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  1. who do you order from? I'm looking at some parts from scooter centre Germany and
  2. yeah i thought I was being sold up a river... would love to play with your jets please...
  3. was having trouble getting full throttle using the recommended 145 jet, dialled down to to 135 still not going great.. went to 92 and have no issues, took it for a speed run and got 101.4 kms haha pumped! will get a 100 jet and go up from there... stoked so far
  4. rumrum

    Aubz fa50

    gold looks poos soz imho xoxo sunshine yellow ftw
  5. strangest thing.. I pulled the plug again and kicked it over to test spark, nothing... I had been using another plug to test turns out my new spark plug died, so banged in the old one and fired straight away
  6. nah I don't, will swing over to the neighbours and give it a shot.. the crank case seals are probably shot
  7. got it idling nicely and had a little go up the road, scoot wouldn't get to full throttle sounded like it was getting to much air like when you pull an air box off a standard scoot, did the old fingers over the carb yo see and nope needs more fuel air... changed the needle position and got about 3/4 throttle. ran around breaking it in for a 20 mins..... then held my fingers over the carb mouth to kill it and now it doesn't want to start.. fark left it over night and still nothing. has spark has fuel seems to have compression when I hold my finger over the sparkplug hole. pulled the head, gasket looks fine as does the piston and rings, pulled the reed valve and it looks like my crank is flooded... put it back together after cranking with no plug or reeds to empty it? still nothing so I'm stuck
  8. ha new if seen that red wood recently, was down there a couple of weeks ago hunting for deer, spoiled a couple off that track apushed some goats over the gate at the end.. how good did that wood snell!! . awesome spot ay
  9. took it for a brap up the road, very quick! until the fuel bowl empty... habe to suck on the vaccum line to get it to fill as the new carb dosent have a pick up to suit, will need to get a new petcock then I can start tuning very promising so far though
  10. wheels powder coated and came up nicely, new contis on
  11. ha don't know, will pay when I get the wheels. we use them for work ross is a real good guy