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  1. The classic krispy gag
  2. Nice repair then dingo
  3. So the big question what spigot bearing did you end up going with?
  4. Cool truck krisp pity it can't crawl through rocks thou
  5. Kpr reckons Kamo hotel does a gamechanging coleslaw with there ribs
  6. Just slap the e30 engine in and jobs a goldie
  7. Rats must be time for some 12r power
  8. 3sgte hilux build coming soon?
  9. Sweet new itbs on the 3sge bro.
  10. dave

    Lambretta build

    Colour reminds me off panama brown. Looks good
  11. The high top is rad haha
  12. What's the go with that bay window? It looks rad
  13. Oh no need anymore. He's told me it's pretty rotten so no good for me
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