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    4G54 Help

    Yeah its a mitsi, they love burning oil so probably run a bit low then knock knock who's there
  2. Just going to get the cows in down the road m9 600kms down the road
  3. Need a no knob touching sticker for the glovebox
  4. I still have 2 fish bins of bits and a bare frame lol Some assembly required
  5. Cut the speedo pickup in half then epoxy it on
  6. Nah needs to be from a RWD toyota gearbag like a W55 or even a G52 from a hilux would work. @Roman should know the ins and outs of mechanical drives for a J160 A bolt in factory option thats not a modded electronic drive should solve the cable eating issue and negate the need to get all fancy with electronic drive. Keen to see how you made shift linkages on the gearbox work in a van too
  7. Man it makes sweeet moooooo noises at full song
  8. Man I cant wait for this to be running and a vid of doorts from below your butt
  9. Emailed Bill about a room for Saturday night, had an email convo about room then # of people using room then yes its available would you like to confirm the booking "Yes" Silence, that was Tuesday No confirmation of booking Meh?
  10. Mediablasted the whole tank at work to uncover all the cheese and then got wild with JB weld After leaving it to cure for a couple of days by the fire I hit it with a palm sander tonight to smooth it off and im happy with the results Only 1 pinhole I missed thats been gooped up and iv ordered a some por15 tank sealer to finish the job. Will give the base a skim of bog and sand then figure out how to paint it to look like its still OG fucked paint patina
  11. My townace with a 3SGE swap had one and was certed so id say thats a yes
  12. Theres some big climbs to battle to stay on pipe this year too With the bonus of being gravel
  13. Wish I was but sadly no Should be maximum Barry with last years being canceled
  14. Vids of hitting pipe and nangin round WGN plz Bonus points for tunnel nangs
  15. Soaking vinegar in the tank worked well OH HAI ITS ME YA OLD M9 SWISS CHEESE
  16. I pile of NOS seals n the like from the GC Rolf at PlenterNZ He wanted to womble sharn me about the G4 for ages man he was pissin cheese about it
  17. Can also offer this POS up as a fun but shit ride
  18. I do like that PGs have become the unofficial refreshment of choice for this ride They may be gross but they have everything you need for small bike endurance riding A bit of guarana for focus some sugar for energy and booze to enhance riding ability. But yes those riders take it to the extreme. We came across one of them who was confused why his bike was broken but had consumed enough codys to not realise he just needed pertol
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