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  1. Driving from TGA Fridee morning. /ling Repaired the rack from Callum’s first Eastcape crash today to use on my bike. and also installed the forks from that same bike. Hope the curse of the pink Chaly doesn’t affect me this time round.
  2. Replace train with mopeds and this is FOAMERS thinking about Te Eastcape. (and also heritage equipment)
  3. Support Chaly. / I agree, 2 cars with trailers will be fine.
  4. Can make a pump fairly easily with a grease gun or old brake master cylinder. I found an actual pump for my 74 pleb spec 1300, so fun going up and down whenever I want. Lush VDP. I have some assorted ADO16 parts around the place if you need anything.
  5. Corflute covered in a thin carpet like fabric would look good? Spray adhesive some velour on.
  6. My backup bike. Will chuck some softer rubber bump stops in the front in place of the missing springs. /should be able to sort out my Yamaha after fiddling @Geophy’s Suzuki.
  7. I sold my CT90 and my Yamaha trail bike rear wheel disintegrated. May be riding the solid suspension Honda Chaly at this stage.
  8. I have a Cigweld 135 also. Had been using sodastream co2 bottles as shielding gas, worked reasonably well. But this week I just picked up one of the Bunnings/Coregas ‘Mig gas’ bottles. Looking forward to not running out of gas so quickly! Seems to weld a little nicer too. Although I’ve only used it to make a mount for a motorcycle exhaust so far. Next step is to borrow some of the washing machine and teach myself to do panel rust repairs on the Austin.
  9. I agree. Otherwise it’s really pushing its legality, physical engine size and performance wise. Hate to be the one to ruin 01 class rules. However wr200 powered would be great for off-road!
  10. Axle cross often refers to the universal joint in the front driveshaft, although being ‘76 this shouldn’t have those and will have conventional CV joints I would have though. The other thing that can make a clunk in the driveline of these is the supporting bush inside the steering rack. My 1300 did this for a long time. Heard it right through the floor. Nolathane/Superpro still make this.