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  1. What a scumbag. That's a gross 5 series. /will watch the video later haha.
  2. nope. Remove springs Done? Cool
  3. These are super nice, maximum well done on the purchase/fluff arounds to get it Big fan of the missing coils, not a fan of the rb30 swap. L series is the second best series!
  4. Ps this is sweet. Needs less springs.
  5. I went in there with a brake hose off my bmw and he told me what it was off before I said anything. Everyone else laughed at me. +1 for ABC. /ling
  6. just a different shade of no guard room? The rears look like they will have way more room than my pic too.... / lol man I need to pay more attention
  7. holy lol I forgot how hilarious it was. Micro tyres are heap req for wider wheels but you might be sweet with just regular small tyres haha
  8. I lent my wheels to a guy with one of these (but an NA one) when I was in wellington and they fitted almost. They were 14x7 +10 and 14x8 0 Youll be sweet mayte /will dig up pics
  10. Oi, buy that^ I like this truck. You going to go nicely done funky paint or just appliance white all around?
  11. Does this mean we are going to see a blown gasser carry running a homemade beam axle and bmx wheels as a daily? Sounds cool! /what are you gonna drive now?
  12. Yeah man, could be a plan. Will txt you on Sunday
  13. Please.
  15. 8" chrome chain wheel and Supremes will solve those issues.