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    Did you leave it soaking overnight in MEK? That will eat most things otherwise have had to send a expensive gun to get acid dipped cause full of hard set 2k
  2. Not online, but global welding supplies in the hut sells it by the length/weight so I just bought half a dozen of each size as I don’t know what I’m doing and didn’t want to buy by the kg
  3. Can get those hydraulic clutch conversions if it’s still too hard? NZ$ 7.70 18% Off | High Quality 1 Pc Motorcycle Hydraulic Clutch Master Cylinder Rod Brake Pump M10x1.25mm Aluminum https://a.aliexpress.com/_mMu4UQa
  4. Yeah I did Mine and failed cause didn’t have the correct tool/press to pulled it all the way back in, used the pressed metal pulley to help but didn’t line it up properly and damaged the squared off “key” oh and they will have 8-10yrs worth of human scum inside- pretty sure that’s simons favourite bit
  5. Only had one store insist on taking it to the Ute and checking different cabin and tied down iirk
  6. Sounds like a shit show! will garlic be available for purchase? @MopedNZ your form has/had two different payment deadline dates FYI
  7. Is it just a tube or silly proprietary honda shaped thing?
  8. We have 25 Ish kg magnets at work pulling them apart is a mission if that’s a legit 112kg you’d probably dent the shit out of the hubcap trying to get it off chuck it in a sock etc so you can slide it off without damaging/denting
  9. Correct no need to disconnect running something of one battery will pull that battery’s voltage down and probably affect the whole thing always Been taught/told to prove test prove your meter Check it against your trucks (fairly) known voltage to ensure its accuracy also check what the charger is outputting as that could be stuffing it all up
  10. Can buy foam “baffling” comes in those square fuel cells etc (google fuel tank foam) https://nzkw.com/shop/brand-new-nzkw-yellow-buffle-fuel-foam/ intank setup is just flexi hose to a pipe so should be able to find one close an fine tune the length easily? or go fancy aftermarket universal ones https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/fuel_pumps_regulators_and_filters/fuel_pumps/in-tank_retrofit_fuel_module/
  11. registering my intent anyone got a spare bed for each night?
  12. wanting manual? Try and find a complete one of these? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/ford/engines/listing/3232027429
  13. That’s still flat bar Tubular would I imagine mean as in heavy wall tube steel ie
  14. Ling/ Lol we buy them from our head office for 86 cents each…. them other company’s are making some coin
  15. Electrical wholesalers should do them, I did have a bunch at work but sent them back sorry prob drop shipped but cheeap (also the wholesalers prob get them from these guys) edit: looks like those Other places are pack of 10 so prob cheaper/easier if NZ https://nz.rs-online.com/web/p/temperature-sensitive-labels/0555409/
  16. yeah nzta virm and roadcode arent all 100% the same kind of fair i guess as you still need to get your car home if the lights fail etc but only thing i can see on virm is
  17. Pretty sure it’s still not a wof requirement ?hence all the cars with obstructed plates and vinyl “plates” still getting wofs /when I put my scooter back through I didn’t even have the bike nor plate there- found the one welly place that was laxed enough but….
  18. Also gotta get it approved before going to vtnz, otherwise they will just issue it with new white plates ^email them with pictures of both plates (best if still attached to the car with old bolts etc) and proof that it was previously regod- either car jam or in my case I had the original certificate thing below Thank you for your email regarding the reissue of number plates. There are a few things that need to be met before we can consider your application to reissue the number plates to your vehicle 1. The number plates must have been previously assigned to the vehicle 2. The number plates must be in mint condition 3. The number plates cannot have been made into personalised plates. 4. The number plates requested for reissue must have not been superseded by a new number plate i.e. the vehicle must not have been registered with new plates or have undergone a plate change.
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