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  1. The little pommy pork with a nippon heart. Man it sounds good love the flat 6 howl
  2. Wrapping it could help but also might make it more prone to cracking. You could look into getting it hi temp ceramic coated
  3. Seems to be a common issue with 3Y powered vans. My hiace was the same and needed a bit of finesse to get it to start. Being non cross flow and all that cast iron of exhaust manifold under the inlet doesnt help. An electric prime pump will help as mentioned and maybe making a decent heat shield between the inlet and exhaust
  4. Id agree with @yoeddynz welding is alot like playing pool, a few beverages or powerade bottles of smoke and your in the zone and can lay welds down that look great with all the penetration/lol penetration
  5. I love the detail and full use of available tech/processes that go into romandave builds plus having driven a bloated whale of a mark x for the last few weeks I can appreciate that that a 4GR with all its potential unlocked will be nothing but great in a small 80s toyota
  6. Left field suggestion but still being Toyota, get a crashed 1KD 2wd hilux and do a running gear swap. 3L turbo deez makes good enough low down power for an old chassis, happy to cruise around but also enough power for highway speeds while sipping fuck all fuel. Crashed hilux would give you everything you need for the swap including nice low ratio 3.5/3.7 diff and then sell the leftovers to recoup some costs. Aftermarket ECUs for common rail diesels are available now or you can run the factory setup with a bit of trickery
  7. HighLUX

    diesel spam

    Yeah I'd be checking fuel delivery pre injector pump. Blocked strainer where the fuel line runs to the injector pump if they even have one fuel filters etc
  8. There was always the GTIR vs GTX/GTR beef in the drag train back when they were worth fuck all and gearboxes were plentiful. Mazda guys always said they would smoke a GTIR because they were heavy little whales. Nissan guys always said their gearboxes were stronger. Both were always replacing gearboxes every 2nd weekend but a GTIR seemed to handle doing heli's for longer than a GTX
  9. Might work for new cars but anything old with analog inputs it's gunna be a waste of time. If it's GPS linked then wrap that thing up in a home brew Faraday cage
  10. HighLUX

    diesel spam

    Murica doing great things with detroit 2Ts
  11. Yes I should get along again. Where does one seek accommodation these days? It's been a fair turn since my last outing
  12. Yeah looks like a cheap china quad?
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