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  1. jono007

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Sorry to ask but who did your seats? They look amazing.
  2. jono007

    Mikuni carb parts/rebuild

    Sorted. Cheers.
  3. jono007

    impact drivers/rattle guns - knowledge me up.

    Couple weeks ago I purchased a M18 1/2" Milwaukee hi torque impact gun for an engine swap out I gotta do on the IS350 and a couple cars I need to pull apart. The thing is a beast hasn't even blinked an eyelid on anything I have asked of it. I could of gotten away with the smaller version but for the fact it's stupidly grunty and would do everything I ask of it I thought fuck it and put up with the extra weight. Tool shed had the pack with charger and 2 batteries for $749.
  4. Further to the above question, If I get my car certed with 15X9 0 offset and put 15X9-15s on there will they still be semi legal according to the cert plate or is the offset marked on the cert? Cheers.
  5. jono007

    3SGE BEAMS Crankshaft dimensions

    Yeah I did, you know him? I got some Toda quad throttles off another guy in Aus as well. Saved on freight.
  6. jono007

    3SGE BEAMS Crankshaft dimensions

    I got the Toda pistons with it as well, as well as the rods, are the rods standard length 3S that you are aware of? I havnt pulled down my spare engine to compare yet.
  7. jono007

    3SGE BEAMS Crankshaft dimensions

    No worries, I have 23kg allowance I think? Nothing else in the case but crank and a couple towels wrapped around it. Its a Toda 2.2L crank which I believe is a reground 5S crank which should be in the 18kg ball park? Will see tomorrow......
  8. jono007

    3SGE BEAMS Crankshaft dimensions

    Haha Gold, funny though as I did consider measuring a forged 4AGE crank I have but then was like why? Will be all good I'm sure it will fit in the carryon case. Will measure up once I'm home and post my results just cause. Thanks again.
  9. jono007

    3SGE BEAMS Crankshaft dimensions

    That'd be much appreciated if you could. Thanks.
  10. jono007

    3SGE BEAMS Crankshaft dimensions

    Cheers for that, I had found that previous and was using the 515mm for the basis of fitting in my case. Just thought I'd see if there was anything exact out there which it seems there's not haha. Thanks again for your help, now to drag 18kgs of metal home with me....
  11. jono007

    3SGE BEAMS Crankshaft dimensions

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows the dimensions of the Beams 3SGE crank as I will be bringing one back with me from Aus but need to know if it will fit in my small suitcase. I have looked all over the net but can't find the dimensions? Thanks heaps, Jono
  12. jono007

    Anyone near Riverton to look at a car?

    Cheers bro I appreciate it.
  13. jono007

    Anyone near Riverton to look at a car?

    Hey, auction is 966060328. Auction closes Friday but have been in touch with him so if it doesn't sell will arrange a suitable time with him and who ever maybe able to help to check it out. Cheers for the reply.
  14. Hi, I have spied a car on Trademe that I am keen on but not really wanting to gamble on it with the price and having to fly down to drive it back. Anyone around the area willing to go check it out in person for me? Will pay for your time/petrol etc. Don't seem to be able to post the link for some reason? Anyway cheers. Jono