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  1. GuyWithAviators

    VGs Litter Of Cubs

    Nice score on this. I saw the advert and was tempted but I don’t need 2. I’m just about finished building this one, same as yours; C90 Deluxe. With the form filled out correctly and some stickers it became a C50 Deluxe. They’re exactly the same frame after all, and I’ve repowered this with a 49cc* Lifan. With slightly different to stock gearing it’ll pull me up to 95kph. You’ll enjoy this project.
  2. GuyWithAviators

    Lum's Honda Life (Moped NZ)

    What bike would you say is your Dream bike?
  3. Will be taking last chance pre-orders for these on the day also. Bank account or cash if preferred. Delivered mid Jan once supplier is open and printed etc.
  4. Tell your friend not to bring a GSXR1000 on a Nifty 50 plate and he’ll be sweet. Basically if looks like a moped and has a number plate come hang.
  5. Definitely won’t upset me. I’ll be jealous of the fuel economy tbh. If it’s the 155z one I’ll also be jealous of the cubes.
  6. GuyWithAviators

    Kicker's C50

    Also done the cutting shaft / thread etc. Didn't consider it being hardened just sent a die down it haha. Works well, need to do it to my Yamaha now. It has the massive droop from just cut springs - so many fingers caught under the guard when lifting the bike onto the trailer haha.
  7. GuyWithAviators

    Fat-Daddys ATC110 - Build

    Pull start lifan is definitely possible. or I have an electric start 110cc Honda clone quad engine here under the bench I could look at moving on later when you’re ready for an engine @weetbixkid
  8. GuyWithAviators

    Welder buying spam Spot the difference.
  9. GuyWithAviators

    Welder buying spam

    Yeah I have one of those. I’m not very good at welding but I’ve birdpoo’d a few things together with it. Seems to go fine. I’m using sodastream co2 bottles with it at the moment.
  10. GuyWithAviators

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Believe this is mine / Callum was using it until his tool bag exploded. Can you bring back up these ways too pls Jamie
  11. GuyWithAviators

    GuyWithAviators' 49cc Yamaha Collection

    More Yamaha sharns. Quake City Rumblers Dirtmasters 2018 was coming up and FOAMERS got invited. I put the word out for a bike and this thing was offered to me. So picked that up and spent the few days before with @mo999 sorting it out for some dirt racing. We threw in a V50 engine I had stashed in Christchurch. A homemade expansion chamber ex PPSC. 18" front wheel with no brake hub lol. CT90 rear shocks and seat. Flipped CT90 bars and controls. Was def not the fasted bike there by any means and I actually ended up bending the frame over some jumps enough that it wouldnt corner anymore. Still magaed to pop the knobbly tyre though at the end. Also won Cool Cunt award from QCR for my committment to this POS bike.
  12. GuyWithAviators

    GuyWithAviators' 49cc Yamaha Collection

    Then the next week I loaded it up on my Landcruiser rack and trucked down to Christchurch to ride a few hundred k's with QCR / Easties / Moped NZ. Stopped off for a pest in Wellington on the way too. Bike ran flawlessly over the weekend and I've done heaps of rides on it since. This engine swap hasn't increased the top speed much but it gets there a lot quicker - I love it. Future plans include this rare V90 engine I picked up and this Malyasian Yamaha Mate100 aftermarket expansion chamber I brought over.
  13. GuyWithAviators

    GuyWithAviators' 49cc Yamaha Collection

    Then the top end sounded a bit rattly so decided to put a new top end on - eBay special. Nice castings. Old top end: New top end: Went together fine but 5km up the road it locked the back wheel up on me. Hmm weird. Just a lean seize - see the marks on the corners of the piston / cylinder. This is running a pod filter straight onto the carb - no airbox etc. So I got some larger jets from NZ @Raizer Scootercare and got 7km up the road this time. So I tried fitting the stock V50 airbox and sucess - it was very rich and 4 stroking. This means I have room to safely jet it down. But even with the smallest stock size jet it did the same. Realised the factory V50 intake tube was way too small to replaced this with a straight bit of tube matching the carb throat size. That - with the stock size jet and some foam in the airbox is perfect.