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  1. Mk2Marty's GN250 of lameness and brap

    looks like someone has thrown stones down his carb?
  2. Low'n'slows Vauxhall Chevette 10 second car

    1967 Badass Special
  3. Low'n'slows Vauxhall Chevette 10 second car

    Converted the chevette to electronic points, amaze-balls! Recommended would trade again and all that! Also thanks @Positive Ape for the hog transporting device BLACK PLATES! (Which as a bonus, means no requirement for indicators!)
  4. Suzi FA50

    Airbox method100 courtesy of @Hayholes mum, use a CD case VvVvV with a bit of foam in it, they don't like disturbed air

    Jogs go bloody well. cool.
  6. Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar discussion

    Number 1 looks good to me
  7. Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    Just returned from Dirt Masters Mk4, few oldschoolers around. Thanks to @Born Loser for organising such an amazing event! Ended up taking two bikes down the F50 and CD90
  8. Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    Shit that's bloody strange Lee
  9. Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    Yup Red Rocks, we are up in Brooklyn so visit quite regularly in the Pajero, one of our fave activities all year round. This pic is a bit of a secrete spot that I probably shouldn't have posted.
  10. Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    Learnt my lesson with cheap filters and dust, UNI filters are the way of the future and they just so happen to be red.
  11. Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    Cheers CD, Goes hard for what it is lawl
  12. Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    oh yeah, how does that work / look?
  13. Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    It gets from A to B Dirt masters training after work around red rocks, good fun it was!!!!
  14. Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    Wow that was an amusing ride to work! All the out of control wheelies and non soft landings!
  15. Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    First test run to work tomorrow