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  1. I have a aw11 mr2 radiator doing nothing if you want it?
  2. One day when I have a suitable D pillar’d vehicle il be back for day drinking and substance consumption
  3. Dont do yourself a mischief when you go up the motu
  4. Id invest the $$$$$ into a decent bike specific radar detector cause even when you pull out to pass a couple of cars a quick squirt on the throttle on a busa is well past loosing license territory
  5. You had 2 spare tubes and pretty sure they were stashed in the pannier boxes and when loaded up at J5s on the sunday arvo
  6. Man goes to known gay camp and finds large cock in bushes
  7. Goldenboi Shinko sr241
  8. Is it a vibrating pile of American freedom when you give it nangs?
  9. Cant use a screwdriver or something to prop it up for now/those plastic bits in evinrude/johnnhys seem like planned obsolescence to make more off initial purchase price
  10. That looked exciting
  11. Welcome down the rabbit hole Looking forward to seeing the end result of the build both the offset and the food
  12. Full stainless intake from the throttle body to the filter might help too
  13. The crown I wrecked out sounded close to that but not quite that roudy, when I get the GZE in the hilux going il play round with a metal airbox with removable lid to try getting some intake dooorts
  14. Must be able to do something to get it howling cause this sounds sweet
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