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  1. You need a MR16 form - Application to change vehicle details. Any NZTA agent should have them. Usually you just fill it out and they'll come back and ask you to provide photos to show the engine and chassis number stamps, should be pretty obvious in your case
  2. Friend of mine is just getting some sheds finished for this purpose, should be ready in a week or so. Think he is also doing outside storage already. Fire me a PM and I'll give you his details
  3. NZTA fixed my details. Much Better.
  4. Masked them up and hit the underside with the sandblaster, then a couple of coats of Rustkill. Top side I tried out the Coke & Tinfoil. Worked way better than I was expecting to be honest.
  5. Sweet will give the Vinegar a shot. Gave the guards a bit of a tidy up last night, didn't really mind the look of the top side, but the bottom was scum. Before Shot
  6. Come grab my timing light if you want Josh.
  7. Successful day. Thanks to @BlownCorona and @Raizer for some advice after first attempt was a fail. Shame the lady couldn't read my scrawl and incorrectly typed 2 50 instead of Z 50, but I'll do the paperwork to get that changed.
  8. Job for the night was to check out the fuel tank. Plenty of rust & crud, but no holes anywhere. Have a sealer kit on the way.
  9. Got a link? Everything I could find on NZTA only applies to New bikes 125cc and over.
  10. About a year ago this Honda Mini Trail turned up at a mates place with a couple of busted modern Chinese scooters. I expressed an interest in obtaining it & was able to collect it the other night. From what I can tell so far it's a 1970 or 1971 Z50AK2, last of the hard tails. Seems to be mostly complete, just missing front brake line & indicator lenses. Plans are restore the mechanicals, leave the aesthetics alone as much as possible and hopefully get it on the road. Seems to be a lot of repro parts available, anyone on here able to comment on quality? Or good source of
  11. I have the R151 behind the 4.0 V6 petrol in my Hilux currently, no complaints, apart from a squeaky clutch release bearing. Done around 140kms Brother just sold one, also 4.0 v6, it had done 430,000 and was still going strong. Workmates diesel turbo one just blew a box at about 350000kms. It was fairly neglected and mistreated though. $2000 sounds expensive for a rebuilt one, I think they are 2500-2700ish brand new from toyota.
  12. I could get it to Dunedin on Monday if that's at all helpful (or anywhere between chch - dunedin)
  13. He's pretty much wrapped up the business, just no time with his Day Job. Still give him a ring, he does the odd cash job
  14. We use them a bit at work, think we buy through John Brooks, but unsure if they sell retail. Blackwoods/paykels (whatever they call themselves now) should have them on the shelf
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