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  1. I'd love 2 of them if you have name your price bud
  2. cheers mate, that site is as old as the cars he services
  3. cheers to you all lads, I will clean up the thread an try the 1/2UNF again. To my eye, both M12 and 1/2 were just a shade not big enough on the ID to fit over the thread, whereas 14 and 9/16 slid over the top. @kyteler I'd love to try a M13 but no one stocks them (as in steelmasters, AES, blacks etc.) worse comes to worse the grinder will come out, replace stud with a bolt + sleeve and done, just wary of welding anything suspension wise (altho original has welds in it)
  4. your kind responses are not helpful sorry. I have tried both sides and I have measured both with digital verniers. M12 is SMALLER cheers
  5. @torton after trawling the shit out of forums, Ive found references to MK1 originally being imperial (mine is '68 - first year), then the Mk2s went metric, so not the same apparently. I've had a thread guage onit and it was close/same as a 1.25 so Id say not UNC...
  6. any ideas what size and thread nut these run? Tried M12 - too small, M14 - too big, 1/2'' UNF - too small, 9/16 UNF too big... Steelmasters don't have anything that fits (first time ever). Any ideas before I take the grinder out would be highly appreciated.
  7. sump cut and shut in progress, rear gearbox mount made for application
  8. great stuff mate, jealous. Never knew so many Ziguli wagons are lurking around here. If you ever sell some giz a yel
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