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  1. Yeah, but this is some next-level committment to eeking out the last iota of potential! keep up the good work, Tortron
  2. That's pretty impressive fuel consumption (coming from a Falcon owner). What are the factory figures?
  3. Yeah, I lusted after these too. My parents had a corona stationwagon but I used to ask Dad to buy a Sierra. Especially the ghia model with the rear-seat headrests for some reason. I thought they were the height of luxury!
  4. Cool project. But I always wondered...are these things hard to ride?
  5. Cool car. You should manual swap it though. My dad used to have a three-speed-auto Corolla and it was awful. He'd put his foot down for more go and "wham", straight to 5000rpm
  6. ditto. Someone on here sold a first gen wagon a while back. $2000 or similar. Shoulda, woulda, coulda etc still lots of 2nd gen ones around, but that twin turbo debacle puts me off.
  7. that enginerding is so cool. No guess-work allowed. So in the first pic you are calculating the strength of the pole?
  8. whoa, how did you set out the posts?! Is there a footpath you can reference off on the other side?
  9. I agree that imperial sucks. but I went through a phase of calling a standard piece of framing timber "90x45" and it just became cumbersome. 4 x 2 is easy to say and it works. I guess you have a point about 2 x 3.5 though!
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