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  1. Every factory PD blower I’ve seen runs a bypass. Comy v6 tun a small 25mm one built into the housing. Toyota run an external plastic one that works as a wastegate effectively. cheap way of doing one is using a late model VW bypass, in their system they use it as a plumb back blow off valve. Can be bought fit around $25 and work perfect
  2. Excuse the palm ive been slowly killing. Bastard got in the waste pipe Put lunch and beers on and got the cab off. Debating weather to acid dip or sand blast still. ill give it a water blast and get all the lines and shit off it 8CDBB3D6-F2DE-4E90-B4A9-2034D84EF311.png
  3. Sweet I’ve got 3” straight of the turbo for the down pipe, reduces into 2.5 just past the bottom of the fire wall. Hard case fuel and brake lines are on the inside of that chassis rail. might need to relocate them while its all a part..
  4. Superchargers are pretty hard on them at low rpm witch is most of the issue i remember talking to marsh about his engines and he said with PD blowers he gets them as close to 8:1 as he can. in saying that though, that’s on carb v8’s with odd intakes. multi point injection has huge jump on that tuning wise personally I’d be pretty gutted if you ditched the charger
  5. Think 2.5” would be to small for a 2.4L turbo with 10:1 comp and high rpm?
  6. Ashkellybarr

    diesel spam

    Took it down the end of the rd and pulled some alright donuts. Plenty of torque! Falls flat at WOT and high rpm so he’s gonna get a lift pump in the tank witch should sort that. gets a lot of looks sounding super diesely and spooly ok it down the en
  7. Just done the clutch in the 69 Alfa spider but has a couple things we need to look at, clutch really really needs doing in the afla Montreal but if I can get that sorted I’ll be keen to bring it. Don’t hold ya breath cause I think we’ll need a new flywheel too
  8. Kinda like the auto idea. Using a modern altezza one is good idea. Just wonder if it has a controller or not?
  9. Actually? So the only reason I had to change the cluster in the other cars was the speedo. The letter from the mechanic was just to explain why the od reading is way off???
  10. Could make a small recertifier circuit to smooth out the pwm
  11. Odometer question: i understand you need an odometer, but wonder what the rules are? ive had a car where it broke, had to change the cluster and get a mechanic to write out a thing for it. if I was to use a motor cycle one what would I need to do? changing gearbox Witch means changing from mech cable to electronic. Was thinking of feeding it to the link ecu then feeding a motorcycle cluster from the ecu using pwm outputs. And set it up on the bench to get it to read the same as the factory one?
  12. Someone just told me they changed to rules on welded coil overs for fixed spindals? and that the weld needs to be above 1.5x the tube diameter?? is this correct?