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  1. Leave bike motor complete and couple jet unit to the sprocket shaft then select what gear is 1-1 drive and do hoons, leave clutch intact so you can clutch in for no drive
  2. Repower with bike motor plz
  3. Vids of doing mooooo squirty things please
  4. Loving the hi tech dedication to 2ts in small packages
  5. They dont have the pinout printed on the pcb like older ECUs?
  6. Sounds like Callum is gunna pick you up from the airport on a suitable 2 wheeled machine @RUNAMUCK and take you to a drinking establishment for the arvo til I can collect you after I finish work
  7. Your lucky with Mrs Blizzo’s enthusiasm I just get “ugh not another motorbike”
  8. Anyone pussying out yet? Kez the sparky at work is keen to snakes spot if ones available