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  1. @Aladdin @LoLlife and I were discussing the merits of leaving early at the start of long weekend ( as most people will take off Friday ) and came up with leaving here at 7- 7:30 for anti traffic and max wag natting .. 2 weeks today
  2. sorry should mention , large black tee ... and cap to match..
  3. When is everyone planning to head up ? im thinking thursday mornin... welly convoy? cant wait ! well can but its so hard too... it reminds me of my 7 year old waiting for christmas , it seems so far away , especially when you get to 2 days left...
  4. That’s awesome Trev can’t wait to see that finished for wagnats ! Yeah woody.
  5. Awesome ... im coming !!! aw hey any chance of a ride back to newlands miss @Mourning Cupcake ?
  6. I’m in ! May have to meet you in town / will be late to russel’s ... but no doubt you will leave late so should be able to meet bottom of the hill , mrs will get home around 8:30 -9 ... will call someone and find where ya all are
  7. i can also make you a flange pretty instantly if you require... just need dimensions...
  8. its all good , means you been working / swearing about how you cant find the thing you just put down... mine looks like that most of the time... cleaned it last week though and now i cant find anything anyway...
  9. Great work! so much happy for you ... time to sweep your garage...