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  1. This is great news, must be such a good feeling! Have enjoyed following this project, thanks for sharing your journey.
  2. Oh yup yup, I like that it's a proper branded one so should be able to get replacement stones in a few years time. My guess is the cheaper ones will be throw away when warn out. Could be wrong. One things for sure, i cant sharpen drill bits by hand for shit. Makes me want to watch some drill action in slow motion. Ok here we go
  3. What he said, Has anyone tried a drill doctor VS the toolshed style ones? drill doctor looks to have a rotating lobe = $250 Tooolshed no brand style ones are $80 - $100. I presume it's a case you get what you pay for? Or is drill doctor just he OG design? therefore OG tax?
  4. Nice find. Can you buy one and let us know
  5. Wheels are on point! That grey/silver engine casing looks rad and that speedO setup too
  6. Such a rad project!!! keep the updates cuming! Do those blue tooth boom box's come in 12V? Nice option for a classic car!
  7. Cool will give it a go! How do you tell what warehouse they are from? Do you need to search via warehouse? such an oldschool website.
  8. https://www.rockauto.com/ seems quite well priced, do you guys use that YouPost for getting them here?
  9. Looking good, recommend learning how to use a router and giving laminated ply a go. very on trend lol. about $120 for a sheet, not bad IMO. Flip with a router you can make so many things! I just made this from scratch (Stripped the room bare), learning how to router on the job. Don't recommend Bunnings ply! GIB plastering isn't all that difficult either. (handles still to be fitting to all draws)
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