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  1. there was a guy who K swapped one of these too
  2. Things recently happened as I remember them: 1) Another devil spawn produced 2) CRX bought, dismantled, found epic cancer that had shit repairs on the firewall (See: Actually held together by bog). Not mad just disappointed 3) Tried to put the CRX's B series into N360, that took ages, tried to cut the least as possible so I could change direction if needed. It does fit, but the cost is the hubs would have to be moved out quite some way, and thus the car would be about a foot wider than factory. Cool, but not something I want to do this time round. 4) Bought a Honda Jazz to try transfer everything over, which was always plan A, but when a B series presents itself for almost no money, you give it a go Said Jaaaazzzz. Been in a frontal, but still does skids (Y)
  3. Them supermarket trips are dangerous, too many unintentional neck injuries
  4. Can confirm it's the only method that looks legit that I've seen. Have seen lots of retards do angle iron bullshit in the states, those brackets look half decent.
  5. It was a hypothetical question lol. More around was there any rules that says that there must not be holes, like there are specific rules around the size of rust
  6. Can you fail wof if you've just cut out the rust, so no more rust, it's just a nice cleanly cut hole
  7. Sorry, yes sidetracked. Found link for someone posting aliexpress carbon Anyone else got links for the other products you need? I'd buy locally, however I just want to have a bit of a play at some point with minor investment Need wax, pvc mould release, resin and cloth like in above link. Have found some examples below locally and aliexpress, any advice? Roller kit (Locally seems to be quite expensive) - Resin - Mould release wax - PVA release -
  8. Interesting, however internet tells me it's still not as bad as we think. "Every gallon of gasoline burned creates about 8,887 grams of CO2" So that means a full tank of gas (Say 10 gallons or ~38 litres) produces around 89k grams of C02. More internetting says car aircon units use about 350+ grams of r134. So i mean it's not ultra bad for the environment, worth a few tanks. Then again Diesel is even worse. And how much heavy ship fuel does a cargo ship use, or a coal power plant...
  9. I do genuinely wonder how bad it is compared with how much fuel people waste. I mean carbon monoxide is pretty bad too but it's suddenly ok because everyone is doing it.
  10. This is how people start fires at govt agencies
  11. Progress slowing down, fell into employment however got a couple things done, and ordered, then delivered. Firstly a video of it back in it's hay day for you who don't have a tinfoil hat and use FB. Did: 1) Got the sub-frames out and all the hubs etc. Only have fuel tank and dash to remove now. 2) Bought and received a new engine and body loom. Got an EG9 Civic loom. Few reasons. Currently it's all been done with a OBD0 DA6 Integra loom , new EG9 loom is OBD1 which converts great for a tuneable ecu. The builder of the car originally hacked out literally every wire that wasn't needed and bundled loose wires with cable ties so not really sure what I do and don't have anymore. Finally everything was stripped from the dash so I don't have fans, radio, anything that wasn't 100% needed to run an engine was removed. I'd like to change that a little. 3) Bought a full car bush kit from Energy suspension through Adam @ Speedscience Need: (Not a huge amount is ever recorded on the interwebs about how to modify these era of cars to get any sort of handling performance out of them, so this is all my own RnD) 1) Need to head to PaP to investigate if the Honda Oddysey caliper bracket (You can google it yourself) will space the caliper enough so I can run some spare 96 spec ITR front calipers on EG9 disks. Choice upgrade as I have like 230mm disks currently from an AV Integra, so a 262mm and ITR caliper will make a massive difference. 2) Next on the investigation thing is a retrofitted rear sway bar as it doesn't have one, and I think it would really be beneficial to have one. 3) Shortened shocks for the front so I can lower it just a smidgen more (torsion bar front) and still get good travel (Y) Possibly for the rear as well, but I feel the fronts are going to be more complicated. Idea I'm tossing up at the moment is potentially figuring out if shocks form another car will work. So when I have free time I'll just be continuing on grinding back body rust, and sandblast or vapour blast the sub-frames etc in preparation for POR15 and newly acquired bushes, then they can be stored away in my spare car storage system ready to be reinstalled. Thanks for reading.
  12. Have a look at wof rules but not clear. Rear quarter windows, can you replace them with composite? I seem to recall aaaages ago a friend registered their car as a van or something then suddenly it opened up options for putting blackout vinyl on the rear side and rear window as they pleased. Figured if that were true, then maybe could make a fibreglass plug for them instead.
  13. But just A frame it and risk it, that's what I'd do (y)
  14. Or do a quick heli on sand. You'll see how many rippems were given