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  1. Or mx5 head on an a15 to be really different
  2. hyundai uses same manifold
  3. Mitsubishi fuel injection manifold has been used on an a15 with a bit of porting work. A15 head fits on a12, with bigger flowing head, then use factory manifold with your own bits
  4. What about a datsun a12 or a15 with a turbo?? Small, cheap and take a turbo on a standard bottom end around 120-130 horse power?? And aren’t they close to bolting in??
  5. Under car surge tanks ok?? Can't find a definitive yes/no in the stuff I've searched so far
  6. Yeah cheers, I was lucky enough for it to come with a shortened and balanced driveshaft so that was lucky
  7. If replacing diff in a 1982 b310 datsun sunny with a diff out of a 1982 s110 silvia, it uses all same mounting points, same suspension arms, brake lines, brake pedal, same width and master cylinder so no physical modification to any of the brake and suspension system, but changes from drum rear to disk brake rear would this need a cert (i think it probably would but thought i better confirm first)