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  1. yes I have a thing for odd euros twist an go's.... skipper 150 2t will make it ringading loudly too as all the runner 180cc parts fit it
  2. as per title ? i remeber seeing moped rides etc. ralphies does half price drinks some times if you turn up on a bike xo
  3. yo, unsure of roller weights off hand, the ones that came with the malossi kit that malossi recommended, nah belt doesn't touch anything it shouldn't
  4. sweet project! I've always wanted one
  5. turns out that a loud rattling noise coming from your gearbox at 64mph isn't good.... too many dorts. first proper ride after putting back together 90% it went brrr. will order a new variator fan and kick start cog.and crank as the teeth have stripped on the crank to multivar variator fuck it's quick though.. installed a new front fork seal again after the Last exploded and put less oil in the shocks , still leaking and not sure the next move tbh.
  6. heaps of generous offers thanks guys, but I'm dealing with something atm and my mind is not on riding.. cheers have a pg for me plz
  7. dead in the water, my battle ship has sunk..... turns out you need fork seals to seal and not explode after 1st wheelie.. ..
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