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  1. With this time frame i might have a shot at getting Dad on board with getting the new race car built. @Truenotch knows good things take time with Jeff's.
  2. Best i get on to fixing the yellow machine. Hopefully 3rd time lucky she makes it to the end. Not trying my luck with points this time, CDI conversion here we come.
  3. Burger Fuel has always been kind to us. Agree the parking could be better but we have changed it up in the past and it has lost momentum. I say leave it as is.
  4. Man those were the days of WRC, i remember many a time running down a gravel road in the dark between rally cars to exit a stage. Back when they used to night time rally. I knew about the Motu but probably too long ago for me to remember being there. /spam
  5. You a keen fellow bort. What an adventure that was. Unlike most of you I got to look at a significant portion of the country side on that trip and I will be going back to explore more for sure. Cheers to the chaps who organised and supported. Out done your selves once again. And cheers to Mike for being a GC and letting me finish on two wheels. A++ would trade again.
  6. Did I fill out a form? I can't remember. I think I have accommodation at the lake but no bike so far. Might have to sort that haha
  7. Good to know. I was going to get a set for the lead as it needs new tyres after last year. I said i wouldn't but looks like i'm going to end up rolling 10 inch again
  8. Plan 1 use Richards TS185 if it goes Plan 2 copy @MaxPower but in a Safari and rescue/hand out revival beers to those who need them.
  9. You have two things going on here. One is WiFi connectivity and the other is the router. To make things confusing the Huawei and most other home based devices combine both in to the same box. One or the other is likely the issue. Those Huawei things aren't great and 22 devices going through the router part of it is doing bloody well IMO (everything be it cabled or wifi will go through the router part) as i usually see them shit them selves at anything 10+, though home automation devices don't send much traffic. On the other side of that i doubt a Huawei box would support 22 devices on WiFi so you must have a number cabled. I would suggest replacing the Huawei unit with something better in the first instance. PBTech probably have a good idea if you go in and see them and give them an idea of what you are doing. Be prepared to spend $500+ on a decent router that can handle though. From there you want to look at WiFi coverage if things keep dropping off. Possibly look at the Google WiFi setups to get both a good router and better WiFi coverage in one.
  10. Yeah i should prob come say Hi too and talk about Datsun's, sent many a 240K item down to them.
  11. Yeah your picture didnt show up but thats cause facebooks is blocked where i am.