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  1. Cheers blizzo thats sounds like what im after, do you know a rough price for that setup?
  2. Quick check in, basically been chipping away slowly at the old girl. Pulled the motor apart, burnt out valve... Sent into cylinder head specialist, back now and ready to go in, polished up rocker cover, new thermostat and oil filter, been acid dipping and painting a few small bits here and there. Got new tyres and sprayed the steelies black. Next jobs. Headlights, will most likely just get semi sealed off trade me and do that set up. Need to get some wiring fixed up. Seats need reupholstered. Panel and paint.... Then take her in for wof. Do what needs done after it fails. Ive also decided im not going to keep it original. But i will keep it period. Ish.... So. Once shes on the road again... New shocks, a wee bit lower, an inch or two.. Blocks in the rear. Then im after some old school jdm wheels, if anyone has any Some stoppy stoppy rebuild. Lastly, at this stage, i want to give the engine some more eeeerbs. Fairly lumpy cam Skim head Twin dorts Extractors and full new exhaust setup Valve springs Maybe some more head work? How do i get it rev higher? And what would be quite a high rev limit for a 3k? Would i get 7 or 8 thousand? And advice is appreciated //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51303-harrys-1973-toyota-corolla-ke20-sedan/
  3. So we took the rocker cover off and its full of shit, like solid oil covering most of everything... Should i clean the rocker cover with some petty? And how do i clean the rockers ect? Also needing info on tappet settings? If you scroll up in this thread, youll see theres some on my filter box but are they legit or? Have a whole bunch of different clearances from different sources, which im uncertain as to who to believe... Any help in discussion would be great Cheers
  4. Not yet, looks like the rocker cover will be coming off...
  5. Few wee questions, first being the issue of the engine only running on three cylinders... Changed plugs over, points dont seem to be the issue and shes giving a good spark so kinda at a loss? Its not a really obvious miss though, just doesn't sound right... Any ideas? Second is the panel and paint... Shes in pretty good nic, few rust holes ect here and there, but its just covered in surface rust and paint bubbles... Well, looks good overall but underneath and in those spots, window sills ect its definitely there... But its just surface (got the wire brush onto it and most cleans up nicely...) just wondering ideas? I have a wee sandblaster at the old mans work? Anyways advice is always welcome, discussion here, //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51303-harrys-1973-toyota-corolla-ke20-sedan/
  6. Yeah cheers thats actually a bloody good point... Might just get rubber mats and leave as is... Been to supercheap and ordered an oil and air filter already, pick that up after nys, the old ones are horrific condish... Also gone through about 3 cans of this crc shiat already hahah just spraying everything i can basically
  7. The air filter box has valve/tappet clearance guide and filter service guide. Tool kit
  8. Haha does sound appealing, ill add to top of list.
  9. Some more pics from the sharn above... Before After... Also shows the ripped seat and cracked dash Stripping her down slowly.
  10. So today i got on with cleaning the rat shit out of her, along with all kind of other junk... Scrubbed her down etc, put mats in the front footwells which i nabbed from my brothers truck (he'll let me know when he knows... haha), then got her in the shed and got her up on stands, began pulling the headlights out (which don't work...), the grill and other trim that would come out (some still left as the bolts won't undo...) also ripped out some aftermarket seat belts in the rear and pulled the wheels off her (going to redo them soonish). Got the degreaser onto the engine as it was a mess... Heres some pics. Before After Still a lot more to be done...
  11. Cheers fellas, that carpet from Autodec sounds good and is definitely on the list when the funds are there. Ahhh the 13b yes i would love a rotor, a mate of mine is actually doing a Mazda REPU resto project, thing sounds and goes amazing! Actually began stripping the grill and trims off, getting them preped for paint ect haha. I was keen on polishing her up but the old man reakons we can put that on the back burner and work on cutting rust out and getting her a respray instead, but thinking about it, respray may be a wee way away so i might polish and buff her. But yes am enjoying it so far and will definitely use this resource to aid me. Will continue to keep you updated on the build thread.
  12. Discussion about my wee ke20 here. Build thread here.( //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51302-harrys-1973-toyota-corolla-ke20-sedan/ ) Cheers
  13. So... basically i don't know where to start, but here goes. Bought this Ke20 the other day, $3710. First car and pretty stoaked. She's got a fair bit of rust, only a couple of nasty deep holes, mainly paint bubbles and surface. Paint needs redone etc. Engines running on three cylinders... Interior is pretty good, drivers seat needs a small upholsters touch up along rear seat but nothing major. Carpets are pretty whorey. Anyways heres a pic of it, more to come. Plans for her are to tidy her up and jdm style. Make her loud and quick as i can. Keen to keep the old 3k in her however... Discussion here,( //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51303-harrys-1973-toyota-corolla-ke20-sedan/ ), anything regarding the build helps as im young with not a lot of knowledge, any tips or places for parts, anything would be helpful and much appreciated. Cheers Harry
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