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  1. How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    I didn't quite realize how deep you'd gone. This is brilliant. That Trial Hopper is the shiiiit
  2. Lowest KM Passola, ever?

    I did think about contacting some dealerships and seeing if they were looking for a cheeky lil show piece. Would be more than happy to part with it for funds to make the Chaly the dream machine.
  3. Lowest KM Passola, ever?

    Haha Andrew and I already had a bunch of confused fun with that. How does it limit it? Sounds great WOT in that position though.
  4. Lowest KM Passola, ever?

    I was blowing into the end of the main line seeing if it was blocked and one line (albeit the one with fuel in it) was aimed loosely at my head, it shot out filled my ear and got half my face. Feels like fire ants in your ear eh, so rinsed that out for a while and we seem to be alright now.
  5. Lowest KM Passola, ever?

    Picked this thing up with the help of @GuyWithAviators few days back. Lowest KM Passola out. 33 genuine KMs from new in 1983. The original owner bought it, drove it 5kms and crashed it. The grandkids did a couple laps of the property on the grass then it was parked away for 34 years. Fast forward to now. We got it running day one, but it has a few gremlins, which I think are mostly attributed for sitting so long. Some hoses are buggered and the float was letting all my fuel out. Anyway, here's two quick pictures as I'm still angry at it after getting a literal ear full of fuel - fuck me that burnt, and is still stinging.
  6. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    HNNNNNNNNG. This god damn thing eh. 11/10.
  7. Matt's 1951 Chevy Pickup - Discussion

    I legit get excited every-time this thing is updated. I wish I had one tenth of your skill dude, keep killing it as this may be one of the best trucks on NZ roads once its done.
  8. Too many strokes, Raizer builds a wheely hack

    Ah jealous, this thing fuckn rules. I think mine will stay stock as a rock for a while/ever
  9. Honda "Chelli"

    Nah sorry mate, no spares at all. They are rather hard to come by. How bad of a state is yours in? You can buy almost all the parts from ebay/webike
  10. Honda "Chelli"

    My rego tags legit say "Honda Chelli" haha.
  11. Honda "Chelli"

    Been taking it out for many runs. Did C&C with the Moped lads @GuyWithAviators and @Shakotom etc.
  12. Honda "Chelli"

    Got there in the end. Whipped the carb out, cleaned that all up etc. Turns out it was the spark leads angle causing weak spark when it was plugged in, and normal spark when I'd test it against the back of the block.. Runs sweet again haha
  13. Honda "Chelli"

    Took the gas tank out and cleared out the rubble last night. Won't start for shit now, even though its getting fuel and spark. Kicked it for like 20 mins, probably flooded it. Will have another go tonight, may have to remove the carb?
  14. CF50 Honda Chaly

    You order the disc break front for the Chaly? That's super rad dude, hopefully mine will be of a similar standard shortly. If you wanna part with your front forks let me know, my shits bent.
  15. Honda "Chelli"

    Right, well. Story goes I was driving back from up north, checked trademe, saw this Yellow gem and picked it up on my way back home. Gave @GuyWithAviators a call and him and @Shakotom showed up and collected me sitting on it on the side of the road. The lad was like 75 and bought it new, so I have OG purchase docs from CHCH in 1974. It had a bit of a tumble at some point so the front forks are bent, one indicator is smash and the headlight housing is broke. After about 10 mins of Tom touching things in the driveway (and the scooter) it came to life and it dorts around pretty happily. Plan is learn to drive it without crashing into walls (yes, I learned it goes where you look). Reg it, tidy it up and use it for bottle store runs/fun stuff. If anyone has spares I'm looking for the mentioned pieces.