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  1. Wooh Hoo! not good pic though lol http://www.iheartstance.com/2012/03/nzp ... -2012.html
  2. http://www.iheartstance.com/2012/03/ard ... -show.html Jealous lol
  3. Thanks guys, Yeah i was considering spacers haha. I'm confused with the bumpstops, it's resting on them now, don't want to go any lower lol
  4. Here's my new buy I have some wheels that'll fit straight on, might need to look into some new tyres though. Heres a pic of my wheels Swapped over some oldschool green seats and fitted some central locking Put the Sounds in this weekend.. madd! Just received my tyres off trademe 165/50/r15 (Didn't realize how low the profile was haha) Also lowering time this weekend! Got some lowering springs out of a levin. Fits straight in.. Heres what it looks like now..
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