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  1. Yeah top work Callum. Had a special screening last night in Speedcucks territory. Then did some more Lifan skids
  2. This thread is a great read, thanks for posting. @MichaelJFox is this what your Golf has?
  3. While all you hard ppsc cunce were sleeping in the lake us FOAMERS were living it large in our Chalet
  4. Great stuff. I’m pooped. Took bugger all pics, keen to see what others captured of the events this weekend.
  5. Yeh I’ll have a few stashed up my bum. Find me tomorrow morning.
  6. @MopedNZ got an emergency contact list. Haven’t seen anything else yet.
  7. I’ll bring a spare open face also for you Bort. Keys in the helmet etc
  8. Dunno about the weather but my undies are moist. Check ya straps folks. They don’t tangle with chain / wheel well.
  9. Driving from TGA Fridee morning. /ling Repaired the rack from Callum’s first Eastcape crash today to use on my bike. and also installed the forks from that same bike. Hope the curse of the pink Chaly doesn’t affect me this time round.