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  1. Still plenty of parts available for those old johnsons Find the right model on crowleymarine.com and quote the part number you need at the local boat shop Iv just resurrected a 87 4hp and 89 15hp with a couple of days work and $120 of parts between the two
  2. Is it time to go yet? Fizzing more than a warm Doubro is the bottom of borts backpack after 150kms of gravel corrugations
  3. Raining but not that much Should clear up tomoz and be golden by Friday morning
  4. It would seem the adv barries have caught wind of our adventures and we are being called a national scooter rally Or its an actual rally and there might be lots more small bikes on the waikaremoana road this weekend
  5. Shit yeah Those hello fresh meal boxes come with a handy insulated freezer bag thing and ice packs Perfect for the bottom of the backpack to keep a few cans cold in
  6. http://metvuw.com/forecast/forecast.php?type=rain&region=nzni&noofdays=7
  7. Id still do them for knowing its 1 more thing to eliminate from the puzzle
  8. Or repower with a briggs vtwin thing
  9. Use a heat gun to expand the case around the seals and pop them out with a pick or the olde screw trick
  10. Crank seals crank seals crank seals
  11. Basic waypoints route for NZ Topo app for those playing at home KML format for the app https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yM2-2YqpHMlRKASbGNSCpu0cTZ_G2SY_/view?usp=drivesdk GPX format for GPS etc https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SVJhChxbB9Kv0QU6di4mVczk-lQ7okWA/view?usp=drivesdk
  12. Just got the bike finished and ready to go but not sure il be able to keep up with you guys with big block lifans
  13. NZ Topo N.I is a good app for not getting lost $6.99 on the app store, works offline/ no service and you can plot a waypoint map along the route to keep you going in the right direction
  14. Looks good to me, the link from last year was showing going via frasertown instead of going inland via Ohuka but id guessed we were going that way 1 WEEK TO GO Long range forecast for rain looks minimal with maybe some rain Thursday evening/early Friday morning in the Motu for some water in the ford