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  1. Whenever there is a box to fettle with, @RUNAMUCK is on it lol - Although no salad this time. Maybe put on a pasta salad for lunch next time? Good work guys - OS community for lyfe.
  2. Nice to see "shit getting done". I'm also in the too many projects group. Moving projects to get to the parts of projects for other projects and such. Will need to go for a hoon in this when you've got it sorted - @fletch told me it rolls coal like a train and pulls like one too. I see its still got the original front brakes - Ive got some hubs with big falcon (from memory) that @RUNAMUCK knows about if you need to slow the Luxobarge down a bit quicker.
  3. Was that a laurel / skyline there aswell - much love for Japanese land barges
  4. Sure am and sure will do - ill take some pics if you like - my rusty wrecks have an SD22 and an L26 (will check if they are the same). Currently stripping a Camry then onto one of the 260C's
  5. Youll be doing this in no time
  6. Dumb Question number 5 - what motor are you going too again?
  7. Is this what you mean? If so, done.
  8. So, I thought i started a thread for this car but i cant find it anywhere - or even the other photos i had of it. I inherited this from my Grandad a few years back. He used to pick us up from school in it and when i went around and mowed the lawns (i was about 8-9 years old) id always drive it around the 1/4 acre section. Did my first "skids" on the lawn in this, much to Nana's disgust. I was up in Hawkes Bay this last week and took a few pics of it again. From what i can gather and have been told its a '63 Mk1 Cortina Consul that was column shift until grandad (in his late 80's) couldn't shift it properly. Dad converted it to floor shift with an extra long gear stick which apparently helped. Dad says it has an Escort engine in it but there is a couple of "kent" blocks at the grandparents place in the shed. Its had more parking hits than tina turner due to grandad touch parking everywhere from getting it in and out of the shed to parking at the RSA. We've removed the front bench seat as it wasnt original and was poorly mounted - so will be on the hunt for a couple of bucket seats. Amazingly (bad news in a way) was that he and dad wrecked out a 4 door GT as parts for this (FFS guys you got it round the wrong way) but i have a bucket load of spare doors and bumpers etc which will come in handy. Plan is to load her up fully with all the spares and get it to CHCH, hopefully using a couple of relo jobs through work to move the trailer up there and back. Ill get it running, Rego and Wof and drive it. I want to leave the patina on it for now as thats how i remember it. Will get some decent non shed pics of it asap.
  9. Awesome little score there man. I do love a good wagon or 3. Heres some 4 door inspiration
  10. Looking awesome Bart - although this has made me think of all my stuff thats currently outside. Time to build some makeshift shelters!!
  11. That'll make it look a bit like a 4 door version of a buick sedanette / coupe - love the 50's slope style and the rear wheel spats.
  12. looking good