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  1. Yeah they basically two shops in one, the turbo and diesel side and general mechanic, wof, tyre stuff. They have seperate insta pages for both sides of the business, I will send you links and you can have a geeze. They are closed until the 18th btw.
  2. Our friends own raglan turbo and diesel/ Bosch Avalon on Avalon drive. They're a good bunch who know their stuff generally and our friend Ben basically just kicks around the shop doing his own projects and roasting coffee beans and making people free coffee while the mechanics do the car stuff
  3. We (well, mostly @Guypie.. I kind of just handed him beers and water blasted the old fence palings) made a chair to take advantage of our view
  4. @Guypie has some concreting projects coming up so he made a concrete mixer. Works quite well. He also used the left over 3rd of a drum to make a fire pit that he sold on fb for $60. So the total cost of the concrete mixer came out as -$35. The only expense was the belt, everything else was stuff he already had lying around.
  5. I bought a box of gn 250 parts from a guy who has a 125 and he thought he could swap things over too, apparently they are quite different in the rear. Seats aren't easily interchangeable between the two either btw
  6. @rumrum ol' faithful is free that weekend. I have no doubts it will make the trip (if you avoid the popo) also, now with upgrades: Yes that is a bung on a chain that goes into the exhaust to stop the engine. I'll expect a PM from you soon
  7. This. My biggest pet peeve with GNs is that they are shaped like a banana. A little bit of work moving the mounts and they can look awesome
  8. Nice! ...Bike looks good too.
  9. Engine rebuild in the kitchen, you must have a very patient lady
  10. Agreed. Hurry up and commit @yoeddynz so I can stop thinking about it
  11. hampie

    Honda chaly

    @Mitch.W how's it looking these days?
  12. @Guypie thinks a big part of why we fell over was because the trailer was designed wrong and the axle was in the wrong place. The trailer was in pretty poor shape after the crash so he decided to rebuild it. Basically all that's left of the old trailer is the guards, some angle iron and the springs. We can tick "able to tow fire wood out of a boggy paddock" off of the list of Honda requirements. What a little champ
  13. Resene or similar paint places I think. Can't remember the cost but I remember it being kind of spendy when we looked it up. @solidstripe might have a better idea. We are probably going to go with a cheaper equivalent tbh
  14. Haha, thanks. Pretty sure a boar would be bigger than the Honda. Will hit you up for some raptor tips though
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