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  1. Surely someone over on Club-K can sort you one of these Seems to work for making all the NZ new KE30s JDM Hard!
  2. Looseunits 1983 5efte KP60

    My brother and I had this thing a few years back, got it with the 4efte already mounted but barely running.Tidied it up, caged it & got it a lot more finished. Did a few trackdays with it, was such a fun car. Sold it to a dude in Nelson who was going to Rally it I thought.
  3. S I C's Cream Dream AE86

    Even earlier, pre flares/wheels
  4. 4AG_Addict pile of 86's

    No it was all stuff that was in Stock, mostly ex Japan, but still a surprising amount was available from Toyota Parts HQ in Thames
  5. 4AG_Addict pile of 86's

    No i'd say about 95% of it I have purchased from Ilam Toyota down here, but it's getting harder as more & more stuff is getting discontinued all the time.
  6. 4AG_Addict pile of 86's

    Nothing wrong with the roof i've got, plus the budget was already well & truly blown at the time. Still would like a new bonnet though, it's been discontinued a few years now, i'll keep hunting on Yahoo Auctions
  7. S I C's Cream Dream AE86

    Glad you finally found one, cool car, only a few genuine facelift cars over here. Was a factory Auto too, not many of those around. You going to paint it? Back to factory Red/Black panda?