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  1. Daves 1974 BMW E3

    What a scumbag. That's a gross 5 series. /will watch the video later haha.
  2. fletch's 1970 datsun cedric super six

    nope. Remove springs Done? Cool
  3. fletch's 1970 datsun cedric super six

    These are super nice, maximum well done on the purchase/fluff arounds to get it Big fan of the missing coils, not a fan of the rb30 swap. L series is the second best series!
  4. Bwarp's 1972 Hillman Hunter

    Ps this is sweet. Needs less springs.
  5. Bwarp's 1972 Hillman Hunter

    I went in there with a brake hose off my bmw and he told me what it was off before I said anything. Everyone else laughed at me. +1 for ABC. /ling
  6. Jesses turbo mirage thread discussion

    just a different shade of no guard room? The rears look like they will have way more room than my pic too.... / lol man I need to pay more attention
  7. Jesses turbo mirage thread discussion

    holy lol I forgot how hilarious it was. Micro tyres are heap req for wider wheels but you might be sweet with just regular small tyres haha
  8. Jesses turbo mirage thread discussion

    I lent my wheels to a guy with one of these (but an NA one) when I was in wellington and they fitted almost. They were 14x7 +10 and 14x8 0 Youll be sweet mayte /will dig up pics
  9. VKzac's 1985 VK Commodore
  10. Bizzo's RN35 Toyota Hilux

    Oi, buy that^ I like this truck. You going to go nicely done funky paint or just appliance white all around?
  11. steelies KP60

    Does this mean we are going to see a blown gasser carry running a homemade beam axle and bmx wheels as a daily? Sounds cool! /what are you gonna drive now?
  12. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10 discussion

    Yeah man, could be a plan. Will txt you on Sunday
  13. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10 discussion

  14. crownwags 83 chevrolet C10 discussion

  15. steelies' 64 ford wagoon

    8" chrome chain wheel and Supremes will solve those issues.