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    old cars, old bikes, old rotary hoes, old mowers. Hot rods, choppers, bobbers and cafe racers. Go karts and mini bikes. Music and car/bike magazines. Hats and T shirts. Model cars and old clawfoot bath tubs. Yoda and Ratfink.


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  1. Oh yeah, I have a mate lives there that could pick them up for us if I can't get an Old school relay to me in Dannevirke.
  2. Yeah, I think you're right, that does look like 114 to me. I will find my boy and show him the pics, almost certain he will buy them. Where are you ? Thanks mate. Gary
  3. Ah, wondered as to the Brock-lee connection. Yes, that sheds a bit more light. They are a tricky little setup with fuck all room for movement and travel will be pretty slim either with reset leaves or cut blocks etc. Don't want to balls it up as it is a very tidy little van. Thanks for this Michael.
  4. Yeah, was talking to Beaver at swapmeet about the lowering. Didn't catch up with Seedy though to get his take on keeping the spring captured. Couple of bags of cement maybe ? The rear is easy.
  5. They should look good on the young fellas van. Just need to figure out the front end for some low.
  6. Sounds pretty much like they will be the right pcd. I think 108 is the other close pcd.
  7. I thought you were Beaver but wasn't 100% sure tbh. Next time though, Palmy ?
  8. Wasn't bad, bit cold as usual. Plenty of shit to ponder, sold some stuff, bought a couple of things and talked to people you only see at swapmeets. Did see @Geophy and ? My son was hoping to find some 13 x 7 hotwires to put on his newly acquired 1983 C20 van but no luck. On @UTERUS recommendation here we tried Paulys on the way up, pretty good burgers, the chili chips were a bit savage, but manned them back like a girl with eyes and noses running.
  9. Anyone going for a look on Sunday ?
  10. Kumeu was pretty shit last weekend so this can only be better.
  11. Hammerite and smoothrite work well, pretty tough finish and lasts outside for years.
  12. No where near the turnout of other years yesterday was there Trevor ? Still some good stuff but a big gap in the middle, was expecting a full shed really.
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