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  1. Or I think Mondeo is another good option for 2 speed fan that pump lots of air and should be easy PaP fodder
  2. Fancy hilux at work has this but it gets confused by two 10kph signs right next to each other and says your good for 110kph
  3. Bash plate plus custom sump that is wide and high? Mod pickup to sit closer to the crank and add big wings to keep oil capacity up so you get more metal to road clearance?
  4. Did the same with my emission spec import hiace. Got a carb off a NZDM hiace bolted straight on. Blocked off excess vac ports and ripped out all the gubbins/solenoids. Didnt worry about the dizzy. Powered up the auto choke clock spring thing and it worked perfect off the bat. Ran way nicer with better economy, would start and idle fine with the idle dropping back as it warmed up.
  5. Nah in napier for training for the next week and a half Enjoying some doggin with @TimShadboltfan27 instead
  6. Pretty sure the coolant loop for the TB is only for stopping it freezing up in cold temps. Have you cleaned the IASC? Even abit of carbon on the barrel will get it sticking and making it idle high. They dont run a cold start injector like earlier motors so its really up to a wiring problem or a sticking IASC. I remember @Spencer saying they needed a voltage signal after key off to reset the IASC otherwise they did the mischief your talking about or something similar
  7. Perfect accompaniment https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/gaming/pc-games/strategy-puzzle/listing/3596563464?bof=By9rxp2Y
  8. Mod powers incoming, you should be able to edit it soon and get all dem mod benefits
  9. @GuyWithAviators wanna try fire things up again I can come along in my not OS corolla and regale tales of not doing any work to my OS car
  10. Much like how this car gives me a massive bulge
  11. Sounds like time for a Puerto Rico drag spec carbon bonnet with a massive bulge to fit the doorts
  12. Pipe over that machined part of the ram with a bolt thru it then weld the pipe to the wedge/go pretend you want to hire one from the hire center to have a look how they are set up
  13. Nang video hooning it on pipe plz
  14. Paging @Seedy Al hes got all the V engine knowledge or even @Mourning Cupcake to get his knowledge posted
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