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  1. Hi, My name is Russell and I approve. Regards Russell
  2. That was 1 hour old when I shared it. The Facebook pages do regular updates for rainbow and molesworth.
  3. Rainbow Station 1 h · The Sedgemere Bridge (south of Rainbow Station) has been closed by Transpower due to damage to the abutment during the July storm. Transpower are in the process of obtaining the required consents / approvals to source and place rock protection around the abutment. Transpower is aiming to undertake this work in March / April. Please note that access to Rainbow Station from St Arnaud (the northern entrance) is still available on request for tramping, fishing, hunting on DOC land. Rainbow Station For access to Rainbow Station for tramping, hunting and fishing please contact Duncan at duncan@nelsonhoney.com
  4. Could you buy and store your own box trailer? Just a wild idea.
  5. Made everything from scratch this is the ply I use, used it for many projects since https://www.trademe.co.nz/3216852194
  6. This is great news, must be such a good feeling! Have enjoyed following this project, thanks for sharing your journey.
  7. Oh yup yup, I like that it's a proper branded one so should be able to get replacement stones in a few years time. My guess is the cheaper ones will be throw away when warn out. Could be wrong. One things for sure, i cant sharpen drill bits by hand for shit. Makes me want to watch some drill action in slow motion. Ok here we go
  8. What he said, Has anyone tried a drill doctor VS the toolshed style ones? drill doctor looks to have a rotating lobe = $250 Tooolshed no brand style ones are $80 - $100. I presume it's a case you get what you pay for? Or is drill doctor just he OG design? therefore OG tax?
  9. Nice find. Can you buy one and let us know
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