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  1. What needs to be done to cert a subframe like this? https://v8roadsters.com/product/light-weight-subframe-2/
  2. L3 LF L5 and the 1.8 version as well as Duratec 4 pots in 2.0 and 2.3
  3. https://www.facebook.com/ThatGreenMX5/videos/255070028545378/
  4. Not really but its pretty simple, On the bottom of pic is an NC 5 Speed And here is a pic of an NA 5 speed Swap the front halfs over
  5. NC front housing off the NC 5 speed bolted up to a NA 5 speed box
  6. Did some more drivving, neeed to change a couple setup things then it should be better
  7. Yeah LF-VE but I havent got the VVT going yet. I think this one was out of a Mazda 6 or Premacy around 06 model
  8. Yeah should be decent, it pulls hard and smooth but doesnt feel punchy like the 1.6. mid range is a bit flat but heaps of torque. Weight drop is about 40kg over the whole car so nearly sub 900kg and the front being lighter makes it a bit more understeery but the lack of front cambe makes the steering heavy Haha yeah was a bit of a dull moment on my part but fairly easy fix and I drove it home as well as did another run that day
  9. Just a broken wheel, couple dents and a bent shock not too bad. Have been super lazy with up dates but got her all running, tuned and Certed. Heres dyno graph, sadly no VVT and the exhaust I made is pretty rubbish. Vid of it drifting for the first time So bit of work to do as I snapped the clutch slave, the alignment needs changing and I need to drive better. But slowly getting there
  10. Any forseable issues before I get a pro round to weld them in?
  11. Yes, they supply gussets to weld on for support on the plate side
  12. I couldnt find anything in here, https://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/standards/LVVTA_STD_Engine_&_Drive-train_Conversions.pdf Maybe its in the Hobby car manual thing?
  13. Moar questions Couldnt find anything about the angle of a mount, just the rules saying the mounts have to be able to withstand all forces exerted etc. Because the Mazda box tilts the motor 11deg the right side mount will come from a higher point than the left side. Basically left side is parallel with ground and right side is pointing down to the motor. As long as they are strong enough this is no issue?
  14. Would I need to supply drawings if I was going to weld brackets like this for the engine mounts? It has no effect on any suspension geometry but just wondering if it would need anything more than to be well constructed for cert
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