shit.
  6. Nah mate hasnt been for a few years. Ol mate three on them trees ain't keen no more.
  7. I'm unsure if I'll do both nights this year either
  8. I dont think I have anything to sell to be honest. Swap site is just fun to camp at rather then out in show grounds.
  9. Been waiting for you to start one as always ben! You know I'll be there
  10. So had this out at Arapuni with the lads for new years. It ran ok still needs engine work just doesn't have the HP to boogey like I'd like it to.
  11. I to was amazed by how .5 of a mm made all the difference! I'm actually interested to learn more about pitch angle and impeller design now because obviously the smallest of changes make improvements
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