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  1. PBaines 1977 Toyota Corolla KE30

    So I started on the doors, oh man. few days work involved there, just doing small patches and also welding up the skins at the bottom of the door edges. I could have made a new lip but really, just as easy to weld the two skins together There is always a post which is the perfect roundness! Like a glooooooove All doors dealt to Once I was happy with the doors etc It was time to add some filler. Quite averagely. but i did get it perfect in the end! HIgh filler primer time I need two new guards and bonnet. But fist, here is why you never rely on Taiwanese guards. A) perfect edging. Close as bro A) good parallel alignment Mr Taiwan put the RHS L piece on the LHS guard. Good work! Discussion: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/56136-pbaines-1977-toyota-corolla-ke30/
  2. PBaines 1977 Toyota Corolla KE30

    More good progress. Shell is now 100% rust free! what a mission... Anyway. I got the wire brush wheel out on the boot and expected holes for africa, just surface rust for africa so I was pleased After attacking it i gave it some epoxy Next came the front panel section at the end of the chassis rail. looks the same as the original repair except this time I will actually seam seal the edges on the chassis rail so no water can get in there... no point repairing it if you aren't going to do it properly! Tack Weld: I thought I would just spot weld the holes but sort of didn't realise how thin the steel was. None the less, the holes are no more \ Now the hardest section I have been putting off. It wasn't too hard in the end, just took a bit of time. I also should have used a press for all of this, but. I don't have one! Step One: Plan Step Two: Tack Step Three: Plan some more Step four: Weld *imagine pic* Step Five: Grind off welds Rinse and repeat Step One: Plan Step Two: Plan some more Step Three: Fiddle around with cutting your new piece up to fit whilst realising you should have done the whole front piece from scratch but then not give up because who wants to then realise they've wasted 3 hours Step Four: Weld Step Five: Prettify Then I attacked the rear boot lip and welded on a nice new one. doesn't have to be clean as possible, the boot rubber will go over it There was a massive hole here.. don't think I have a photo. Will get the Dremel out and fix the half circle there. otherwise it's sweet Rear left section that needed doing This probably looks quite ugly but when I epoxy it it will look good. Very happy with how this section came out with 3 curves I had to compensate for when folding up the cut Before: After: Much better! Discussion: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/56136-pbaines-1977-toyota-corolla-ke30/
  3. ajg193's 1983 KP61 Sprint

    Olds Cool Autos could probably do you springs, fire em a message and see how you go
  4. PBaines 1977 Toyota Corolla KE30

    So it begins. I bought this here new old welder off tardme for $350 shipped and went and got some gas for it. Turns out it has a 'spot' function too which is cool, makes the welds a lot more consistent, not that it makes my work look any better... been a few years since I have been working with the gun. I began by making all of my cuts that I needed and sprayed in some rust kill sealer on the underside where I could Water had gone into the roof and then down the A pillar so had completely rotted this section away Tacked them in I don't think this would have been nice on a rainy day.... Welded them in! The corner section of the roof was challenging as it was a 3 skin section but I think it's turned out pretty well in the end, overall very happy with the look of it all That's it for the body cuts, may have a few holes I need to fill but other than that, it's looking pretty good. Minimal warping on the new areas, not the biggest worry as I need to bog skim the entire roof anyways.... Will head into town next week and purchase the filler primer and boggy and will make start on the rest. I need to do the doors at some point too, theres minor minor rust holes in those so should all be ok Discussion: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/56136-pbaines-1977-toyota-corolla-ke30/
  5. PBaines 1977 Toyota Corolla KE30

    Been a while, but uber keen to crack into this over christmas break. Have taken 3 weeks off so I hope that I can get a shit load of work done to her! A weekend ago I rustcoverted the engine bay after taking it 99% back to baremetal It did go to a proper black even though it's quite blue in this photo Then since I had left it bare for so long and the car was a mess, i took it outside and blew all the crap out of it and vacuumed the floor. There is 0% rust on the floor at all so skeptical if I should even remove the sound deadening stuff.... but none the less I cracked on. I got the grinder out with the flappy scratchy thing to take back the rust but to be safe at the end I did the old vinegar-water rust killer trick. Mixing Water:Vinegar @ 4:1 ratio I scotch brite'd the whole car where it was bare metal and let it sit for a bit, came back to this beautiful orange Then It looked like this, so I went over it once more till i didn't see an orange speckle anywhere using 100% water and drying off with handee-towels. With two cans of epoxy sealer/primer at the ready and letting the car sit in the 29degree sun for 5 minutes just to give it a bit of warmth I rolled her back in the shed, tacked the car off and then layered the goods on (while do one more two can coat and then use my gun to lay on the primer)
  6. PBaines 1971 Toyota Corolla KE25

    Over the weekend, the famous Grant came down to install the seat covers that he had made for me. and wow, they look great! I installed everything just so that I made sure I had all of the clips for the door cards in place from the get go, and that I also wouldn't lose any of the bolts for the seats etc. Even doggo thought they were nice.. excuse average photos. the DSLR wasn't available today. [ Grant also did the door cards Will be closing and locking the doors on the KE25 until I get the AE86 going again. Really pushing to get it finished before end of March next year for Toyota Fest.... Discussion: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52401-pbaines-1971-toyota-corolla-ke25/
  7. PBaines - 1985 AE86 Corolla Levin

    And then it was time to drop her in! Installed the 230mm clutch and flywheel assembly. Had to grind out the T50 bell housing so that everything could fit in nicely. Took half a day to do it.... enough meat to hold it all together I hope!! Extended pilot bearing that came with the SQ-Engineering conversion kit [/url] Super easy to lock up the flywheel ready for torque The goods go on. Pilot bearing has plenty of insertion Starting to look like a car again. Discussion https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49929-pbaines-1985-ae86-corolla-levin/
  8. PBaines 1977 Toyota Corolla KE30

    Started on my cuts as I have sourced all of the replacement sections that I am needing Found a patch on the car, shame it's rusted through. the whole thing will come out After many hours of using paint stripped which did absolutely next to nothing, i went with a wire wheel on a grinder. Will continue more next weekend after I drop the subframe out etc. Discussion https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/56136-pbaines-1977-toyota-corolla-ke30/#comment-1844319
  9. PBaines - 1985 AE86 Corolla Levin

    Painted the cam covers a nice semi-gloss black I have a W58 on the way, adapter kit from SQEngineering and also trying to sort out a clutch setup too. As it is more a daily driver I would like a Puk clutch type but with springs otherwise will be super bad in town conditions.
  10. PBaines 1971 Toyota Corolla KE25

    I think that's what makes wheel choice even harder
  11. PBaines 1971 Toyota Corolla KE25

    I'll be going to 4x114.3 as I'll have the AE86 rear diff setup and also AE86 front suspension also. I'm still umming and arrring about wheel Choice haha. So many to choose from, finding some that are the right fit is hard
  12. PBaines - 1985 AE86 Corolla Levin

    I'm hoping that once they're both going I will think to myself it was worth it... But yeah. Street fins look good, especially the CR ones on the rear. The fronts are ST's which are the most common
  13. PBaines - 1985 AE86 Corolla Levin

    So one day I decided that the power wasn't enough and I needed MOAR so have decided to build a turbo motor which will be around 250kw expected BHP using MRP bolt on pieces. ps - I am shit with making up my mind...... motor goes in, motor comes out. rinse and repeat Motor specs are: Stock bottom late GZE setup with ACL and ARP internals Mildly ported head and oversized valves, stock cams for now but will go with some Kelford to suit Turbo engine ARP goodness Pistons go in Covering her up Late model GZE pistons which are 9.0:1 and are factory forged. that is lubricant making them look dented, they aren't... More ARP's I will probably end up going with kelford cams, but I just wanted to get everything setup for the time being I will also paint the rocker covers... One day!! Discussion: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49929-pbaines-1985-ae86-corolla-levin/
  14. PBaines 1971 Toyota Corolla KE25

    Today, I installed a clutch, and dropped the old girl in. Finally! I also installed the missing headlight bracket as it is different for the corolla vs trueno. It's taking shape now! Next will be getting the diff shortened. For the yarns https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52401-pbaines-1971-toyota-corolla-ke25/