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  1. Can you shorten existing ones into a new/exisitng collector on the 45°? Shouldnt need the car to do that and easier to weld into a collector/get a slip fit collector and let it seal itself
  2. Thanks for that btw. Also naaaah, I will just find your house and throw a random amount of cash at you if you don't let me help out. It shouldn't cost you anything to borrow a cap that was sitting in a shed not being used. Wild that 3d printing was so spendy! The teaser shot Robbo sent me the other day of caps looks so gosh darn cool. Will the slider door clear those rears?
  3. Oh lordy those wheels look amazing!! Such a cool project dude. Also don't give Robbie credit for those centre caps. He is just the man lucky enough for me to lend them to him. I didn't realise you were getting the replacement caps CNC machined and thought you were getting them 3d printed. Please let me know costs involved to make 5 of them and I will pay you 1/5th for my single one, otherwise the cost of borrowing one to reverse engineer is far too high.
  4. I am bringing 3 presents. One isnt really a present, the second is only a present to a few people and even then its borderline and finally, something that is a bit lame but is extremely handy in the garage. Fizzing!
  5. those supremes are super grot haha. giz! They are reverse offset yeah?
  6. Can I be your crew chief? Note: I dont want any responsibility or tasks to perform. I just want to wear Jackson branded clothing and stand around looking part of a team. /Let me be your grid girl. Ill supply the lycra
  7. woah, I will be in touch with the guy and get back to you. Cheers for the help so far man!
  8. unless you have a 1/2 scale mightboy id say they should squeeze in
  9. Hey hey as per the title I bought some wheels in Paihitua. They are 14x7's they have mega balloon tyres so likely wont fit in a tiny car hah. If someone could either store them until I can organise pickup or shipping I can provide gas money/beer money/gas/beer Chur bowls
  10. What a scumbag. That's a gross 5 series. /will watch the video later haha.
  11. sell me the supremes and problem solved... Ill even buy you some shank nuts for the Trideyes
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