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  1. It's been an exciting few weeks getting updates on the car as more gets done. Here's a drop of what's going on at the moment. Not long now! To start with, I deloomed the original headlight hardness, removing odds and ends I won't use on there - Ran another wire which controls the fog lights - Relocated the battery wires to inside the cabin, the battery will sit under the passenger seat. I'll get a professional to do the rest from where I got it to - Relocated the alternator wiring so that I can run it with the engine harness 99399211_272930263826147_7742833918717460480_n by
  2. Okey dokey, here are the spec's! F Series rear end Shortened axles/housing (axles are cut, shortened, welded back together) Redrilled to 4 x 114.3 S14 Silvia rear brakes BMW E30 rotors Redrilled to 4 x 114.3 Hubcentric spares made up each side to fix the different hole size between BMW E30 bore. F Series is definitely the in between of T Series and G Series (Hilux). And will definitely handle Le Jandle more than T series. But if you don't plan on doing skids or drifts, late axle T Series will be just as sufficient. The front bumper really doesn't appreciate the
  3. Alrighty The car has undergone a few changes. Something that drastically needed attention was the rear spring perches on the diff. The diff is an F series out of a Liteace Van and had the AE86 mounts swapped on to it. What a great idea I thought! as I purchased this off TradeMe.. Check out the state of this. No idea what it did to the actual ride of the car being like this but it's always crippled my brain bones when I thought about it 95055142_2587530994857642_8016735613954818048_n by phillipbaines, on Flickr Cut bracket off: 20200502_151932 by phillipbaines, on Flickr Tack
  4. Cheers! I did the same thing to my KE30. It was well worth it, considering getting off cuts from a carpet shop (usually they're full pieces, not the dregs like I get) is free well worth it. In terms of noise reduction, it juts makes the sound a bit more muffled, it doesn't cure cancer but it definitely makes a noticeable difference The area attached to the outer skin is pretty plastic'y so can't really absorb too much but I will definitely keep an eye on that. There's a nice access hole below the rear door catch so easy to check Thanks for the tip!
  5. Howdy fellow isolated friends. I got my crossmember adjusted for my W55. I couldn't figure out where a vibration was coming from and narrowed it down to the driveshaft. Doing a UJ angle check I got it pretty much dialed in with spacers under the box to get it 2.5 deg on both ends, then got the member remade to sit where the spacers took it to 20200221_105825 by phillipbaines, on Flickr I made a patch harness by cutting a plug out of another small port ECU. Got the Link to fire up the motor and had the timing set. I did't have time to get it tuned for Toyota Fest s
  6. It's been reasonably quiet in the past year. I've done next to nothing on this car... since Toyota Fest last year: Drive shaft remade/balanced New rear hub centric rings for the rear discs. This was necessary due to the BMW rotors. I had the centres drilled out to be the same as the Longchamps on the rear. They're nice and snug. The Longchamps have a tapered centre bore so the spacers can't fall out.. Swapped in my 4A-GZE motor that's running on the stock small port ECU for now. Turbo time after Toyota Fest this year Swapped in the original Intake Manifold, runs heaaaps better on
  7. what's wrong with the trusty ramflo's? I haven't heard anything bad about them before, curious!
  8. This weekend I decided to go ask about getting some carpet underlay to whip under neath the carpet in the cabin to make it a bit more homely. Ended up getting a big slab of it for free! Thank god for useless offcuts.. I am no professional fitter by any means. it didn't really come out nice in 3 cut sections but it will all fit in well when the carpet goes back in 20190817_181032 by phillipbaines, on Flickr I also got sick of the awful looking dirt ridden seats that are impossible to find in any sort of 'good' condition so the cheapest fix is to show down to Super Cheap and get
  9. It's been a long time since i've done a post, because it's been a long time to get me motivated to install the wiper linkeages. I ended up just buying some M18 x 1.0 pitch nuts off ebay for $15, and a week later they arrived. instead of procrastinating about it for 4 months i really should have done it sooner.... Since last update: Installed AE92 FX-GT front seat belts Installed previous exhaust from old KE30 which is 2.5" to the extractors and a nice dumpy at the end Rebuilt front brakes, it's nice when they work properly. installed a new healthier 4K motor and went to a chinese
  10. So, a lot has happened and the car is now running around again for the first time in a long time. I decided that I didn't have time to get an after market ECU and tune sorted, but I did have time to buy a crashed FX-GT with a small port inside, which I could pinch the loom and ecu from and get this motor I have here running. I swapped in some stock small port cams. The stock ecu should handle the rest of the mods fine! so far so good anyways... anywho: Stock small port loom: 2019-02-17 15.20.50 by phillipbaines, on Flickr Unmasked, and all of the unnecessary s
  11. Potentially... it's hard to find for the two door KE20, KE25, KE26 but if i do some across some i will let you know
  12. Getting close now! I got a new center console installed. It's from a KE35 SR and looks the tits I got some SSR 13 x 7 meshies with 215/50 tyres on them Then i decided to tackle the bonnet. it took 3 days.... crikey. Sand Fibreglass bog: More sanding and bogging Guidecoating: More sanding and spot filling I attacked the underside with a wirebrush and then some cans out. Etch primer -> black gloss -> clear coat And painting! Left todo for WOF: Install seatbelts
  13. they may, but not with the low profile tyres on them that's for sure.
  14. I've been ticking away at the small jobs left on this car. Badges: New Door seals all round: Mint back seat (back piece). Would love to find a mint cream one or at least a black bum piece Got it out for a clean in the sun, paint is looking great! Ignore Long champs on rear, they don't suit the car and I only had them on there so I could take it for a drive Will crack into the bonnet next weekend and get it fixed properly! hopefully.... Discussion:
  15. Semi productive weekend, wasn't able to do much. I'm just waiting on parts now. this weekend I bought: Front half of center console (got a line on a rear half so that's good) Front seats (need a massive clean) SR steering wheel Rear shoes and new drum cylinder as the ones in there were absolute wrecked Ordered front pads to do next weekend. I'll get a price to rebuild the front calipers too Old: Fressshhh: Dope wheel: kewl seats: I'll be getting a pro to do the bonnet. it's just too far out of my league to fix. i
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