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  1. Yoeddynz and Hannah's HB Viva Wagon Discussion

    I have a couple of clutchplates here and are surplus to requirements, any good to you Alex? Cover the freight and they are yours
  2. 77Magnum13hundy's 4age+t Magnum discussion

    Annual update, building a fuel shell to house the surge tank and lift / main pump in the boot using an old mortar shell box. Also what would be good option to make LSD happen in this? And yes I have a spare diff to weld, does anyone make anything that would fit into this housing or should i go shortened hilux type deal.. Keeping in mind the custom widened wheels, the 4x4" stud pattern, and just generally the least amount of fucking around involved. Been pretty down in the dumps lately so mojo and overall production takes a seat while i sort life out...
  3. Matt's '81 KP60 Starlet - Discussion

    who is the bloke to make the brake rotors? i have some required that are no longer around, what did it sting ya if you dont mind me asking?
  4. Alistair's 1973 7AGTE Corolla

    looks like a fun times machine. perfect setup, someones time and money indeed invested in this beast.
  5. 77Magnum13hundy's 4age+t Magnum discussion

    Yeah nice to have a high roof for the Ol hoist... And heaps of areas... was a squeeze to find room for this thing because it takes about half a car width so now had to re-jig garage to allow for 2 cars and shelves and bench.... Getting there....
  6. 77Magnum13hundy's 4age+t Magnum discussion

    2kish, maybe cheaper crappier ones out there but hell, fuck it... wheel balancer i have acquired but its a no-goer, needs to be tweaked, but seeing as how i bought it for $200 its a bit of a gamble... i think it needs calibrating or something... need to get some electricity pros on the case... then i can also balance the wheels which is the important one
  7. 77Magnum13hundy's 1977 Vauxhall Magnum

    oh hai there, this thing still in my shed, and although i haven't really been that involved or focused on finishing i have been doing other things, house stuff, 2 dailys to sort out, basically i have been occupied with valid reasons for this to not be done yet. I have put it back together, and now towards the finish line. When i say put it back together i mean ive started to do this... So this is the back end, where i'l be making the fuel setup go. Before i put the surge setup back in it needs some paint etc... Also i got one of these when i re-jigged my mortgage, i know its a silly thing to have... so if you need to get your wheels swapped over for skids i will accept donations towards the silly purchase fund Hopefully I will see more action in the shed now, bought 6 x fluro lights with 3 bulbs so should be sweet to see after hours now. Thanks for reading...
  8. joshd231's 1980 mitsubishi celeste

    hey mean car there bro, what kind of power did she make on the dyno?
  9. Alex's 1968 'oldman special' HB Viva discussion....

    YOU DA MAN ALEX YOU DA MAN!!! Love modifying shit, tu meke! Also shout outs to hannah...
  10. 77Magnum13hundy's 4age+t Magnum discussion

    I am still an invalid sorry Alex, I get out of hospital today and have 6 weeks off for recovery... But the next one yes
  11. 77Magnum13hundy's 4age+t Magnum discussion

    Yeah will do... Might bring the charge pipe down to 2" as well to help with lag
  12. 77Magnum13hundy's 4age+t Magnum discussion

    Picked up a gze block and pistons and a blacktop so ready to build a strong engine... Will only be doing light duties
  13. Z18et1200coupes 1975 Toyota Crown.

    nice car, do these have a 26R or something? leave it as standard and let everyone admire the awesomeness.
  14. AttySlungGatty 1976 Vauhall viva

    Yay another viva... looks tidy. On the point of suggestions, if your keen to tackle the rust (if its got any or not), the main areas to check are under the door sills, rear wheel arch's, under the battery in the engine bay and the bottom edge of the window right where that black paint is. A good idea would be to get some fish oil in a can from stupercheep and put some in the nooks and crannies to prolong its life a little. Sweet ol cars to cruise in... enjoy