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  1. Cheers I’ll definitely be getting a router soon
  2. Yeah legit haha anything to get more in the car fund
  3. I’m needing to do a wardrobe soon. Where did you get the draws and sliders from?
  4. Managed to actually find time to do some more on the house! was on the hunt for a large mirror for the bathroom try make it feel a bit bigger then it is. also, so miss’ can do her makeup while im shaving my head haha turns out trying to find something was a mish, even free standing to turn sideways was a mission or they wanted stupid money. went to an art framing place, old boy said he’d do me a solid and with frame and mirror in size I wanted for 800 cash flagging that, found a place called cosmo glass, small family business. picked up a 1600x700 mirror for $200 spent a bit doing demisting elements behind it and used some chunky architrave to frame it. Currently staining it like I did the dinning table above, but darker with less grain. probably cheaper ways to do it, but demisted and that size probably around $400 it’s cost me, so I’m happy with that plus I got to use my new Milwaukee gasless finishing gun highly recommended
  5. New addition to the family’s been keeping me busy but I’ve still been getting bits and pieces past management decided to keep the old carb fuel tank and just run external twin pumps probably a bit over kill but I can switch it off the ecu with TPS/rpm axis, and if one dies and can still get home Man you can dump some money into fuel fittings! Just gonna use barb fittings on returns and surge feed to try some money. Anyone has suggestions on rated fuel hose that doesn’t brake the bank please share!
  6. Anti lag should be roudy dont worry Clint it’ll have resonators for cert
  7. Can you take the bell housing off and mill 4mm off the front and back of it?
  8. Drill and tap block and feed vvt from power steering pump 300-400psi should be enough to over power the springs right?
  9. 3rd for 2zz! Friend has one in his aw11, highly recommend
  10. Gotta start thinking about rad and intercooler soon
  11. Apart again, loaded up, ready for fab hopefully next time it’ll be the 4wd towing the drift hack and not the other way around
  12. Awesome thank you!!
  13. would you know witch colour is witch? Yeah if you could off HPtuners that would be mint. yeah I could do a mix of brake light and rpm output from ECU witch should be pretty fail safe.
  14. Cheers, got photos? I’ll probably ended up needing this also
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