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  1. Rims need widening and more tyre imo something like this haha
  2. Well loading the trailer got easier - Lift, back under, lower, done.
  3. Well things are on the up and up......................Maybe i can change those light fittings in the barn now. Oh and theres multiple chains and tow ropes doing nothing in this pic - no dogeitery here.
  4. Oh its so easy - straight out of the car and on the back of the ute, job done in minimum effort and time. I think i could to with one of those forklift type 3 point linkage units for the front. Those hay forks are either not going to stay straight or poke someones eye out. Also lifted a datsun 140J body (no glass or diff, but still has motor and box) and moved it forward but not back. Time for more rear weight?
  5. So mucked around with the fuel pump - did the rear round part from this video and then pulled the top off - turns out the fuel delivery valve from the kill lever is a bit sticky. Wasnt too bad - i thought diesel pumps were voodoo science lol. Moved it back and biffed the top back on to see. Sure enough after a bleed, started and ran well. (will have to remove again and clean it up as i had to tap the pump a bit to start the 2nd time so still jamming Can almost lift an E46 wagon with no engine and box (pretty much complete car other than that) but couldnt move it due to no weight
  6. Hi @johnnyfive yea i did crack these while cranking - lower one was a 'squirter' but the top one had a case of the dribbs. Battery died but will try again tonight - hand pumping while they are open 1 at a time first. I did give it the tinyest est squirt of engine start ( i know not great for diesels) and it coughed so at least i know there is some life somewhere in there.
  7. Well I dont know if i need help in the head or just help lol. I went and brought this International 444 sight unseen and not running. Came with bucket, hay forks for the front and a plow thingo for the rear. Mostly want to use it for lifting and shifting stuff, you get sick of manual labour on 10 acres after a while. I got it pretty cheap and i think it has a fuel delivery issue rather than the motor being the issues. Old owner said it got harder and harder to start after being left for longer periods. I tried to bleed the injectors last night but im getting plenty of fuel to the pump, th
  8. I think i might have followed this from Oxford a couple of weeks ago - Cool car.
  9. @Naratechwin - Dereg, rust in front xmember, Struts and and a few other bits sold. I do have the Bumpers, front is a bit smashed up but rear looks ok and the shift knob is still there.
  10. Hi Guys - sorry to barge in on the thread but I'm parting this 4 door out in Christchurch also. Have just joined that facebook group also, hopefully I can help a few people out. Great old cars with lots of quirks. Cheers Brock 0273380347
  11. brocky41

    diesel spam

    Hi guys, I have a TD27T D21 Terrano. Not the most powerfull diesel on the market but it gets us by. Just wondering if its worth getting a boost tap and guage and throwing a few more pounds at it as ill be doing a bit more towing from now on with it. Its auto so ill do the trans cooler aswell. Recently had the fuel pump rebuilt and its better than it was (was leaking internally and only ran with a 12V aux pump). Intercooler worth doing? Any help or advice much appreciated.
  12. Good work man - If it was really clangy on start up it could be one or more injectors causing an issue. I had an LD that sounded like it wanted to throw a rod, banging around on start up. Also really hard to start - huge drain. After a quick injector swap was all gravy. I like this is still getting upgrades also.
  13. Parts that take any normal person an eternity to do find / give up / have to wait for nos stock to roll around, and you bust them out from nothing in a "Lunch break" with "only a few tools" lol. So much admiration for your skills. Keep up the awesome work.
  14. May have already been said but blocked heater core? had an engine with similar issues and bypassing heater fixed it, then i replaced the core. My 1c.
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