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  1. HighLUX

    Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

    Any chance of getting this done man?
  2. HighLUX

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    Works for me man
  3. HighLUX

    Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win

    You and Dakar Dave can hold hands side by side riding into the sunset
  4. HighLUX

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    Yeah would have plenty of room to take em to chch
  5. HighLUX

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    Depending how big they are I could bring em down at the end of the month if they can make it to TGA
  6. HighLUX

    Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

    This would have to be the coolest of my 2T brap collection A 72' Kawasaki G4TR with hi/lo 5 speed box, been in the family since new being purchased by my uncle to punt round his kiwifruit orchard then languished in a shed for years. Been rego'd at some point so would be cool to get a plate back on it Was last running around 10 years ago but this is the main issue that needs fixing
  7. HighLUX

    Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

    Pics of mounting bolt setup and barrel height/gearbox length please
  8. HighLUX

    Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

    At a loss with what to do about the TS and its motor being a cunt really. Im over fucking round with the 50cc so the only option is go bigger displacement but still wanna stay 2T. Next step will be go have a geez at a JR80 to see how the bolt to frame/measure size but they have an offset exhaust port too which could be an issue or maybe a RM80 engine/dunno
  9. HighLUX

    Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

    TS went bang again which was dumb so decided to see if a mudbug motor would fit, purchased a TF125 and stripped it down with a few parts going to a mate to resurrect his one. Got off to a good start with magneto and sprocket off the TS engine going straight onto the 125 block but then when it came to engine going into the frame things didnt go so good. Motor fits the frame but only just and the offset exhaust port lines up perfectly with the front of the frame so thats not going to work without fucking with the frame which I dont want to do. So purchased another one from Fielding for the lowlowprice of $150. Bit rough and ready but perfect for just nanging round on, few things on it to tidy up and get lights working etc luckily I have the other one to swap bits from. Interestingly it has a VIN on it and shows up in carjam so could be made road legal. Its going off to live down Hicks Bay as a hunting/fishing nang machine so WOF aint really required lols
  10. HighLUX

    BlownCoronas 1988 Toyota Crown TC24SC

    Nah man none of those bits left. They all seem to be crown failure points, if had so many people as me for those same bits
  11. HighLUX

    BlownCoronas 1988 Toyota Crown TC24SC

    Brown interior. None of the sc’d crowns came manual I pretty sure. Gotta use parts off a povo 130 wagon
  12. HighLUX

    BlownCoronas 1988 Toyota Crown TC24SC

    I still have one of this im wrecking. Lots of interior bits left
  13. HighLUX

    Toyota 5 speed gearbox related question

    The low seat height in a hiace of that era can be a cunt if you try to fit any sorta late model 4 cylinder without major work to move the engine more rearwards. A 3Y-E from a Townace van would fit with some minor work to move the throttle body which would give you an injected 2L petrol engine
  14. HighLUX

    Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

    More tutu'ing and getting better results. Whipped the head off to check squish clearance after everthing had settled, piston crown still had the faintest mark on the back edge where its just contacting when things expand. Very cautious grind with the die grinder to fix the touching and slapped it back together. Went up to a 120mj jet again an dropped to a 48 pilot which is seems very happy with, enough torque to hold 4th up most hills if I keep it on pipe and the high rev off idle cutout/splutter has gone with the smaller pilot jet. Just went for a happy backroad nang and it will rev right out to the top of 5th on the flat now which is about 78-80ks at 10k RPM.