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  1. Update on the open chequebook: It has been up North getting work done for compliance, and so far has 15mm to go until the chassis is completely straight, and the front inner guard has been cut off to straighten out any creases caused by the impact. The creases were a fair bit more than thought, up under the strut tower and the engine bay was pretty bent, but it's had a massive weight attached to it and pulled the creases out where possible, and then will be softly hammered with Billy Mavs back into place. But the headlight surround area is too smashed, so a new piece will be made and welded in. Coming along nicely, it's just a shame to not have any control of it as a project at the moment. Most of pics go to Instagram as I forget to update here so much. Feel free to follow along @theamyable.
  2. Fuck yeah, it sure is cool to see an old 626 advert
  3. Thanks! Durepox for engine bay and unsure for underneath just know it’s not UV protectant.
  4. So got a bit distracted with local rotary travel and a rotary storage workshop. First things first, I priced up materials for re-upholstery and bought some tools and foam before realising nobody would just do a stitch job basically wanted all or nothing. So we went to Stephen's old mate who offered a completely mind-boggling irresistible cash price job, so took him up on that offer. He even had the exact fabric. Got the rears back already and they needed completely re-doing due to the heat damage cracking the top piece and subsequently shrinking the fabric elsewhere. So meanwhile we've been busy fiddling around stripping it out completely of wiring, brake lines, and most of the underseal except that one spot over the tunnel that you leave until last and when last comes you go 'why on earth did I leave the worst bit til last' so you just never ever touch it again... someone want a job?? Mostly it's in great condition, although once we finally ground off the welds holding the guards to the body (first WTF moment) we found the RHS front had significant damage as bad as to completely crumple the crush tube and crease the engine bay. The damage is a bit of a financial set-back and obviously means a bigger job for compliance, so it did then require blasting and prep to be repaired. Bonus find this time round, a charming ring down in the door panel over the lock. As things go, I had it set up and masked off to blast myself, and then the compressor died. So after looking around I found C.A. Levien in Henderson to give the underneath, inner guards, engine bay, windscreen channels, and rear quarter rust patches a blast. Yes, everything except the great patina and heinous tagging. (my least favourite side, with BB gun dents and what appears to be acid damage). Even the sandblasters they thought it was hilarious to save the patina, but they made such a huge improvement on the car it actually looks purposeful now. Highly recommended, they even stored it away in it's own shed. The rear quarters were only 5% worse than expected, the underneath is absolutely fantastic, and the weird panel under rear windscreen that was mysteriously primer is happily not bog and is solid steel. Kyle was kind enough to take and send me some pictures of the process too: So after a year of ownership it was transported off again on Monday to it's new temporary home. Thankfully we found an old school repairer who will be able to save it without us finding a new front cut. From what I understand, he will cut from firewall and slowly pull the front back into original shape, beating out the creases. While it's there I may gain the fucks needed to finish off the underseal and chuck some durepox over it but probably won't. He'll also be teaching me a mix of painting and airbrushing to get the touched quarters back to their patina best. And I'll pull apart the twin dizzy to see what the options are. That's all for now folks.
  5. Thanks Lee and Simon for helping! Forgot to update: the lovely Cazza is gonna car sit
  6. Hey guys gonna head down to Taradale/Church Rd Wineries the next coming weekend for FatBoy Slim. Does anyone have a secure park at their house to mind my rotary while I go to the event please? 26JAN Will only be up to 5hrs I imagine and can taxi to/from the event. Can provide beers for your patience pls & thank you, amy
  7. Hey all, Have a gasfitting business but in the quotes we want to include plumbing and maybe electrical so would rather give oldschoolers the opportunities to make money over a random company. Contracting work that suits you, not a full time role, just as it comes in. There's no pre-requisite to own a rotary although you would be immediately hired if it is your company vehicle, just like the GoGas Limited RX2 . Here's the company site: If you're keen to meet up and discuss, please PM me, text/call 0273238383 or email Cheers team
  8. So Phils Rotarys only had white vinyl for door cards and I want black... so now I own the white ones, is spraying them with black fabric paint possible? Do I prep through standard measures of wax & grease remover then spray as usual? Any advice welcome pls thanks
  9. **postponed until further notice** Lovers Lane's Denham and Rotary Club International cordially invite you to BYO BBQ and Grasskhana on the 24th of November. Encouraging all oldschool pre-85 vehicles to take on the task of SH16 cruising and paddock bashing. Overnighters welcomed (tent or car), and there is a Hotrod show to check out on the Sunday for the stayers. WHEN: Saturday 24 November 2018 WHAT: Cruise with us in your oldschool ride to Denham's house, where we will partake in BBQ delights and grasskhana fun to help him get the lawn ready to cut. BYO BBQ meats beers & beats. WHERE: Meet at the Bottle'O Carpark at Huapai (near to the tavern) to grab any needs, and cruise up SH16 to Lovers Lane Speedshop. We will leave at 10am sharp. WHY: #bringbacksausagefest (Weather check on Friday 23rd) Please be influenced by the following Nats throwbacks (thanks to Thousand Dollar)]:
  10. which brings me to introduce the final piece of art, "Rom3yz zhit xox":
  11. Been a busy two weeks of knick knacking and paddy whacking really. Had huge progress in the dismantling task, and now have it stripped back to a water blasted rolling body. This weekend I de-loomed it with various difficulties due to Japanese nimble fingers and Mexican wiring swept under holes, while Stephen dropped the fuel tank out which had 1 & 1/2 buckets worth of petrol still in… no auckland tax on that. The front windscreen didn't come out easy however as the rubber was baked more than a christmas pavlova made after a few breakfast rumballs. But with two rolls of $2 tape as support and bare fingers for guidance, we yanked the screen free and the began the painful process of smashing each little piece from the surrounding areas. Even dropped the engine out the bottom to check over if it's worth saving, and the exhaust which is definitely not worth saving. And finally on the progress, I spent a day last week softly caressing the old vinyl rear seats that crack into pieces in your fingers unless you find a 24 year old bottle of Johnsons baby oil at the back of a bathroom cabinet, and massage that into the fragile material until it's overwhelming in smell. Then I spent the remainder cleaning up plastics with thanks to rivalrx CRC suggestion, AKA the new best thing after Autosol. Note grubby handles. Got new door cards from Australia - $140 free shipping bloody impressed and awesome business card to match. Bonus items found hidden this week were a knife down the wheel arch in boot, an Escort window winder, and a monopoly house under the fuel tank. Kind regards, rotorhoe