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  1. A very interesting book I scored off ebay a while ago, its all in German but has some very important measurements etc for body work etc
  2. Not 100% decided yet tbh but was thinking steel flares might actually do the poor Maxi a favor in the looks department, the wheels set up under the Maxi in photo is measured to roughly how far they would be sticking out sitting on the Subaru setup.. so was kinda thinking of it like a mini with the wide flares but will make my mind up once it's sitting in place
  3. This is my maxibaru discussion page, would love feedback hints and tips on my crazy/sick buildup.
  4. This is my Maxi build, still in its very early stages of a major make over. The plan: sick as it may be but I'd love to go to a track day when finished and go have fun against a Porsche in a Maxi and hopefully beat it or at the least have a lot of fun trying. I'd really like to have it road legal when finished otherwise I believe it will make a pretty cool track car. The Maxi will eventually be a caged and all wheel drive ej20t or possibly ej25t Subaru powered Maxi. Project to date: Maxi body has been stripped which came to a standstill after our first lockdown, it is currently sitting with a full floor removal and awaiting bracing and firewall removal, Subaru is stripped and and also ready for bracing and Full body removal. Subaru was measured up and surprisingly is only 10mm longer from wheel center to wheel center however it is a fair bit wider than a Maxi so with needing big flares the difference can be hidden. Will be doing all modifications myself and will only outsource the machining and press work. I'm only just gaining interest again now thanks to our current lockdown and I will try to photograph and keep this post updated as things progress for anyone interested.
  5. Oh shit, top man.. never new about that option either! Thanks mate will keep that in mind
  6. Yea Ive seen them there mate but the one I'm looking at is just under a grand on trademe, it's gotta be able to do all my shit boxes as well as the missus skoda VRS Octavia. I will keep waiting patiently
  7. Heat gun works ok on exterior plastics but never tried on interior.
  8. Thanks mate Still in the process of saving for a decent scanner so at this stage hoping to nut it out without one for now. I will have a nosey on fast frogs later tonight thanks for that never heard of that group before and could be just the right place.
  9. I know it's not oldschool but will try my luck anyway. Anyone clued up on Peugeot's out there? 03 peugeot 307 2.0 petrol with tiptronic.. Comes up on the dash screen as a trans fault! Can drive for 10 minutes and sometimes it won't do it at all... seems to only fault when fluid is cold but when it does it will be driving mint but the suddenly it will bang itself down to 3rd and stay there, won't change to tip-tronic nor will it go into first gear only second and third in auto mode.. however can pull over and turn car off and give it 10 seconds or so and start it up again and it goes mint again all day long without fault. Sometimes missus can drive it and it won't fault at all but that's only after I gave it a fucking good caining the other day out the back roads and it seems to be slowly improving. I'm thinking oil service and filter change might get it sorted!? Maybe a solenoid even? Anyone had same issue? Or any leads?? I think it may have just been nannied around too much and just needs a good blow out but any advice is good advice so let me know what you think!? I hate later model cars...
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