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  1. Mines a v90 now Find a pw80 donk to keep sweet 2t noises. Bolts straight in, and can swap the ignition stuff over from the 50 to keep the lights on
  2. Next time for me sorry, day has filled up too much with my work do now.
  3. Same day as my work do. But May be able to pop by at the start!
  4. Ken. I’ve even got an OS car to bring. Hasn’t been to a Chch meat in about 8 years
  5. Did I see this in Hunterville over the weekend? Man it looks rad!
  6. I can get from Toyota Japan, currently nil stock in NZ. 4 ish weeks to arrive. $9.81 each incl GST. This may be cheaper and faster however.
  7. I won’t particularly recommend the workshop at my workplace / dealership because I don’t want to be biased but I am happy to a do a cash trade deal on genuine parts for you. Send me a message if you’re interested Greg
  8. Sold lots of stalks for these. I wanna say the relay may be in the stalk too? On some toyotas anyway
  9. Looks lovely. Will that motor fit in the tray? Might handle better than an ATC70
  10. I'm no expert but this is what I found for LN56-QD3 (LN56 0077883) which I think is your model. Showing part (1) should be a prop. valve on a bracket on the diff.
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