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  1. Here’s the timing chain one theres some other “drop in” baffles but think I could just reengineer them my self for less. Skip to 4.10 so you don’t need to listen to this turkey but they did a common drop in brand and still had huge issues.
  2. I have seen the bolt in kit (maybe K miata or a lesser known brand) witch bolts to the oil pump to baffle this. Think I would still prefer something that’s sealed around the sump instead. cant remember if it’s left or right turns but there’s some guys in the states on utube with a s14 that had huge issues turning one way on the track. Looked into it more and found a couple others saying the same thing. that and their a tall motor with such a huge head on them so clearance is a factor too limiting sump mods
  3. Good stuff i take it you stayed 2L and not 2.4 for class restrictions? ill be keen to see what you do for the sump setup as I’ve seen a lot of videos where people have pressure drops on long corners and need to look at this my self
  4. The APS that came with me K24 is a box that sits in the engine bay being feed from a normal cable pedal. Means you can put the box anywhere and just get a cable to suit
  5. Friend had this happen to a fresh built SR he had. Turned out the exhaust cam was off by a tooth so cyl press was building for to long until the valves opened. might not be the issue having two banks but is easy to check
  6. Happy as! Stripped the diffs and epoxisprayed them. had the bottom U bolt plates acid dipped them epoxi sprayed them too. installed all the new suspension, greaseable shackles and bolts, adjustable drop steering arm and torque arm just need bump stops, and steering rod rack ends. and get some sanding wheels for the drill to take out the build up in the shackle mount tubes thinking with the Honda engine exhaust being on the drivers side I might as well do the fuel and break lines now and swap them to the other side
  7. I’m running a small alloy tray witch weighs nothing and at most will have a gearbox or engine on it. That the arms always been bent and never worked so I’ll just delete it if I can
  8. Proportion valve requirement on a old Ute or can I delete it? cheers
  9. Ashkellybarr


    Recommendations for 1.2 or 1.4 gravity feed guns under $100?
  10. Was talking to my painter mate about the new Mazda reds. he said the water base is pretty much pink metallic and the clear then has a tint to give it the vibrance. definitly a cool colour!
  11. Picked up some acid etch. $58 for a 2L kit. Sprays super thin. was hot today so just started with light coat from front to rear, then straight back to front again and kept doing that till it was all used up. Left it looking pretty blinging! started on the 2K black where the gun packed up. Only spraying like an air brush it took hours to get one coat. Then the needle seal gave out and started spraying paint out the top of the trigger covering me. Continued on as I was already to far gone. Had about 80% done where it then decided to work properly, did a couple strokes and let off the trigger and it stayed on full tit so I just kept going and did a whole pot in one go without the trigger coming unstuck. What a fucking disaster! Least it’s had a full coat. And my mate that’s an actual car painter said he’ll head over and sort it for me haha fuck my life
  12. Also. acid dipping ended up being 250 cash as it was 150mm to long for the tank so had to sit for some days then swap ends for a couple more. hot galv was 316.25 all up inc gst so $566.25 all up for the full treatment. That’s with me removing everything my self. not bad considering most coatings places wanted around 2K and that’s just a sand blast and spray 2K under seal. Where the sand blaster can’t reach they just spray cav wax, not actually removing and rust that’s formed. in saying that, it’s a lot of work to fully strip a chassis, but for a 4WD that gets driven through salt water it’s justified. Galv has formed well inside the chassis rails so I’m pretty happy with it
  13. McGregor motor sport do kseries mounts and bellhousing for lotus 7’s