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  1. Have a look at wof rules but not clear. Rear quarter windows, can you replace them with composite? I seem to recall aaaages ago a friend registered their car as a van or something then suddenly it opened up options for putting blackout vinyl on the rear side and rear window as they pleased. Figured if that were true, then maybe could make a fibreglass plug for them instead.
  2. But just A frame it and risk it, that's what I'd do (y)
  3. SiRge

    Any tips for establishing if I have a LSD? Nissan.

    Or do a quick heli on sand. You'll see how many rippems were given
  4. SiRge

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx discussion

    Does anyone know if you can replace rear quarter windows with a composite material instead? i.e took out glass, can I form Carbon fibre in the same shape and slot it in there?
  5. SiRge

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx

    This weekend was productive thanks to a few friends helping (Was on dad duty as well). While a mate was collecting the engine crane, another friend put the wheels on the car and rolled it outside. Some genius thought it'd be a good idea to do a skid (me) so I started her up, sat on the rusty floor and effortlessly ripped a single peeler. Success. All went pretty smooth form here with removing engine, a few shitty wiring examples from the original builder (Wires crimped instead of plugged) but nothing we can't deal with. With minor swearing, the engine was out and it became apparent that the top radiator stay needs to probably be removable. There are scratches up the firewall on the drivers side where the rear engine bracket has about 3mm clearence when trying to remove the sucker. Engine was out finally and the car could go back in ready for me to remove subframes and go on a hunt for some more rust. After all that, no more photos was taken, it all went back inside in a hurry. Spent an hour with it last night getting it to a good position to lift it on axle stands (See: Final resting ground). Plan is to take all subframes and suspension off, I have requested/ordered an energy hyperflex kit from Adam @ Speedscience. will then clean up arms stuff then Por15, install new bush and reinstall to car. Today also bought an engine and body loom from an SIR EG Civic. This will be sacrificed to convert the car to obd1 and also to ensure nothing is missed/fucked from the current butchered Da6 wiring job. It allows me to have free wiring for things like dash fans etc which the car doesn't have... And now for pictures. Rest now sweet Prince. Location of the engine until I can get new bits for it. Should probably do cambelt etc right?  During the process, the was left in the trolley jack... Hmm We only lifted the tow hooks. Hmmm, not this side... (Can also see the traction bar & mounts, needs to be cleaned up or redone) Oh, don't even need to get on my hands and knees to see this lol. That bit to the left bottom is bottom rad stay BTW. You shouldn't be able to see light through that other hole...
  6. SiRge

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx discussion

    I'm still waiting to show off my gay projects and compare them to your gay project. Reminds of one of those classic American garage project tours. Could easily do one in Wellington
  7. SiRge

    Gav’s Honda N360

    The n360 chassis is a real worry. If you chop the roof off and sit in the car, the floor bends. It makes a new definition of unsafe beyond everything I've seen before
  8. SiRge

    Gav’s Honda N360

    Could you add additional side intrusion into the door? I'm semi considering that option on the crx
  9. SiRge

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx discussion

    I don't think many of those people are around much anymore. But hopefully I can do it justice
  10. SiRge

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx discussion

    Adding a rollcage then adds much more complication. Fixed back seats, harnesses, authority card, actually attending events. I was thinking a half cage as it didn't come with a back seat so may as well utilise it somehow
  11. SiRge

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx discussion

    More than happy for someone to show me how to do metal work and rust repair. I got no idea so winging it
  12. SiRge

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx

    After watching that rookie car YouTube guy B is for Build take out a car window ages ago in one of his vids I thought fuck it, how hard can it be. Success. Found some rust hidden by plastic panels too. Well, there used to be metal there...
  13. SiRge

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx discussion

    Yes plastic guards, plastics nose cone, plastic headlight covers.
  14. SiRge

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx discussion

    Yea that's about right, turns out my brother in law has known him for the past 10 years too (he organises the air strip for jet car testing) Hoping to pull the motor soon and tidy up some of the crude hammering marks
  15. SiRge

    SiRge's 1985 Honda Crx

    Mate came over this arvo and after much messing round, finally after replacing the spark leads with random I had spare it fired first pop. Right now I know it runs, time take it out and clean up the engine bay and subframes