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  1. Probably the wisest words to adhere by for such an adventure because unlike the last couple of years the Waikaremoana road is just as crazy as the Motu road but over twice as long and alot more remote if the shit hits the spinny blade things. To put it in context, my brother is a paramedic based in Rotorua which is your nearest help for an ouchy. Hes had calls of people going into labour/breaking something while out pig hunting somewhere off the Waikaremoana road and by the time they get there in an ambulance(because unless your properly dying its not worth sending a helicopter) they have walked out of the bush, splinted the broken bone/administered local pain relief and dont want to go to hospital or had the baby under a fern bush walked out of the bush and are home eating boilup/dont want to go to hospital. TLDR: once you get on the gravel after Murupara its a long long way from anything so ride safely, dont be a dick and dont end up in the back of an ambulance with shit yarns from H.lux jr all the way back to Rotorua to be told by ED staff your a pussy for wasting their time
  2. And I ranI ran so far awayI just ranI ran all night and dayI couldn't get away Were A Flock of Seagulls singing about alien abduction or the lure of small 2T bikes?
  3. Someone needs to sacrifice a small engine to the moped gods for appeasement to allow safe travels with no accidents or breakdowns. Nobody wants a free ride to the A&E with a grumpy real estate agent again
  4. I like beer and will be riding to J5s on Thursday arvo @tortron leaving Towelronga at 4.30ish if you wanna draft behind the WR for max speed runs along matata straight/game enough for a power push like last year @64valiant
  5. The sweet sweet squeal of electricity being converted into heat
  6. Choo choo cunts lets go Looks like we will catch the loaded one coming back down the hill unless we are super late which wont be a good start to the weekend
  7. And hopefully catch a logger heading up the hill to Murupara for excellent train pacing times on Pokairoa Road
  8. E1 TE1 it with a paperclip SST too, see if it throws any codes
  9. Iv had a map 3y with a cold start.... If it does and unplugging the injector fixes it the problem is the cold start temp sensor, if it doesn’t have one for some reason then the ecu coolant temp sensor is also the problem otherwise you got leaky injectors
  10. Unplug the cold start injector on the inlet manifold to see if it makes the problem go away
  11. Gt185 nang videos plz And a ct200 auto sounds interesting
  12. Been having better look at the ts125 motor Its missing the oil pump which is annoying because I wanted to run self mix, its the same bolt mounting pattern as most suzuki but ts50 tf125 or ds80 aint the right orientation so im on the hunt for an oil pump that will work. Carb is chooched but a tf125 one will work fine because that’s what i have spare Got the stator cover off and swapped on the ts50 factory stator with the ts125 flywheel as its low profile to fit under the cover. Took the plug out and spun the engine up with a drill to confirm charging system and spark which was a success. Waiting for a chain alignment tool to show up then i can look at where the engine is actually going sit