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  1. smitty

    Smitty's 1987 320i Coupe

    They're actually knock off aftermarket models I think, definitely not the BBS Style 5s although to be honest I love them just as much, they're very unique. Anyway, small update. Fixed my exhaust leak. Next up is fixing the wacky brake issue... Also bought an e34 525i with the m20b25 engine that doesn't go (cranks but wont start) for $250, thats currently residing on the wrong island. Planning on building an m20b28 stroker using the 2.8 crank from an m52b28 out of an e36 and the conrods out of my m20b20 currently in my car still. Probably gonna be a big hassle but its worth a shot, and it was real cheap so hey.
  2. smitty

    Smitty's 1987 320i Coupe

    Front end has been fixed. Also along the line replaced shocks, fitted lowering springs, new radiator, 15" mesh wheels, and painted 1 wing mirror.
  3. smitty

    Smitty's 1987 320i Coupe

    Discuss: Or not, your choice.
  4. discuss stuff, or don't...
  5. So I've been looking for an e30 manual 6 cyl coupe for a while. Finally found this one for sale in Havelock North, pretty much right next to home: I'd even seen the car around a couple times and taken pictures: The problem being that I don't live at home anymore. I moved to chch for uni. Luckily enough my parents were happy to view the car for me and potentially pick it up. And with my luck the day before they view (and only a day after the guy posted the car to facebook) I get the news that the guy fell asleep while driving home from work and had an unfortunate encounter with a lamp post: But I decided fuck it I'll go for it anyway, I've been looking for so long and how hard can it be to fix? Also it's got some nasty rot under one of the tail lights: And some on the sunroof too: Anyway I'm looking forwards to Easter when I actually fly back home and get a good proper look at the car.
  6. Everything's back together now just need to get a new bumper (I've replaced the park lights with indicators for now but I don't think that'll pass the wof):
  7. I've got everything fixed now just waiting for my fancy film to come back. I need a replacement bumper still but it's pretty much close enough. Here's a couple of progress pics:
  8. I had full tread on all four of my pretty new 195 Hankooks.
  9. Fun's ended again... Slammed into the tow bar of another car going downhill in the wet when the brakes locked up: Excuse the black and white but it's the only film I had on me at the time. Luckily it seems like I'll only need to get the inner fender and rad support straightened out and then get a new bumper and driver side fender, which I both probably needed anyway. And the other car I hit seemed pretty unscathed except for a tiny scratch. Ahh well unlucky. If anyone's got some spare quad headlight panels and a bumper laying around hit me up.
  10. I've got a single fender, a rusty bonnet, and a shit tonne of headlights, but no bumper or endcaps sorry. Traded my bumper for the twin front bumper when I got the kit.
  11. Yeah it was found thank god. Rip in headliner and the ignition is buggered but insurance should figure that all out.
  12. Car's been stolen. Anyone see anything in Napier/Hastings area like this, or maybe parts or something, hit me up. Cheers Hope I'll find it back in one piece.
  13. Yeah so I bought another set of rims, been looking for some Hayashi Street fins for a while and found out that Joe (Goat) had some laying around that he wasn't using. Even sent them up for free, true gc. Anyway, before: And after: Running 195/60 on 6jjx14 with +7 offset. Do you guys think I'll have guard rubbing problems if I run 2" blocks in the rear and lowered springs in the front? Now just need to get all the body the same colour, and maybe some centre caps (if anyone knows of any send me a PM).
  14. smitty

    PBaines 1971 Toyota Corolla KE25

    Just wondering why get a T50 from Japan? If you are going to get it rebuilt anyway wouldn't it be cheaper to just find one in NZ?
  15. According to the AA guy, any car that has been deregistered by an insurance company has to get a repair certification, unless it wasn't damaged but rather written off for something else (like it being stolen or something).