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  1. This bitch is finally alive. Started yesterday with no exhaust so fairly rowdy. Just needs exhaust sorting, cooling fan found (looking for one currently let me know if you have one please!) I seem to have lost it over the last decade. Pretty pumped as I got the engine rebuilt over 12 years ago and was a bit worried there would be issues. Will need a tune etc and no doubt some other issue will show itself but its getting damn close. Looking forward to taking it for a fang!
  2. So yeah. Dragging this post up from the depths. This is still a project. I sold it to my mate rob about 3 years ago but he never picked it up. So I bought it back off him. Finally bit the bullet and have taken it into my mates mechanic shop and he is going to get her going for me. Motivation is finally coming back and thought updating this post might help with that!
  3. Holy shit mate every project you do ends up looking mint. Well done, still wish I had the motivation you do!