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  1. sump cut and shut in progress, rear gearbox mount made for application
  2. great stuff mate, jealous. Never knew so many Ziguli wagons are lurking around here. If you ever sell some giz a yel
  3. Righthand side front quarter and floor rust done, new steel welded in. Had a go at fixing the rust out of the rear door which was bad enough
  4. this is where we're at for the moment, bit shopping list from Palmside, lots of cut off grinder wheels, rust converter and welding wire
  5. Nice to see a fellow 68 mk1 van. Can you check over your pix mate - would love to see more than the one on top. Is the rust bad and is the rego dead? Does yours have the weird old type control arms on the front?
  6. new front end getting ready for new struts and springs
  7. doing some exploratory work i found some shoddy past repairs up in the guards that needs urgent attention so im currently unstitching the panels to cut out the rot
  8. cool as wagon allright dude. If you ever get rid of the steel rims giz a bell will ya