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  1. 331 days... 12 March 2021 - 6 February 2022
  2. Is it tomorrow morning yet? GAWD longest day ever...I just want to be sitting chilling in a river with a sore Frisbee/ stone skimming /wanking arm and sunburn...
  3. Just have to figure which sweet ride I’m going to bring to modify
  4. I plan to leave Friday Morning if anyone else is heading up Friday from wellington?
  5. Yeah we had a little fire with the kids and plenty of others but some people next to us did say the ranger said no fires ...
  6. I was at Vinegar hill in the weekend...The river was Amazingly warm and there was little diddlemo .. amazing in other news there was a sign was on the door at the toilets saying pay online and the ranger will check receipts on the rounds... attached is link to booking form. https://www.mdc.govt.nz/Services/Parks-Public-Spaces/Camping-Grounds/Putai-Ngahere-Domain-Vinegar-Hill/Vinegar-Hill-Booking-Form
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