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  1. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Flip that's a handy site, Thanks you main landing goddess
  2. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

    A temporary shuffle around as the second garage gets underway. No wing mirrors? The first of five missing badges fitted Trying to work out what this clip is called Is missing on the passenger's side
  3. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    100% Barry owned Bless the man above
  4. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Chairs CD, How many good parts does it have left? No running gear? Yeah i was pulling my hair out what to do, I knew someone was going to hit buynow the number of watchers went from 10 to 70+ in a couple of hours Yeah 6 new belts (4 of them 3 point belts) was a selling point. $1200 receipt amoung all the rest. Yeah is quite similar now you mention it, perhaps a tad darker. Will do the roof cream, fill in stripe cream, widened steelies (probably cream), lower. Drive it heaps.
  5. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

    Chinwag here
  6. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Chinwag here SLURP SLURP
  7. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

  8. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

    Came with heaps and heaps and heaps of documentation of maintinanace, some of them quite large bills like 6 new belts recently!
  9. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

    First thing to do is fit badges, Not sure what the square one is for?
  10. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

    Cool oldschool gauge that was quite accurate
  11. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

    Failrly rust free
  12. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

    This thing really got me excited
  13. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

    Chevette convoy
  14. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

  15. Russell's Mk1 Cortina

    I suggested to the wife in a moment of sleep deprived weakness we needed something with 4 doors for weekend roadtrips with our newborn Cooper . . . And with a little bit of encouragment from Ben Adams "I dont think you'll regret buying it, But you probably will regret not getting it" . . . . nek minute