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  1. Looking good Eric I recommend you book some leave for the premier OS vehicle camping event.
  2. Long time no post Still got this thing Done nothing except buy a new betterer engine Also fuck photo bucket
  3. Gotta play that strategic wof game. Wait til end of August to get wof so your 6 months gets you thru to the end of Feb
  4. Are you in the right thread Hemi? Possibly are but also possibly not?
  5. Got a up close pic of the light? Sounds like something that could be found in an old nail box on some barrys table of junk at Vegas swapmeat
  6. First 11s laid on fresh tunnel tarmac because RFB? Also im glad this thing is finally legal
  7. Also goodluck in your insurance endevours KK's I hope for smooth sailing and full repairs without the slightest mention of cost vs value etc
  8. 1 like=1 prayer
  9. Wow So much fucked for such a minor incident
  10. That crown I have had newish steering stuff on it if you want to rob bits off it to make yours work
  11. FE3 transplant from a Kia Sportage plz
  12. Big shed=big motivation
  13. If you can successfully bring up a tractor tyre in the Austin you should deserve to keep it as a prize
  14. Jagon?