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  1. Here are the pics of the full respray, car was mostly flat AFTER 28 years, little here and there some dent etc. colour is original ,Sarajevo Weis W18, but in clear coat it was added a bit of a crystal gold pearl, without sun or light you cant see it, it turned out very very good, and I was very satisfied with that. preparing the car for painting Preimer: Ready for paint Colour:
  2. After getting the car in the shape before accident, i have finally decided for a full respray that means, fixing all the extra holes, and getting the "clean look" for the bolts for side skirts and rear bumper also removing any rust surfaces from the doors and the body. A lot of hard work for removing everything and preparing it for painting
  3. slowly we will start with the new "phase" car was hit by an old granny and after a lot of time and patience, all was putted in the previous spot, and bumper was repaired with special material (small tube cost 100e)
  4. much more space now after completing the engine bay(all hoses connected etc), iam really satisfied how it looks
  5. After fitting the engine, next problem was that engine moved forward, so there wasnt many space for the pipe from air filter to the turbo. So i bought a SPAL slim ventilator, as stock one is really deep here is the problem Comparasion and fitted, looks like OEM
  6. Next job was wireing it was all running okay, but all the wires are old and have some oxide on it, so i have decided to build a new wire installation all is from fire proof wires Installation done successfully , look like OEM and connectors for ECU
  7. After a really hard work, and 9times getting the engine out and in, i finally got the right spot, and balance all work i was doing completely alone modified engine mounts fitted OEM Mitsubishi EVO 9 RS triple gauges
  8. 313 je izbacio, polako, ima jos dosta toga da se stavi, ovo je staro 2godine
  9. almost done, still have a few bits to put on here are some pics of it, how it looks so far
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