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  1. Vids of hitting tec doooorts plz
  2. The lake smoking a joint with the smoke from the joint is dust kicked up by small motorbikes on the gravel road round the lake?
  3. Sthil 2t bottle with the squeeze measure thing on it
  4. Cheap 6 spud rx8 and swap in renesis goodness
  5. @Thphantum talk to @anglia4 about bucket barrys mobile workshop
  6. Im going with yes the mudbug kickstart will fit cause that 100 motor looks exactly the same as a 125/if it doesn’t just swap the whole motor into it
  7. He is aware of it/the rest of the frame is average spec birdpoo
  8. Kez the sparky at work is keen to come hooning on his 125 swapped CY50 if someone pikes out so bang him on the waiting list. Hes gunna come see you about sprockets to change his gearing @MopedNZ
  9. Do we have a backup bike sorted or should I chuck a new belt on smokey sue mk2 for 55kph of small wheeled punishment
  10. Iv messaged Lee and hes out this year due to an important dates clash