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  1. Probably go with a 8.30ish kick off to give us plenty of time for relaxing throughout the day but keeping in mind its about 175kms saddle time according to mr google
  2. Yeah the problem was tga people like skylines ands courier utes/now rangers and still skylines .I tried drumming up interest with people with old cars but they thought meeting people off the internet that also liked old cars was weird but there are a few more OS members round the bay these days Im sure something could be sorted
  3. What are you running for a voltage reg?
  4. Iv got 2 yellow wires that i get Ac out of if I put the multimeter across both wires guess il earth one out and see what happens?
  5. We should do some meets again but they kinda died off If you wanna take over the reigns organising stz @GuyWithAviators then its all yours
  6. Flywheel/stator kits are cheap on ali and mine only took a month to show up. Also whats the go with earthing the stator? Iv got the same issue of low voltage output
  7. Cold beers and hot snags on the roadside are always a good thing
  8. @Thphantum is keen to run a support vehicle from talking to him so fingers crossed their should be space for some camping gears but pack minimalist spec
  9. Entry Form https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/5YSMcG918TE13j
  10. Oh boy i pine for wagnats after seeing all them pics
  11. Sounds good thanks Mark! Lee went for a bit of a reccy down at Matata today and after a bit of a chat to the camps down there, we have decided that although id said Murphys Motorcamp it isnt the most ideal spot for the overnight stay and apologize if anyone has already booked there but we are going to use the DOC camp right in Matata itself. https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/bay-of-plenty/places/matata-area/matata-campsite/ The camp caretaker is happy to rope off a whole corner of the camp for us to have to ourselves and its only a couple of mins walk to food/booze etc Its only $8 for the night pay when you get there spec and hot showers/proper toilets but no cabins so its gunna be camping/sleep on the groun, I believe there are a couple of options for indoor sleeping within Matata but if you want that its upto yourself to sort that. It looks like a lush spot to stay Corner of the camp for us: We are putting together an entry form which should be out this weekend to get a gauge of interest
  12. God speed and great wagtimes to all
  13. And if we get enough keen riders then we could look at a support vehicle perhaps. Would you be interested @Thphantum?
  14. Good good Il get a entry for sorted tomorrow night and bang that up Should probably ring the camp too