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  1. Thanks for the ideas. Turns out the points were fried and my level of skill ran out. Thanks to Pete and Dave at Woodlands Motors got it running much better. Still got a very slight surge but going to put up with it until I can afford an upgrade of carb, intake manifold and electronic ignition
  2. So I lowered the float level a little last night to where the old one sat and screwed the Idler Mix screws back into 0.5 turn out as it was before. I also checked the timing (which was fine, perfectly at 8ยบ as per the manual. Still running rough at low cruising speed. Checked plugs after drive, nice and clean. Fuck sake!!!
  3. Turns out it is running rich, checked the plugs last night (which are new) and they are black (had the idler screws out 1.5 turns. Going to try screwing them back to 0.5 and lower the float level a bit. Fuel was filled up last weekend, got 95 in it. Cheers
  4. So further to my post yesterday I adjusted and re-adjusted the idler mix screws, still runs rough at cruising speed. Took top off carb and got really excited cos thought I found the problem as was flooded, the new fuel inlet needle seat and needle was allowing fuel in when float was fully raised, put old one back in. Not flooding anymore but still running rough at cruising speed bugger it. Going to check ignition next.
  5. I do want to replace the coil, it looks ancient. But would have though if was spark related wouldn't idle or accelerate smoothly. It does have vacuum advance, will check that not leaking when get home tonight cheers, looked to be ok when we re-kitted in the weekend. I will also check the timing. Funny thing was running really good until Easter when I had a breakdown due to the float getting a hole and sinking and flooding it. Have replaced float and made sure the level is to the factory specs. Ever since then has had this issue. Cheers for your replies
  6. Hey have 63 Galaxie 352 with the stock Ford 2100 2 barrel carb. Accelerates and idles really good. When reach cruising speed and ease of the gas runs rough. Have stripped down, cleaned and re-kitted. Idler mix screws were only half turn out when should be between 1 & 1.5 turns out. Still running rough at cruise at half, 1 and 1.5 turns out. Any ideas? Cheers Justin
  7. Managed to find this car closer to home. Took it for a drive to Riverton at Easter, carb float ended up being a sinker and sending fuel all over the intake manofold, fun times.
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