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  1. You can record audio onto your phone with an external mic and sync it up in post later if need be.
  2. Also I’d love to come to this but can’t make it this year. Definitely keen for next year if it’s a success however.
  3. We aren’t gay but $20 is $20 does that explain the $20 entry fee
  4. As you’ve found out, not D21, they’re a lot more square.
  5. I have a bit more to do that’s not gonna be under carpets so I’ll give this thread another good read and go hassle the paint shop guys, I think there’s an Autolink and Resene here. Appreciate the help!
  6. Fair, just crap from the shelves at work. Definitely aware there is better stuff out there, convenience and staff price was a winner here lol. Didn’t think they’d be this bad. I’ll go have a nosey at the paint shop, cheers.
  7. Hey team. Long time reader first time poster. just doing some shit tidy up on the floor of my Austin. Had some surface rust / yucky from a few years of no carpet + water leak + a rubber mat rubbing the grit around. I hit the loose stuff with a quick strip disc, some CRC rust converter on the metal and then single pack sca epoxy enamel on top. the enamel isn’t drying where it’s on top of the rust converter, where it was just over exisiting paint is fine. did I not let the rust convert dry enough? I’ve chucked a fan and now dehumidifier in there to try help bu
  8. Some makes are different or have their own hieroglyphics but century is year - month found a 19-04 the other day at the back of the shelves lel
  9. What he said. If you didn’t use it yet take it back to repco or maybe century with the receipt and ask to swap for a newer one. but tbh irl it’ll be fine and as Dolan said warranty starts from purchase not manufacture date.
  10. Good score! Lots of parts available, even genuine Honda if you find the right part numbers (via partzilla etc) and order from Webike.Jp genuine parts section. There’s also Aconohonda in Te Aroha, same thing with part numbers: https://www.anacondaltd.co.nz Aftermarket, quality is fine, definitely a lot better than the Chinese scooters of back in the day. Darren is our original aftermarket monkey / Honda part supplier: https://www.shore50s.co.nz/store/c1/Featured_Products.html and just recently mBike have come into the NZ market with mostly AliExpre
  11. If it helps when I (rattle can) painted a bike frame recently I painted one coat, waited for it to dry, put a strip of masking tape over the stamped number and then continued painting. At end took off tape and it was right colour and easy to read.
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