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  1. Cheers guys appreciate it! Will give industrial radiators a whirl.
  2. Hey guys my 30+ year old fuel tank is looking pretty grimey inside, can anyone recommend a good Christchurch shop that does cleaning and inner restore?
  3. Hey guys I am looking for some secure storage for my car in Christchurch. I have reached out to Yaldhurst Museum however they are currently full. If anyone has any suggestions for places that are not moon dollars per month it would be most appreciated.
  4. Hey guys I am in the same position with my old corolla. Any chance someone has some covered space around Christchurch, for a decent price, I could pay for long term? Cheers, Jo
  5. Ooosh yes great to see this ST140 making a return. 3sge setup would be neat.
  6. So epic to see it done Karl!
  7. So good man! That new engine will be a force with the VVT. How does it feel compared to old?
  8. That was a pretty big hit on the hill climb. What was the damage? New engine build looks awesome, looking forward to seeing some vids of it sliding.
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