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  1. There’s a Honda tool on Ali express that can be made to work. Bolts where the cam caps go. been told a small amount of compressed air down the spark plug hole will help hold the values in with the head on too
  2. Little bit stuck cause getting motor mounts done and plumbing brake and fuel lines is all good and well. However they all run down the inner drivers side chassis rail. unfortunity this leaves bugger all room for exhaust manifold and turbo down pipe incl clearance to meet ver requirements. i have a feeling there’s gonna be a significant amount of time and money spent here. good news though, if I get fuel running to it and finish the ecu wiring there’s no reason I can’t get it started now I’ve got a manifold made
  3. Alright.. all confessions, the motors not mounted. Just sitting on strops. how ever the Gbox member is done and bolted it, with the box level that’s pretty close to where the motor will sit. unfortunitly the factory mounts on the chassis are waaay to far forward. And actually interfere with the thermostat housing and alternator. after talking to a cert guy and couple other onto it guys I’ve though best to leave it to someone else. Bloke down the rd does nothing but motor sport stuff and said 1/2 to a full days work, so I’ll leave it to him when he’s got time in a couple w
  4. These different depth mount holes are a real pain in the ass ye old battery lathe saved the day
  5. What’s the go with welding a plate to the chassis rail as a base to build an engine mount off? whats the guide lines for size and if it maybe must have a fold around the rail so it’s not just welded on one face? i had a look under engine conversion and suspension systems sections but couldnt find anything about the chassis mounts. Factory location On the chassis is to far forward and needs to be removed to clear thermostat and moved PS pump. can see motor mount location in yellow i would be happy with something bolt on but there’s no holes for access inside the
  6. As I thought I ended up moving the whole lot forward 35mm witch meant modding the gearbox x member. Might still need the “massage” the firewall for the Ktune coolant neck off the back of the head but nothing to bad. I’ll haft to cut and weld a kink in the shift leavers as the Gear shifter already sat far to close to the head unit. mount will sit a couple mm lower too but worse case I’ll just put some body-chassis spacers in
  7. Good visual of height, if I had 35’s I could probably just roll the motor and box straight under the frame. cant wait to get a photo with the turbo on :)
  8. Can see here how much higher it is after the 4.5” lift. leafs will still settle down a bit after more gets bolted on/in. But with 1” body lift and 35” tires it’ll sit another 3” taller plus the roof basket
  9. Some of the boys came round to help lift the body back on today. Put all the new bushes on the chassis then used threaded rod to help line it up, boys lifted and the girls pulled the planks out, easy down and it was on!
  10. Need to get the cab back on before winter kicks in. Picked up a new bush kit. Had my query’s as the crush tube is thin and the big washers only aloe for from an M8 witch I though was a bit on the small side. The thinner crush tubes allow for an M12 witch was better but after talking to one of the engineers at work he said the crush tubes to thin for the torque setting of an M12. So I found some thicker crush tubes laying around work and got some longer M10 cap screws witch I think will work better. Cap screws being tensile too Also made some spa
  11. Here’s the timing chain one https://tractuff.com/products/tractuff-oil-pump-baffle theres some other “drop in” baffles but think I could just reengineer them my self for less. Skip to 4.10 so you don’t need to listen to this turkey but they did a common drop in brand and still had huge issues. https://youtu.be/7GMUaje9G34
  12. I have seen the bolt in kit (maybe K miata or a lesser known brand) witch bolts to the oil pump to baffle this. Think I would still prefer something that’s sealed around the sump instead. cant remember if it’s left or right turns but there’s some guys in the states on utube with a s14 that had huge issues turning one way on the track. Looked into it more and found a couple others saying the same thing. that and their a tall motor with such a huge head on them so clearance is a factor too limiting sump mods
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