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  1. brocky41

    scott's 260c H330

    What about Barrel Bros in Aus? Also - this is gonna look so good on those - glad its getting the love it deserves.
  2. brocky41

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    Wow you can buy lots of steel panel stuff for that - im sure there will be parts still in Sweden/Scandinavia and the likes. I got a front guard and boot lid for one of my Cedrics from Norway of all places. Keep up with the build, I may have to join you on a welding course. One word when stripping down - lots of ziplock bags. I didnt think i liked Saabs but this thing is awseome.
  3. brocky41

    scott's 260c H330

    Found the one i did - was in the C231 Laurel hardtop (wish i kept this one). This was 3 coats plus heatgun after the last coat - make sure coats are sprayed horizontal, vertical then diagonal - seemed to work legit. Chris's oil thing worked too - i was going to sand the letters back etc and polish.
  4. brocky41

    scott's 260c H330

    @CUL8R has done a couple of great jobs on rocker covers with the VHT stuff. - any pics Chris? Just make sure the missus is out so you can bake it in the oven (well sort of with the 6 cyl) Also I have no idea where to make / buy those bushes for the subframe - you could ring around the genuine dealerships until you get a @Brdflu kinda parts guy that loves to find the old stuff. Ball joints and the like are still available aftermarket if they need replacing.
  5. brocky41

    Datlows citroen big D

    Great work - my boss was a Citroen specialist in Christchurch years ago. If you get stuck im sure help is just around the corner. I helped sort his DS21 Pallas last year before he sold it - they are not a complicated as you think and are actually fun to drive (especially on 3 wheels lol) Pics for inspiration
  6. brocky41

    Carsnz123's Rusty Datsun talkie talkie

    That old green 330 i had was and still is the quietest car on the road ive ever driven - driving at 100kph and being able to talk in a normal voice to anyone in the car was nice. One day ill get back to quiet motoring. Spam but this thread needs more build pics lol
  7. Ill measure them up this weekend - life gets in the road as usual
  8. brocky41

    Brocky41's 1963 Ford Cortina Mk1 "JANEE"

    Update and shitty phone pic - 1x piece of the puzzle. looks like Mk1 and Mk2 share similar floorpan and seat mounts. Got home tonight with it and just had to get in the shed and try it. Thanks to @d.p.n.s for digging this out. Will most likely recover in the green at later date. Next is seatbelts and folding up some bumper brackets.
  9. Nice work - great progress so far. +1 for twin round headlights too.
  10. Currently looking for rear bumper brackets for 63-64 cortina - i have no idea what they should even look like. If someone has a pic of them that would be most helpfull
  11. brocky41

    Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    I was going to say early and late Mk1 but i see yours is an airflow. My non airflow sedan has them
  12. Wohoo - good to hear @Carsnz123
  13. brocky41

    J21's '70 Datsun 521 Pickup Discussion

    Also big fan of 521
  14. brocky41

    J21's '70 Datsun 521 Pickup Discussion

    These were cheap - i picked them up for a mate who had got them off FB i think - lots of options