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  1. Yeah it was found thank god. Rip in headliner and the ignition is buggered but insurance should figure that all out.
  2. Car's been stolen. Anyone see anything in Napier/Hastings area like this, or maybe parts or something, hit me up. Cheers Hope I'll find it back in one piece.
  3. Yeah so I bought another set of rims, been looking for some Hayashi Street fins for a while and found out that Joe (Goat) had some laying around that he wasn't using. Even sent them up for free, true gc. Anyway, before: And after: Running 195/60 on 6jjx14 with +7 offset. Do you guys think I'll have guard rubbing problems if I run 2" blocks in the rear and lowered springs in the front? Now just need to get all the body the same colour, and maybe some centre caps (if anyone knows of any send me a PM).
  4. Just wondering why get a T50 from Japan? If you are going to get it rebuilt anyway wouldn't it be cheaper to just find one in NZ?
  5. According to the AA guy, any car that has been deregistered by an insurance company has to get a repair certification, unless it wasn't damaged but rather written off for something else (like it being stolen or something).
  6. Alright more money than I wanted to spend later and I finally got the car revinned. Although I thought I didn't have to get a repair cert, I still had to due to the nature of why it was deregistered. Anyway, other than that everything was fine (headlights still need to be adjusted but no one noticed).
  7. Ahh shit, my car's been vandalised:
  8. So I bought stuff! Money I should have spent on registration stuff or maybe Uni I spent on rims. Still need to polish the barrel a bit and buy hub-centric rings but other than that should be sweet. Also maybe centre caps, but I might have a try at 3d printing some. Also all of the wiring is now working including lights, indicators and horn. They just need to be aimed properly:
  9. All of the wiring is now finally working, other than the horn which had to be relocated because of the front end. But that will soon be connected too. Other than that we have fixed the dent in the front fender until I find another fender:
  10. Yay! Local wreckers had a recess front wagon with an intact bonnet and latch support. Now all I need is a new driver side fender and for everything to fit properly...
  11. Nah, it doesn't have the ridge in the middle. It may look so because of the photos. It used to have the chrome trim at the front like the normal flat front but I removed it as it was only attached on the ends and in general being a nuisance.
  12. Nah, the bucket don't match either way. Maybe they are from a different year or something, hard to imagine though as the twin headlight was only for like one or two years.
  13. OH BOY NOTHING FITS TOGETHER... But first: It looks okay for a start. I've had to drill some holes into the radiator support because the guy I bought the front end from already scrapped the car that he got it from. Although I am having doubts if that car was originally twin headlight too, seeing as the bonnet, which is in worse condition that I thought, is actually flat front. Anyways, lets get to the problem at hand. I've already had to mess around a bit to get all the guards and the valence to fit properly with each other but this takes the cake... You can't really see it from that angle but: And then now you can definitely see what is wrong: After all of my expert professional drilling, one headlight sticks out further than the other, by a fair bit. Right: Left: Upon closer inspection it looks like the left is an entire centimetre ahead of the right! So I'm not sure if the headlight is meant to stick out like that or if it is meant to be flush with the bonnet, because it seems like the right side (flush side) is bent back: While the left side is not: So maybe the twin front bonnet has a different curve at the front? I mean, otherwise I'm just gonna push it back a fair bit and hope for the best. Also I'm missing my middle connector for the grille, which is why it's not really lined up properly... Actually writing about it now makes it seem a lot less worse than what I thought it was, lol. If anyone has any twin front spares hit me up! Also, my driver side guard is fucked. Proper fucked, can't open the door.