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  1. @Bistro yep keen size large black tee ...
  2. I’m in . It’s on the calendar so it’s happening .. no kids this year phew
  3. That’s awesome Trev can’t wait to see that finished for wagnats ! Yeah woody.
  4. Awesome ... im coming !!! aw hey any chance of a ride back to newlands miss @Mourning Cupcake ?
  5. I’m in ! May have to meet you in town / will be late to russel’s ... but no doubt you will leave late so should be able to meet bottom of the hill , mrs will get home around 8:30 -9 ... will call someone and find where ya all are
  6. i can also make you a flange pretty instantly if you require... just need dimensions...
  7. its all good , means you been working / swearing about how you cant find the thing you just put down... mine looks like that most of the time... cleaned it last week though and now i cant find anything anyway...
  8. Great work! so much happy for you ... time to sweep your garage...
  9. Fark im suddenly snowed under with work! was ment to be off this whole week working from home but alas im only picking up the laser cut stuff today so work hasn't even started ... not sure ill be there tomorrow boys... i will be in my freshly made workshop at home though~! welding shit for the next 2 weeks... ya all pop in for a visit
  10. running pretty good, got a wof .. still haven't done comp check .. might not... Wag time!