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  1. New level of 'its to far gone', to anyone else 'parts car' but to you 'ah just a little bit of rust' - Your work is awesome man.
  2. OK so I was all into this a few years back but with used ATF - I 50/50'd it in my D21 Navara for around 2 years straight out of customers ATF flush machines. Yes I probably should have filtered it - but didnt. The ute is a 93 TD27 non turb ski, had 160km on the clock and I noticed no difference in power, ease of starting, fuel consumption etc - it was happy days until the fuel pump started leaking. $900 rebuild later and i was like well was it worth it? The fuel pump builder was like "WTF is this guy running this thing on, its all oily as shit in here" but as expected when I asked him, the pump was just original and worn out (shaft etc). So probably wasnt the ATF. Ran it in the Turbo Diesel Terrano (mechanical pump) for a while too - the pump already had a small leak and it didn't get any worse. Had that pump rebuilt about a year later. I haven't done it since as diesel was at an ok price - Ive got a 44G drum full that's been sealed and sitting for 4 years so I'm thinking if I pump from the middle all the shit will either be at the top or bottom. Would definitely filter it this time. Filtering mechanically with say a hydro pump and filter id say you would want a non bypass filter to make sure you're getting everything, using a micron the same or smaller than your fuel filter would be the go, i've seen filter material you can put over a 205L drum like a sock. Chip oil would be the same, you don't want them chip bits lol. Ive just remembered the Inter tractor is diesel so might use it in that and report back. Also a warning - only for the old diesels - alot of vids etc out there with newer stuff really not liking it.
  3. I think it needs to be louder for that 'delta' exhaust noise wicked cool car - just love the group A look. Can you hook up some antilag too for lol's
  4. Some more oddball grandad mods - unknown when these radiator area 'deflectors' were installed, It might have cooled a bit better, don't know if to leave or remove.
  5. Yay - rear bumper brackets, need to be bent back into shape but brackets none the less. Also need to find those chrome dome bolts etc to attach the bumper as all i have a a bucket of jap nuts and bolts
  6. So bit the bullet and brought this engine of an older fella on trademe. 1500cc block with a GT head on it, double valve springs, apparently has a cam, set of extractors and a rebuilt carb. I also scored a Mk1 4 speed floor shift with driveshaft and other associated bits. He has spares so once back together I can raid him if needed. The escort engine in it will be sold off once the new engine is in, mostly for bolt raiding etc if i need to. Cortina Nats - here we come
  7. K swap - already has the 4WD - some drag civics are down in the 7's lol Heres a 'street legal' one with casual 1000hp
  8. This plus one To give you an example of old and saggy springs, I got some Cobra 50mm raised rear coils for my D21 Terrano as it tows alot. Well it must have towed alot previous to me as the 50mm raise actually raised it 85mm (the 35mm sag then 50mm lift). Had to re-index the front torsion bars and raise that up a bit just to get rid of the massive rake . Cobra's are made by chamberlains and i highly recommend them off my own experience.
  9. Just brought a 2001 Honda Stream (family wagon) with the K20 (K20A2 from memory - there arte a few types) Can confirm - goes hard for what it is lol. needs intake for the dort noises. Good on fuel, cam chain too - later ones are even better. Had to change a knock sensor and it has the usual rocker cover and front crankshaft oil seal leaks, other than as above, pretty trouble free engine. Another common issue is the cams starving of oil due to poor servicing but if they have started to get a groove on you could just upgrade them while your at it. Great swap for a little oldie like yours.
  10. She's been purring of late. I struck a deal with the neighbor for a row of shelter belt trees she had lopped off at ground level by one of those diggers with a massive claw. She asked him to lay them out evenly to make things a bit easier to move but she got home and there are 2 massive stacks all pick up stick like. I have spent the last couple of months just here and there towing a few through two gates and about 50-60m to our place. Ive only got a pile of ones she had 'topped' left to go now, so without the massive trunks on them which should be an afternoons work. Love the tractor has high and low box, a few of those logs are pretty heavy and it would only move them in low 1 and full tilt. Ill take a couple of years worth of wood for us and then should any OSers need some pine next year ill have it split and will be selling by the trailer load / cube to help recoup mine and the neighbors costs. First mod - removing the door - bloody thing keep swinging around in the breeze and was generally getting in the way. Exhaust fell off - luckily a temp one was an EL Falcon away (fits on for now, as it came off the car, didnt even bother making it look better.) Will have a straight pipe with flap made up, because sounds boss with no muffler
  11. Rims need widening and more tyre imo something like this haha
  12. Well loading the trailer got easier - Lift, back under, lower, done.
  13. Well things are on the up and up......................Maybe i can change those light fittings in the barn now. Oh and theres multiple chains and tow ropes doing nothing in this pic - no dogeitery here.
  14. Oh its so easy - straight out of the car and on the back of the ute, job done in minimum effort and time. I think i could to with one of those forklift type 3 point linkage units for the front. Those hay forks are either not going to stay straight or poke someones eye out. Also lifted a datsun 140J body (no glass or diff, but still has motor and box) and moved it forward but not back. Time for more rear weight?
  15. So mucked around with the fuel pump - did the rear round part from this video and then pulled the top off - turns out the fuel delivery valve from the kill lever is a bit sticky. Wasnt too bad - i thought diesel pumps were voodoo science lol. Moved it back and biffed the top back on to see. Sure enough after a bleed, started and ran well. (will have to remove again and clean it up as i had to tap the pump a bit to start the 2nd time so still jamming Can almost lift an E46 wagon with no engine and box (pretty much complete car other than that) but couldnt move it due to no weight on rear. Thinking may water fill the rear tyres or get one of those trays for the 3 point link out back and throw some weight on it if I need to. Although moving an engine and box or a dead car stripped shell is all i really need.
  16. Hi @johnnyfive yea i did crack these while cranking - lower one was a 'squirter' but the top one had a case of the dribbs. Battery died but will try again tonight - hand pumping while they are open 1 at a time first. I did give it the tinyest est squirt of engine start ( i know not great for diesels) and it coughed so at least i know there is some life somewhere in there.
  17. Well I dont know if i need help in the head or just help lol. I went and brought this International 444 sight unseen and not running. Came with bucket, hay forks for the front and a plow thingo for the rear. Mostly want to use it for lifting and shifting stuff, you get sick of manual labour on 10 acres after a while. I got it pretty cheap and i think it has a fuel delivery issue rather than the motor being the issues. Old owner said it got harder and harder to start after being left for longer periods. I tried to bleed the injectors last night but im getting plenty of fuel to the pump, the pump just isnt delivering fuel to the injector lines - im thinking something up with the pump, as the hand primer pump is getting the fuel through the system and back to the tank, fuel filter is full etc but the "kill" lever is awfully easy to move back and forward (i dont know if this is normal). Just seems odd with no fuel coming out of the injector lines when cracked off (ive bleed a few LD28's in my time lol) I also havent worked out what the black switch to the left of the key panel does, and have already noticed some dodgy wiring. Looks to have a new starter, and alternator and a rebuild hyd pump so just those are probably worth what i paid for it. Anyway heres some pics - any advice is appreciated
  18. I think i might have followed this from Oxford a couple of weeks ago - Cool car.
  19. @Naratechwin - Dereg, rust in front xmember, Struts and and a few other bits sold. I do have the Bumpers, front is a bit smashed up but rear looks ok and the shift knob is still there.
  20. Hi Guys - sorry to barge in on the thread but I'm parting this 4 door out in Christchurch also. Have just joined that facebook group also, hopefully I can help a few people out. Great old cars with lots of quirks. Cheers Brock 0273380347
  21. brocky41

    diesel spam

    Hi guys, I have a TD27T D21 Terrano. Not the most powerfull diesel on the market but it gets us by. Just wondering if its worth getting a boost tap and guage and throwing a few more pounds at it as ill be doing a bit more towing from now on with it. Its auto so ill do the trans cooler aswell. Recently had the fuel pump rebuilt and its better than it was (was leaking internally and only ran with a 12V aux pump). Intercooler worth doing? Any help or advice much appreciated.
  22. Good work man - If it was really clangy on start up it could be one or more injectors causing an issue. I had an LD that sounded like it wanted to throw a rod, banging around on start up. Also really hard to start - huge drain. After a quick injector swap was all gravy. I like this is still getting upgrades also.
  23. Parts that take any normal person an eternity to do find / give up / have to wait for nos stock to roll around, and you bust them out from nothing in a "Lunch break" with "only a few tools" lol. So much admiration for your skills. Keep up the awesome work.
  24. May have already been said but blocked heater core? had an engine with similar issues and bypassing heater fixed it, then i replaced the core. My 1c.
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