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  1. Griffe

    Sealed Batteries

    The thought definitely crossed my mind, I’ll let you all know what I choose and might do a build thread if I make the box
  2. Griffe

    Sealed Batteries

    Yep fair call there
  3. Griffe

    Sealed Batteries Could be a good option
  4. Griffe

    Sealed Batteries

    Cheers Cletus, I was wondering the same thing, so it seems the main gain from using a sealed (AGM) battery is for weight reduction as as sealed or wet battery will still have to be in a sealed box in order to meet Motorsport NZ & LVVTA rules. So next question then, who’s got the best sealed battery boxes?!?!?!
  5. Griffe

    Pug 106

    Legend! Cheers for that, just looked up on the partmaster site and good to see lots of listings for 106’s now!
  6. Griffe

    Sealed Batteries

    For house batteries or starting batteries?
  7. Anyone found a reasonable price for sealed AGM batteries for battery relocation projects to align with LVVTA cert and Motorsport NZ regs?
  8. Griffe

    Pug 106

    Nice! Good to see someone finally picked it up and is doing something with it. Where’d you pick up the shocks from?