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  1. This bitch is finally alive. Started yesterday with no exhaust so fairly rowdy. Just needs exhaust sorting, cooling fan found (looking for one currently let me know if you have one please!) I seem to have lost it over the last decade. Pretty pumped as I got the engine rebuilt over 12 years ago and was a bit worried there would be issues. Will need a tune etc and no doubt some other issue will show itself but its getting damn close. Looking forward to taking it for a fang!
  2. So yeah. Dragging this post up from the depths. This is still a project. I sold it to my mate rob about 3 years ago but he never picked it up. So I bought it back off him. Finally bit the bullet and have taken it into my mates mechanic shop and he is going to get her going for me. Motivation is finally coming back and thought updating this post might help with that!
  3. Holy shit mate every project you do ends up looking mint. Well done, still wish I had the motivation you do!
  4. dilusion

    Car lock up Chch

    http://classiccarstorage.co.nz This place is sweet my mate has quite a few of his cars there
  5. dilusion

    Fresh's '72 Corolla

    So what is the way more awesome car you replaced this minter with?
  6. dilusion

    WDawson's diesel 220C Ced Sled

    This is awesome man. Will have to check it out when I come to grab that wheel!
  7. Thought to get a bit of motivation I'd finally chuck up a build thread for my mk1 cortina which I got 10 years ago for my 21st birthday. Have decided to finally get her running this year. I used it as a pie/beer mission car for 2 years with no reg/wof until I finally decided to pull the engine out and get my mate Jeremy who is known for making corolla K series engines scream to do his magic. Unfortunately I never got a breakdown of exactly what he did to it but it went a little something like this: ported/polished head, bigger valves, double valve springs, cam reground decked block, bored out to around 1640cc (I think) with some kind of datsun piston (Grenade time!) shorter con rods and fully balanced etc etc. Either way should be a wee rocket once going or blow up in my face. Hoping for the earlier option. I decided to go with the single 45mm weber using Uncle Jakes wisdom when themk1andmk2fordcortina group on MSN was a thing Anyway - here are the pics. I will upload more as it progresses. Will be good to finally get her rolling! I'm getting rid of the bogan wildcat and getting an original wheel in better nick than mine off Karl - Legend! All she really needs now is the fuel line hooked up, alternator and dizzy installed, all coolant pipes put in place and wiring (no doubt much more that I have missed) and she'll be good to go! Also massive props to my mate Rob who is always willing to lend a hand and giving heaps of advise, cheers bro
  8. dilusion

    r100's ring ding ding wagon

    That is so sweet man, never knew they existed. What are your plans for it? Definitely require more pics also!
  9. Did it seem to start/idle better for a while once you cleaned the jets out? I did it a couple of times and they re-clogged, seems the fuel filter was so old it had been disintegrating and re-blocking the jets with crap...
  10. Have you replaced your fuel filter and given the jets in the carb a bit of compressed air action? I had a few similar symptoms with my car one and this sorted it
  11. dilusion

    unclejake mk1

    RIP the mk1andmk2fordcortinagroup, good times!
  12. I was very keen to come until all this mention of letting the cops know every single detail. To me that seems like a great way to ruin an otherwise mint sounding day. Also it baffles me that everyone seems to think its a good idea, really? I assume everyone that is going has no illegal modifcations/exhausts over 95db for when Senior Sergeant Rob Killjoy decides to be an asshole and set up a roadblock. Hey maybe afterwards we can all get together with the cops, have a nice little picnic and exchange some high 5's.
  13. Fuck looks like it was an awesome day, so many mint datsuns!
  14. dilusion

    oldschool meet - 11am, 2nd August

    Fuck looks awesome, slutted I missed it. That 2 door left hook 1200 is insane!
  15. dilusion

    oldschool meet - 11am, 2nd August

    Fuck I'm going to have to bail dudes my cars shat itself and cant see her being ready for Sunday. So much for corollas being reliable! btw crownin round has the right idea