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  1. I work for partmaster so just buy everything through work. Can price you up a set if your interested? Just catalogued em today so should show up on a rego search on our website now. Can also do various monroe ones, but the prices jump up heeeeeeaps.
  2. give Partmaster a call. Ask for Jared. Tell him exactly what you want And i'll get him to try sort you out a decent price if we've got anything suitable.
  3. even to clear the 266s? Shiiiit I didn't bother reading too much or measuring. Just merely went to work and ordered the junk. Worse comes to worse, i'll try find some 15" minilite reps or something
  4. I've started ordering parts Got me a exedy clutch, all new shocks, got a brake upgrade, threebond cleaner all turned up Got a front lip to mod and put on too. Waiting on my short shifter, gear linkages, new key and lowering springs to turn up. Using Early 206 GTi Rotors & Calipers, so goes from a 244mm to a 266mm vented + bigger calipers ( was hoping to go to the 288 but realised the wheels were only 14" so unsure if they'd fit ) So they'll be cleaned, painted & rebuilt. New Rotors & pads. The shocks are a crazy funny length, the rears are tiny. Like 320mm extended.
  5. I got bored the other day, and figured i'd need something new to drive once my porsche sold. I bought this Peugeot 106 Apparently had been listed a few times. Bought it sight unseen, only really asked about the clutch - and typical dealer. Lied. It'll be a cool little project. Its an XSI so has the 1.6L, 5 speed manual. Everything standard Has a crazy amount of receipts and wof sheets ( rebuilt head & practically every wof is a clean sheet aside from odd tire every couple of years ) Good things: Has quite a lenient wof. Has rego. Has 4 wheels. It starts ( just ) Bad Things: Clutch slipping Shocks fucked Brakes suck Who ever painted it, shouldnt be allowed to paint. Broken Left park light / indicator Broken Passenger mirror No fog lights Goals: Replace Clutch Replace buggered shocks Fit brake upgrade Lower 40-50mm Tidy up dents & broken parts Tints Respray white & Fit / find Rallye Guards + stickers
  6. I don't have anything oldschool that actually drives ( legally drives ) TE31 being panel beated and painted, AE86 can't drive more than 20kph or bonnet flies up haha, carina has a stuck clutch. Got a porsche that can come in, am I allowed to park downstairs or something like it was few years ago hahah
  7. friend started to do some work on the cheap chinese TDR replica wing that came with it.. trying to look something like this as an end game goal ha
  8. Have done a little bit of work, but have lost all motivation.. Bought some more stuff from japan, waiting on my new window clips to turn up for the glass to be chucked in.. Bought some new weather seals - the hard U shaped ones for the doors from ali express ( like $12 for 4m rolls lol ) Also been trying to find the rest of the plastics i'm missing.. Also been splicing the 20v blacktop loom, which is my first ever attempt at wiring - its prob gonna be a fuck up, but i guess thats how you learn.. Sold the alloy 86 radiator for a rx3 one instead, have also undercoated the entire inside aside from roof before chucking in the interior.. bought a sweet as bonnet strut thing off ebay haha, new stainless exhaust and some gauges through work, trying to decide if i wanna put in the center console or hide in glovebox, also sandblasted / heated/ painted the center console, but used a gloss black haha might re do it a matt or something else instead..
  9. Slightly random, but i do this for a living, been learnign how to use old lathes, a mill, trying to start to learn to weld alloy with tig... can't wait till they teach me how to rewind rotors/ stators/ armatures haha... Anyway, Ford Zephyr Starter.. Original.. And denso gear reduction replacement for it.. We make these at work for ANYTHING and everything, done a few for rolls, a ferrari, heaps of old lada's + a 16.1:1 datsun race engine haha.. Pretty much take the customers sample to make up a gasket, and do some measurements and then make up a housing and then a heat up and tap fit plate ( welded if really needed - but not usually needed ) They look ace once been blasted and then skimmed on the lathe so shiney etc ( not like the one below forgot to take pic of it finished haha ) Maybe some of you dudes appreciate it - i find them quite fun to make and the customers always love not cranking the shit out of there old fucked starters haha
  10. You'd need it up on a hoist before anything else though eh? Currently trying to get mine wired up so can have ya come inspect it. Txted ya about 6 weeks ago about the carina
  11. Hi Clint, Are these certifiable mate? Just I run cut and welded arms in my AA60 carina hatch, so was thinking about using these instead. many thanks liam
  12. Its weird eh? Like actually doing stuff hahaha, ordering some new lights etc so will do your HID mods to the front, and trying to find a factory PFL front lip to whack onto it, gotta replicate the sunroof moutn as there's only one which i'll try do at work after my holiday and then off to auto sparky once i've finished relocating dizzy and have had the glass in! haha i've sandblasted like EVERYTHING that's plastic in the way of interior, and heating that up to paint as we speak in the spare oven downstairs haha.
  13. suppose i should set one of these up, for my attempt to murder out an AE86..
  14. Sussed out mounting the box / motor all up, put it in but ended up squishing the heater core outlet - didn't think to put the heater hoses on before i put the engine / box in - dumbass. Managed to just get them all on. Also managed to whip off the factory front sway bar, castor arms/ brackets and install the cusco front sway bar that came with the car, with some new rubber mounts, blasted and painted the brackets - looks so much better in my opinion... Also chucked on the new genuine smoked guard indicators, the new grill, blasted and painted and cleaned out the bonnet catch setup, going through the entire car putting brand new anodised nuts and bolts for extra prettiness... The cusco cooling plate was scratched up to hell, so sandblasted and painted that black - then found out it must be for a levin? As it hits the trueno light motors by about 5mm each side. Fuel tank has been wire brused down, and used some Krylon rust preventative stuff on it - gonna blast the straps back to bare metal, then just clear coat them like I did with the crossmember - really liking the bare metal colour.. Also trying to move the car off the hoist thats on the ground so I can pull the diff out, wire brush + paint that a nice black, install all the nolathane bushes that came with the car for the 4 arms in the back, and obviosuly blast / paint those...
  15. Ended up taking all the mounts / RWD parts off the GZE before whacking em on the Blacktop. Bought a SQ kit ( again ) from Nic at NST. Installed that, blasted the engine mounts / crossmember / front and rear bumper mounts - the fronts are PFL and one is odd, so doesn't really line up at all, made little aluminium adapters so its securely all mounted.. Ended up with a new Exedy clutch kit, new rocker cover gaskets, new oil pump, front and rear main seals, cam seals, some goo for a gasket for the sump.. Also ended up rebuilding the starter motor as it was seized up from sitting / moisture ( pic show's no solenoid as had three brand new ones at home and couldn't bring to work haha ) Also ended up giving the Alternator a blast / paint / new bearings, new slip ring and regulator at work ( did a cheeky and blasted the alternator mount, waterpump pulley and alternator adjusting bracket at work too )