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    Hey team, Have my roll cage getting close to finished and will need painted. Planning on doing it myself as the rally budget is getting chewed. I was told that the Wattyl Killrust epoxy enamel could be a good option. Looking at going a grey colour, will matt black the A pillars and bars around there. Cheers
  2. Speaking of duckies, thats opening weekend.... I'll be covered in camo, making stupid sounds and hopefully letting some steel fly.
  3. So time for Mk2. Managed to get my hands on a commercial under bench stainless steel fridge with a buggered compressor. Stripped all the shit out I didn’t need, designed a box up to take 2 heat bulbs and a fan to push air past the bulbs into the fridge. Managed to get the shape laser cut and folded by some good buggers at a sheet metal shop, Got a mate to weld it up, as my welds aren’t up for public consumption yet. Testing Wired up the new controller, cut a hole in to take the hot air delivery device and bingo she’s cranking away now.
  4. I've been working on Biltong dryers for the past couple of years. I love Biltong, just hate paying for it, $10 for 100grams, and most is pretty average for what you pay. First effort involved a glass door bar fridge, a couple of computer fans, a light and a controller unit. Wired the light to come on until the box got up to temp, for biltong you need air to be pushed past the meat to cure it over time, and a consistent temp between 22-24 degrees is the go, once it reached the 24 degrees it shut the light off. Fans run all the time. This unit was great, although I couldn’t get enou
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