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  1. Every time I see this thread updated I jump in here. So sick, possibly one of my fav builds. Godspeed!
  2. Anyone's for $350 with the new battery and coil. Need new beetle clutch fork/kit and flywheel
  3. This thing is the shit. Seriously, well bloody done.
  4. Which place did you run through for the reg? MR2B form or whatever?
  5. Rad as hell. These are worth a mint these days too
  6. Alright this is the beast. Someones disconnected the oil mixer I think, can someone have a look here and tell me whats up? Do I have just to go fuel tank with premix -> carb -> success?
  7. Hey guy! I took some photos of this on the weekend, I think you've already seen them though.
  8. So, battery just showed up - I need to put the acid in it and charge it
  9. I have purchased said battery anyway. I'd be keen as on some bits Raizer if you've got any spares! Cheers
  10. Apparently it'll run without one but I'll blow the headlight? Which doesn't have a changeable bulb according to Google - strikes me as retarded though.
  11. I got this thing now - where do I attain a cheap 6v battery for it?
  12. Have I got the right idea about the compression? Just whip the head off and see whats going on?
  13. Alright! I haven't collected this, but I will be tomorrow. Hasn't run in awhile, been told it has good spark with low compression so it won't run properly. Pretty excited to have something to tinker with, I guess I should pull it apart and check the rings etc first? Pic for thread; Cheers!
  14. I need videos. Please.
  15. Needs more low somehow, even when de-sprung haha.