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  1. Good stuff! Careful use of a flap disc on a grinder will quickly make the top engine mount thinner. Have had to do that for a few bikes. Just be careful not to grind downwards and put a hole in the top of the case
  2. Ah so @BLIZZOis invited. side note I appreciate all that you do @MopedNZ - cool stuff wouldn’t happen without a team behind the scenes getting it done. I’m 10/10 excited for this. Already planning some mods to my chaly for the hill climb.
  3. The listing has been removed - I’ve just asked if they’re still available however. Thanks!
  4. Hey team. Ive found 4x 14inch wheels for my little Daihatsu on Facebook that are located south Dunedin. Is anyone available to collect these for me and hold until I sort freight? Cash/beverages provided. cheers andrew
  5. Plan B has entered the chat. 3 wheel CVT only. But ye re: the above - normal twist n go scoots are too easy imo. Keen for some variety and seeing unique purpose built builds coming out of the woodwork.
  6. Hey Ben. I sold it to an American couple who freedom camped out of it and fixed some of the roof rust. Then i saw it pop up on Facebook about a year later being sold with a plus turbo addition and the whole truck rattle canned in cheap red paint, I think the front bar and winch was gone too. Haven’t seen it since - but would be keen to see wheres it ended up! They go for (even more) stupid money now too.
  7. One day I’ll update this thread in more detail but basically I also have this Yamaha, a 63 YG5. It was a bit slow so I swapped the motor out for one I picked up in S.E.A. It’s similar to a TTR110 kids dirt bike but no electric start. See the story here if you’re interested in the weirder side of small bikes.
  8. I have electronic ignition from a MG Metro (?) in my Austin 1300. Using a Bosch GT40 coil. Starts and runs fine. /lingor out
  9. Just caught up on your entire thread this morning, well done! Really great updates. Photos also all loaded fine for me, maybe split up longer posts in the future to spread across more pages. Excited to see where you get to next with painting/prepping! That’s about where I’m up to with some of my projects. Also more cat pics pls.
  10. I’m also interested in this. I have 2 bikes (one unregistered but will be Mr2b form) that I want consecutive plates on. They’re both exactly the same model / colour.
  11. Hey fellas that are more clued up that me. Is this legit? Removing separate spring and strut to replace with single coil over strut. Im used to hydrolastic and torsion bar suspension.
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