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  1. Cheerio's AE86 of omfghax

    I am still in awe of this project, every update just makes me more jealous. I've always wondered how gull wing doors in Motorsport go, ie car on its roof??
  2. Cheerio's AE86 of omfghax

    Andy, being the AE86 enthusiast you are, i thought you would know all about N2. N2 was a class of racing back in the 80s, thats where the wide bodied kits like the one below came from. I much rather prefer the sharp angles of this one over the bubble arches on N2.
  3. Cheerio's AE86 of omfghax

    I've been staring at that second pic now for about 10 minutes, thinking why have I never seen more cars done in this guise, there are a shitload of N2 cars, but this is just soo much better!! Keep em coming chap!!
  4. Whats up with the getto spec sounds in the back? So tidy from the outside, then that happened on the inside. Pull that lumber yard out!!!!
  5. Two fantastic looking 86s there. Very impressive. You should try and get the guy with the Levin to put a build up on here, would be worth a read I think.
  6. Vintage Grumbles AE86

    Hey, do you run a thermostat on your oil cooler for daily driving? Rims look awesome!