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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/266420478467131/?sfnsn=mo This month's meet is up.
  2. Speed bumps weren't too bad. Had some chap in a ute yell out to me "thats cool" as i was driving in. Yeah was the only OS person who showed up but ended up yarning to a dude from CJC who was keen as on small bike stuff too so was all good.
  3. Looks like a good route. I need to get my shit sorted and make this one.
  4. I regretfully will have to withdraw also. Have been evicted from house and have to be out by Xmas so no free weekends for me till Xmas now. I had accomodation sorted for Thursday, Friday, Saturday so if there is any one with out then send me a PM and we can discuss.
  5. Yeah they will be more then enough but if driving means I can partake in one way rather then sitting on the couch at home then ill happily take driving. Long story short I have 2 barrels, one is F$%^ed and the replacement got broken during shipping so I haven't given up but getting the good one fixed isn't going so well.
  6. Yeah i am pretty sure you organised both nights for me also, same deal as beaver. I don't know if i am going to be able to attend on a bike any more but i am just going to do a Ned and come anyway with tools and a trailer and put speedcocks stickers on any ones bike whom cant make it under their own steam any more.
  7. With this time frame i might have a shot at getting Dad on board with getting the new race car built. @Truenotch knows good things take time with Jeff's.
  8. Best i get on to fixing the yellow machine. Hopefully 3rd time lucky she makes it to the end. Not trying my luck with points this time, CDI conversion here we come.
  9. Burger Fuel has always been kind to us. Agree the parking could be better but we have changed it up in the past and it has lost momentum. I say leave it as is.
  10. Man those were the days of WRC, i remember many a time running down a gravel road in the dark between rally cars to exit a stage. Back when they used to night time rally. I knew about the Motu but probably too long ago for me to remember being there. /spam
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