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  1. Yeah just been chatting with Lee and we are sadly going to postpone the ride til things are looking a bit more safe. Nobody wants to fall off then require a hospital admission when that’s the worst place to go at the moment
  2. Yeah you sum it up perfectly @MopedNZ I dont wanna ruin the good thing we have going with small bikes running tuned up "50cc" engines by being too pesty at a time when less pest is best
  3. So with Covid-19 things getting more and more uncertain as the days pass are you pests still keen to do this or not? Im of the mindset that this whole no non essential travel is pretty much what we are doing for a weekend and although we are only a small pack of pests on small bikes in the back of my mind doing the socially responsible thing is more important than an weekend nanging small bikes which can still be done once all this is over plus with the way things have escalated in the last week or so who knows what the situation will be like in a weeks time
  4. Il put up a bit of a post this weekend with 7 day forecast where to meet etc
  5. Is coast ride MK4 going to be a thing @johnnyfive?
  6. Just over 3 weeks til we do this sheit @keltik @tortron @kiwipeewee @Tumeke You blokes still ken? also @Vintage Grumble you coming along to deliver the mail?
  7. Voltage reg, key/ignition, digital speedo/dash,ligting coil and a few other bits have shown up slowly in the post this month. So stator fitted and hooked up to voltage reg with battery connected shows it working as it should-a healthy 14.2v into the battery at full RPM Speedo needs the front brake disk taken off the wheel and drilled for 2 pickup magnets then make a mount off the bottom of the forks for the sensor and fold up a bit of alloy to mount the speedo. Forza frame luckily has 2 unused captive nuts on separate brackets which work for holding the voltage reg and horn. Need to mount a battery box which I stripped off a TF125 junker I had lying round then start working on a wiring loom to make everything go good
  8. Bbq’d meat products new way sausages rolls fresh out the oven and pgs all round
  9. TTP is 5mins from my place for some Friday night hospitalities
  10. Register the day before and turn up on the morning if it comes to it, we no care its more there to sort whos who and who to ring if you do a 2 wheeled mischief
  11. Probably go with a 8.30ish kick off to give us plenty of time for relaxing throughout the day but keeping in mind its about 175kms saddle time according to mr google
  12. Yeah the problem was tga people like skylines ands courier utes/now rangers and still skylines .I tried drumming up interest with people with old cars but they thought meeting people off the internet that also liked old cars was weird but there are a few more OS members round the bay these days Im sure something could be sorted