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  1. Hey team. This on on Sunday. I’ll be heading over with @Mop Head hopefully in @Thphantum’s Oldsmobile if he’s not already got plans. I think @73crownwagonis heading over too from Papamoa. Convoy maybe? See you there @Beaver
  2. Provide cert man with wof sheet showing pass on basics and fail for the suspension.
  3. Not even OS. Might get us banned from carpark like dj1 with neons
  4. Next meet will probably be somewhere a little warmer. Keep an eye on the main pinned thread.
  5. Good meat. Thanks team. @oldrx @Greenie @Thphantum and jr @Mop Head and @Stazza on his C50. LDV engines and two for one burgers were the winner of the day.
  6. I have a feeling it will have returned to the earth in 19 years.
  7. I invited a couple non os-ers who ride cool old mopeds. They’re convoying behind my daily which is just about as slow as a moped.
  8. Alright split this into discussion thread and main info thread. See here for next meat!
  9. Hi team, Kicking OS BOP meets back into gear. A few of us keen to get out and have a yarn / burger / look at some weird cars. First round pretty easy, meet in the carpark opposite BurgerFuel Bethlehem 7pm Tuesday 24th May. Other food options close by too. See map, park across the road as outside the shop is usually busy. I'll be there with either a shit old motorbike or my non OS daily Mira with flashy neons. Brave the cold and come for a g'day. If there is interest we can look at other locations, cruises, bbqs, etc. Chairs, see you on Tuesday. Discuss for ideas & peer pressure.
  10. I’ll do some more admin when I’m home but been talks of alternating meat locations between Tauranga and Whakatane.
  11. That’d be ace. Do a bit of a drive somewhere perhaps.
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