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  1. 2 barrel sitting in place, , just designing throttle and kick down linkage... oh and i finally painted (sacrilegiously) the rocker cover..
  2. im just going to pop this in here...
  3. bloody rusty vals! hey what are your thoughts on treating inside the sills / cavitys?
  4. carb cleaned up and gasket made... 5/16unf nuts found in random nuts and bolts bucket - which is a feat in its self... had to die nut the studs as shit was fucked (highly technical term) looking forward to getting this sucker on..
  5. this is worth a look...
  6. im going for a slightly different look , have the air cleaner very similar to this off an 86 dodge truck.. going to get a sign writing mate to do the decals..
  7. haha yeah! spread the cock love!
  8. cant see the pic you tagged me in...?
  9. manifold cleaned up and painted.. found an air cleaner off an 86 dodge truck which is perfect , 2280 holley looks great will try it out before i make a call on rebuilding it... #super6
  10. awesome stuff man!! so much happy for you!
  11. great work mate! looking good..
  12. whats ya address , can send it down to ya... PM me info n carb... pretty sure its off a 318 but have heard these are ok to run on slants... maybe need smaller jets.. is missing tiny e clip off float breather but 1 will come with a new carb kit / ill try find one at work... also the guy i bought my manifold had another Cain 2 barrel manifold for $150 may have sold but worth giving it a shot...
  13. hell , you can have it for postage...easy come easy go
  14. ive got a carter bbd if u want it... $50. needs attention i just picked up a holley 2280 and a 2 barrel dodge manifold for mine...