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Random slightly cool stuff you built but not worth its own thread, thread


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I had said I would provide a BBW BBQ for Skope classic, and I heard that the other BBQ suppliers weren't gonna be there. Oh noes, can't starve the bros! I had a spare BBQ 'cause basically I couldn't drive a gas tap, but it wouldn't fit in the car, because Daihatsu:


So, applying tungsten tipped skill saw, added lowness (I carefully checked the safety instructions, this wasn't contra-indicated):



Slamaque! (Kei car wheels for scale).


This fit in the rear seat, fed the small OS team, and will get more tidied up later.


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I love the stationary engine blokes. They stand around their old chuffers in funny hats, discussing ancient technology and admiring each other's contraptions - often wearing tweed and smoking a pipe.

Something to aim for...


Funny you say this, last weekend he was at a 2 day vintage engine/tractor/cars jiz fest out at Karaka I think.  Him and his mate loaded up the transporter with one of the Alice Chalmers tractors, the Anderson and took a campervan. They obviously failed to factor in the adequate amount of booze required as he text me at 2am wanting a delivery of Jack Daniels.


The old man has an old rusty but awesome Massey tractor he's getting running (was seized) and probably 10-15 engines around the place.  Will take some more photos when Im over there next.  

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