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  1. So have been enjoying browsing the forum. Would be sweet to get out to a meet or something once this lockdown stuff is all passed. Anyway, been getting done a few small jobs I've been putting off on the car. In between work having me work from home. Minispares Uk is out of stock on the Gearbox rebuild kit I'm after, so done some small things to pass the time and keep myself busy. Car is still together, I don't really want to pull it apart until I know I've got at least some of the stuff I need, and I'm kind of flat out working from home.... With the help of my father aka my fabric
  2. Apologies if this is the wrong place I'm after a personalised plate. Plate hasn't been on car since 1994 (according to Carjam) Is there anyway I can track down the owner of the plate? Or is it pretty much a no.
  3. I think this will be the right place..... Hi all, long time listener first time caller. So here goes... January last year I entered my first grass motorkhana with my Daily commodore wagon. Something I'd been wanting to do for a while as the old man rallied when I was younger, but gave up because it was too expensive. I Had an absolute ball, even though my car was far too big to maneuver, staggered wheels made me under steer everywhere and my p/s pump gave up by the end of the day. So I cracked open the savings and decided it was time for a project car. It had a few conditions.
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