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    Two stroke two wheels, fishing, hunting, drinking, long walks on the beach, mates with mullets, quirky cars, hugggggggeeeee dicks and kk


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  1. go see joel at bishops in the city
  2. fark same year as mine.... what a pain
  3. diesel? sold mine just before lock down..... would just completely shut off and die randomly was a rank angle sensor... really liked that car but the seals on the back doors and windows started leaking badly and the sills were starting to rust so I did what I could and sold..
  4. so this project stalled for a little while, the fork seals didn't work.... I have been looking overseas and when this popped up in Israel I bought it ha just need a r/h
  5. clear coat that sucker! be proud of your work and show it off I know I would be
  6. whipped this up yest arvo for max seeing bbibs in spa lushness
  7. I'm in love, also I put it on 2x speed playback and fark you were hauling ass haha
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