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  1. Hoist question, I’m wanting to put one at mine but would need to be outdoor on slab like yours. what did it cost you? You get a company to do all of it and sign it off? dose the hoist need a cover or is it fine outside? cheers
  2. Hopefully pick this up this week or next. spray it 2K black like everything else and done. only thing stopping me now from bolting everything together now is rust cuts in the cab
  3. Cheers! Guys on an off-road forum said there was a guy in Invercargill that put a b18 into a MU, went to all the effort only to find he had 5 rev gears and 1 very very short fwd gear. joke was “their all a bit backwards down there” someone said he swapped the diff centres around and it was sorted.
  4. Dip it is. 200 in folding it’s far cheaper then sand blasting. should be ready end of next week where it’ll go off to the electro platers
  5. Put the bypass after intercooler dont over spin, just run what he has and use the control to help with load down knock. didnt know the sc14 ran a stepper motor either
  6. Yeah can find the rpm specs online for them. good point about the heat though. if the charger was recirculating on it self and not causing pressure in the intake would it still create a lot of heat though? I was more thinking about lowering pressure at low rpm to help with his high comp issue...?
  7. Brain wave.. was just taking to a guy on FB that wants to get rid of his Ethrottle and run more boost. Already has g4 plug and play. e throttle and charger feeds it self. I know you only have an MS but I think link make external throttle controllers as expansions for their ECU’s witch you might be able to get to work?? just get any scrap yard throttle off a Yaris or jazz or the likes
  8. I wouldn’t get to fussy. Be more focused on the boot sealing well to make sure nothing gets in there. we’re had some guys at work put the wrong grease in robots that spec high grade lithium. Meant to get changed once a year or every 10khrs... a lot out there go waaaay past that with the wrong grease and tbh we’ve never had an issue
  9. Nice work man! I really like the Gbox cross member
  10. Every factory PD blower I’ve seen runs a bypass. Comy v6 tun a small 25mm one built into the housing. Toyota run an external plastic one that works as a wastegate effectively. cheap way of doing one is using a late model VW bypass, in their system they use it as a plumb back blow off valve. Can be bought fit around $25 and work perfect
  11. Excuse the palm ive been slowly killing. Bastard got in the waste pipe Put lunch and beers on and got the cab off. Debating weather to acid dip or sand blast still. ill give it a water blast and get all the lines and shit off it 8CDBB3D6-F2DE-4E90-B4A9-2034D84EF311.png
  12. Sweet I’ve got 3” straight of the turbo for the down pipe, reduces into 2.5 just past the bottom of the fire wall. Hard case fuel and brake lines are on the inside of that chassis rail. might need to relocate them while its all a part..
  13. Superchargers are pretty hard on them at low rpm witch is most of the issue i remember talking to marsh about his engines and he said with PD blowers he gets them as close to 8:1 as he can. in saying that though, that’s on carb v8’s with odd intakes. multi point injection has huge jump on that tuning wise personally I’d be pretty gutted if you ditched the charger