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  1. Currently looking for rear bumper brackets for 63-64 cortina - i have no idea what they should even look like. If someone has a pic of them that would be most helpfull
  2. Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    I was going to say early and late Mk1 but i see yours is an airflow. My non airflow sedan has them
  3. Wohoo - good to hear @Carsnz123
  4. J21's '70 Datsun 521 Pickup Discussion

    Also big fan of 521
  5. J21's '70 Datsun 521 Pickup Discussion

    These were cheap - i picked them up for a mate who had got them off FB i think - lots of options
  6. Also good luck with finding taillights - i has to have mine rebuilt at autolights. Be very carefull with those rare rear windows too. A guy by the name of Aaron Anderson-hall on facebook has 2 one of which is my old one and I dont know whats happining with the other (parts for you I hope - or use yours as parts for it) I do miss this car - LD20 had little power but towed everything and never let us down
  7. Better in the long run with a "J" pipe imo
  8. Kirk28’s 330 280c caddy wagon

    What do the guys from JDM Legends use - I keep seeing them use cut woodgrain for all the dash parts in lush c10's etc
  9. Just a simple Deflate / Inflate lol. Theres an invisible shield on both cars so they dont cross breed haha
  10. Brocky41's 1963 Ford Cortina Mk1 "JANEE"

    Starting to clear out the shed enough to work on this - front seat and rails is my biggest hold up atm. Unloading the rest of the spares from inside the car and putting them on their own shelf.
  11. Hey im not really up with the play on these yet but I seem to have deluxe on the dash and 2 holes on the left below the boot - would this actually be a deluxe and was the green interior special / just an option. @66gt any ideas
  12. Brocky41's 1963 Ford Cortina Mk1 "JANEE"

    A few spares Interior Shot Might need a little rust work.
  13. Brocky41's 1963 Ford Cortina Mk1 "JANEE"

    So after a long weekend to Hawkes Bay and back with a lot of driving 1500KM's in 2 days (with 2days in the bay inbetween) I've finally got Grandads Mk1 Cortina home in Christchurch. This trip has been in the pipeline for around 5 years and wouldn't have happened without the help of a lot of people. Big thanks Lisa for coming on the trip and keeping me awake. Thanks to Mum and Dad for storing it and to dad and my brother in law Ian for cleaning it up and getting it going. (I drove it onto the trailer - the most its moved in 15 years). Also thanks to my bosses @ Maugers Rentals for one of our vans for the weekend - much appreciated. 'JANEE' is a keeper and I'll hopefully have it on the road again soon. Heres a few pics - It needs a bit of work but came with lots of spares. Looking for front seat/seats (in green if pos)
  14. Kirk28’s 330 280c caddy wagon

    Yea "Wals" 330 coupe is now in storage so at least its dry - further gone than in those pics from memory. @kirk28 those taillights look spectacular - are they all lights or just the corner ones still? Are you going to lower it? Jelly of the whole thing really. @73crownwagon - rust work / panel beating on the wagon? Plans?
  15. Beaubots 1982 ER30 Skyline sedan

    Na mine was this one - its still local and being refreshed (ie rust removal) I lol'd that the GT-TURBO sticker was backwards - then you knew what was following in the rear view mirror