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  1. More tutu'ing and getting better results. Whipped the head off to check squish clearance after everthing had settled, piston crown still had the faintest mark on the back edge where its just contacting when things expand. Very cautious grind with the die grinder to fix the touching and slapped it back together. Went up to a 120mj jet again an dropped to a 48 pilot which is seems very happy with, enough torque to hold 4th up most hills if I keep it on pipe and the high rev off idle cutout/splutter has gone with the smaller pilot jet. Just went for a happy backroad nang and it will rev right out to the top of 5th on the flat now which is about 78-80ks at 10k RPM.
  2. HighLUX

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    Any yamaha dealership that sells dirtbikes should have it, failing that try somewhere that sells Yamaha jetskis
  3. Just ordered a 13T sprocket from the UK to try get a bit more top speed without too much torque loss that I got from the 15T one and another Giannelli spanny/muffler combo to suit a TS50 instead of the TS80 one im currently running. It will be interesting to see how the power band changes. I slapped the factory exhaust back on for lols and it makes the bike so lazy, no noticeable powerband just quiet nangs
  4. HighLUX

    Damo's Crap

    Im curious as to what sorta lexus 6 speed is now behind the 1725. Is it one from an altezza with some sorta flash linkage setup to get most the gears working?
  5. Oh lols. The needle had popped the clip up when I put the carb back together earlier so it was just jumping round doing its own thing. Got it sorted and happy idle/shed nangs again. Seems alot more rev happy now too. Will wait for daylight tomorrow for more test n tune
  6. 2 steps forward one step back it seems. Swapped base gasket out to 1 I barry’d up with a ball peen hamer out of 1.2mm gasket paper. Success as can now run 1 headgasket and head with untouched squish band without piston touching the head issues. Got excited for a test nang but now its running like shit and wont idle/lazy to rev. Spark plug is super wet almost dripping with fuel now. Gave up for the day and will check the carb tomorrow/drop a jet size
  7. HighLUX

    How Scooters Ruined Shakotoms Life

    Lols I could see curious looks in the rear view mirror of a cop I was following when taking the TS to work one morning. He changed lanes and slowed down a bit thought here we go so passed him gave him a thumbs up, must of seen my rego tag and number plate then got a thumbs up back and nanged on my merry way
  8. Nope supposed to be bolt on TS50 big block kit. Im tempted to try make a base gasket out of 1.2mm gasket paper instead of 0.6mm that came with the kit. Might fuck with port timing a bit but better than blowing it up
  9. Piston hits the head without taking a bit off the edge of the squish band
  10. HighLUX

    scott's 260c H330

    Yeah VHT wrinkle black and then oven cure it yourself is the best bet. Might take a couple of goes to get it looking perfect but still cheaper than sending it to the man
  11. Reeds seem fine but dunno what im looking at other than they seal against the reed block ok
  12. Carboning up on the exhaust side. Its had a 118mj in it when it popped on the way to east cape ride
  13. Done 75ks in the last couple of days so whipped the head off to check out whats happening with compustion. As you can see its got the same issue of only burning on the front of the combustion chamber still with the new tutu'd with head. I thought the electrode for the plug being in the way was not helping the cause but they are 180 out on the 2 heads and still no difference. Time to get it booked in at @MopedNZ work the 2T wizards to sort it properly
  14. Yeah I noticed the head likes to move as you torque the studs up.