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  1. I have a couple of clutchplates here and are surplus to requirements, any good to you Alex? Cover the freight and they are yours
  2. Oh man pretty keen to have some things fixed and Be able to make noises from This car again. Can Help or would like a hand tooooo Need, rewire, plumb fuel, fit oil cooler, panel weld, paint, rear brakes. Require custom seat brackets, some crimp joins for the wiring, find leak in banded wheel/replace broken bead or tube it. I have a tyre machine if you want to swap some rims over.
  3. Annual update, building a fuel shell to house the surge tank and lift / main pump in the boot using an old mortar shell box. Also what would be good option to make LSD happen in this? And yes I have a spare diff to weld, does anyone make anything that would fit into this housing or should i go shortened hilux type deal.. Keeping in mind the custom widened wheels, the 4x4" stud pattern, and just generally the least amount of fucking around involved. Been pretty down in the dumps lately so mojo and overall production takes a seat while i sort life out...
  4. who is the bloke to make the brake rotors? i have some required that are no longer around, what did it sting ya if you dont mind me asking?
  5. nice one on the build, sounds quiet when your off the gas which will surprise a few when you get spirited... i guess asking for a skid vid is just getting old now? if not please post one
  6. The 77 Magnum 4age project see the pics here , Things to contemplate next... Suspension and upgrading the front brakes (already disc but need to be bigger one feels) Lowering to suit the 13's does anyone know if i can get a spring kit off the shelf for this viva magnum? Engine mounts x member mods + gbox xmember Also the 4age shoud it sit level etc it seems that its kinda offset to the right? Anyone no about that one? Oh yeh and the motor is first gen 3 rib everyones told be to get a 4agZE set up cos its stronger, in case i turb, i want to point out that i know it wont handle with this motor but yeh 5 lbs would be nice...