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  1. ha don't know, will pay when I get the wheels. we use them for work ross is a real good guy
  2. yeah nah yeah offered the motor up to the frame and began wiring, started her up too! ringading ding just waiting on wheels from the powder coated and a floating disc imported from malossi Italy scootling got in for me. pretty happy with it
  3. frame back from the powdercoaters in s nice satin grey, wheels coming next week. if your in Auckland I highly recommend powderworks onehunga!
  4. i dropped my frame and wheels at the powder coaters today , habe all the parts ready apart from one fffing bottom headset bearing ffs. Italians like to make weird sized bearings
  5. @MopedNZ I always see you hating doing tires on insta, am I doing it right? lol
  6. fully sick, have a small job in the city after work so will b there! what time? just googled it and this beauty came up..... xo
  7. if it helps I used to be able get 3 doz home on my vespa 1964 s50... ha rear foot brake was a problem but
  8. loose the luggage rack, smaller rounder rear light
  9. no dust covers shits me! will have to find some boots/gaiters
  10. leg day..... was blown away with how dirty the inner's were, 1L of kero and a can of brakekleen later.... forks have only taken 120ml each and were weird to do as the spring dosent separate from the chrome inner tube so you have to fill the inner with the spring in it then put the outer on upside down to screw them with the 8mm Allen key, they are like upside down/standard fork hybrid weird italianness
  11. rumrum

    Pug 106

    sorry for thread hack, @Griffeplz start a thread for your 106 xsi build
  12. rumrum

    Pug 106

    is the parcel tray for sale?
  13. man so good, i shook the blokes hand and said cheers for making this easy, he looked at me like wtf and was like aggghhh mayte it WAS easy wats the problems
  14. they must all b3 real similar
  15. "yeh nah yeh you could use a 10x10x42 steel belted rotational on that mayyyte lemme go get the fucken verniers...." good cunts sorted me out, trade price too
  16. what have you got that on? looks tidy
  17. mmeeeaaannnnn what have you got that on?
  18. mint, just ordered one