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  1. GuyWithAviators' Honda CT90

    Pretty awesome bike. Love the low range box for pesting up hills that would otherwise be a struggle. Hence why I’m reluctant to Lifan swap it. I don’t know what bike to bring to OS Nats, CT90 is perfect for that area as you said. But it ain’t no loud 2 stroke boned V80.
  2. GuyWithAviators' Honda CT90

    Here's some repairs from the Eastcape ride, rivited new mounts to the plastic airbox. Really strong now. And installed the chain tensioners @Raizer made me after a few panic messages on the second night because my chain was really loose on, only fell off once when @MopedNZ and I tried wrestling while riding around a paddock on bikes. Carried on dailying the bike for a while. Then the Moped NZ Auckland Christmas Eve Eve ride was fast approaching and @Shewolf needed a ride. Decided to give this thing some love and get working lights on it. Shouldn't have touched it... For some reason with how the wiring is now as soon as any lights are connected the bike runs out of voltage and dies. It still charges a battery though. I initially thought this was the china carb playing up so took it apart to clean it. Again shouldn't have touched it. The main jet in it was too big, for a 110. But it was blocked enough so that it ran fine with my engine. Now it wouldn't run and was way too rich. ...This is the night before the Auckland ride. Head down to @Threeonthetree's shed and find one off a CT90 and clean / install that one. Works great, kind of. Leaked fuel but meh. @Shewolf tamed the CT90 and completed the Auckland CBD ride with us. Then it got a flat tyre and leaked some more fluids. First gear is also missing teeth, slips badly. Sitting in the corner of the garage awaiting some real love and a 110 big block engine now. Thanks for some good rides though 90.
  3. GuyWithAviators' Honda CT90

    The next ride to prepare this for was John's Eastcapescapade, 600km over three days around the Eastcape, starting in Whakatane, going around to Gisborne then back over the Motu Road. All at 60km/h with 18 other small bike piners. To get the CT90 ready I did nothing.. I changed the swingarm to one I got from a frame I bought in Christchurch at the McLeans Island swapmeet as the bushes in mine were poked. Also tried to get a headlight working but it stopped straight away. That was fine, just meant I had to chance to cuddle @64vauxhall and @MopedNZ whenever night riding was needed at our overnight stays. I won't say my bike was perfect on the ride but for how barry'd it's been and how little fucks I gave towards it, it did bloody amazing. My airbox fell off at the start of the Motu Road, didnt get it to stay back on so the bike ate lots of dust / rain for the last 80km. Here's some photos of it in front of things.
  4. GuyWithAviators' Honda CT90

    Man this thing is a champ. Put a china carb and coil in it and redid some wiring and away it went. Didn't ride very nice though. Changed the oil and some metallic chunks fell out.. Uh oh I'd run into the infamous CT90/110 broken 'drum stopper arm' giving false neutrals and not letting the gears change. $30 from Honda for the part and an hour to take the clutch cover off to install it, had to remember where all the clutch springs etc go after they fell out. Also cleaned the oil screen as @Lord Gruntfuttock suggested, it was blocked right up. Then got it together enough for a test ride with the rest of Moped NZ from Raglan to Kawhia and back around the mountain in October, only 160km ish. Bike went fine, swing arm bolt / bushings came loose, it leaked a lot of oil and the rear brake didn't work. Low range gearbox made soft sand easier with my new Golden Boy 17x2.5 tyres.
  5. GuyWithAviators' Yamaha V50

    Yep! That’s on my list of things to do. The rears were an experiment as they don’t affect the handling too much.
  6. GuyWithAviators' Yamaha V50

    Bloody piece of piss. Just had to take out the rubber spacer blocks from the mount holes. The foot rests don’t fit though as the clutch hump is at the back of the engine rather than the front. Need to cut and weld them at a different angle under the exhaust.
  7. GuyWithAviators' Yamaha V50

    I did some stuff to the things and now it does this. Update later when I try not to be dead.
  8. GuyW/Aviators' 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60

    Been daily driving this lately. No big issues. Still waiting on some Aliexpress electrical stuff before I put the dash back together. The 24v > 12v DC converter I ordered from Banggood arrived, nice 40amp unit. Changed the engine and gearbox oils. All 15l of them. Not including the 18l of coolant. Went to an Oldschool meat. Had a ride on an AA tow truck. ... wait what? Just a fuel bleed nipple fitting that decided to go missing... The empty looking spot near the filter. Didn't notice for a little too long... Diesel everywhere. Nice and clean under the truck now though. Back window has a nice sheen to it now also. Put a new fitting and filter on and she is all good now.
  9. GuyWithAviators' Honda CT90

    Usual story, browsing TradeMe on a Friday night while having a few beers. Que some peer pressure from mates. Sunday morning I trekked down to Te Aroha and loaded this thing into the Sentra Sportwagon. It promptly leaked all the oil/water mixture out. Then headed another hour down the road to visit @MopedNZ in Tauranga and have a 4 stroke wank fest with his new Honda Chaly. So, the bike is a 1973 ish model. Listed as a CT110, but turns out it's a CT90. Sold new by Paeroa Honda and been used on a farm since then. Has some goodies like the Hi/Low gearbox and the rare auxiliary reserve fuel tank. Been suitably barry'd around, wiring hacked up and roofing galv riveted over the rust hole in the rear guard. Tried to get it to run with @MopedNZ after draining the rest of the water and oil out of the crankcase. No luck though, couldn't produce a strong enough spark. Had another go at it today with the battery and coil out of my car and got it to run for a second on some brake kleen down the carb! Carb has been barry'd too so that will need sorting, couldn't get it to run off petrol. Will order a new 6v coil for it and go from there. Plan to replace anything that needs replacing, tyres, wheel bearings etc and just roll as is on some 50 plates. Here's the updated faded red paint fleet picture. Something 70s, 80s and 90s. As always any advice is appreciated! Just got my head around the 2 stroke Yamaha and now onto this thing.
  10. GuyW/Aviators' 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60

    Small update on this slug. Been daily driving it since I got it up until last week when I started pulling it apart. Did about 1500 trouble free kilometres during that time including a few drives out west. Man it's slow in the hills haha. The radiator has a small pinhole leak on the top tank, soldered it up and all was good. Until it started leaking again so going to heat it up and re-flow the solder once more. Started pulling the dash out recently to tidy the wiring and replace the JVC minidisc player. Today I put some new speakers behind the door cards. JVC 5 1/4" units, fit well! Just needed new holes drilled. Have put the Diatone covers back on top for a more period look. Going to need to give the gearbox some attention soon. There are late and early versions of the H55F with the crossover year being 1985... I'm not sure if mine is early or late. Does anyone know how to find out without taking the 'box apart? This forum says to look for this cover but I can't find it. I'm looking at getting this kit which suits late models, I can't find an early one. Any ideas wise people of OS?
  11. GuyW/Aviators HJ60 Discussion

    This is the kind of information I need haha. I was just super keen to go somewhere today, in hindsight was stupid with no gear or experience. Thankfully had a spade and found some driftwood. I let air out but no gauge so I dont think it was nearly enough. Thanks OS^ for the tips though. Enjoying this video for the off road tips, and the music
  12. GuyW/Aviators' 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60

    One of the selling points of this truck was the history of it, paperwork for everything done to it in the last 10 years. Everything from new engine in 2006 (!) to Nolathane bushes and new leaf springs in 2009. Vtnz WOF sheets etc. I love the mechanics write up here on the first line: Here's the obligatory new car photo: Also got this thing stuck in sand today. The aged A/T tyres didn't cope. What are some good options for better performance in soft stuff? I have no idea about tyres that are Supercats.
  13. Honda CL175 from hell.

    Yeah dude! And it's definitely rad enough, just go everywhere in second gear popping wheelies. The roads are 50/60km max anyway on the route.
  14. Honda CL175 from hell.

    Super lush! So which bike are you bringing to the AKL small bike ride? Hosted by @MopedNZ with myself and @Shakotom.
  15. GuyW/Aviators HJ60 Discussion

    QFT. I believe this one is okay chassis wise, I had heard about that issue though. I will go over it fully soon. Yep I already don't trust the sender, filled the tank and it only shows 3/4 full ha. Nah unfortunately not. This one listed yesterday on TM has them though: