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  1. Doesn’t apply to every product but read the labels next time and check out who actually makes it.
  2. Yeh sorry. Read the timeline backwards, -8:00 don’t be like dakar dave river crossing
  3. I’ve been waiting for mine for 6 months now. They do look good though.
  4. @MopedNZknows the BRM and Kiwi Rider guys quite well. They’ve done features on us before in the north island. Do it!
  5. You can record audio onto your phone with an external mic and sync it up in post later if need be.
  6. Also I’d love to come to this but can’t make it this year. Definitely keen for next year if it’s a success however.
  7. We aren’t gay but $20 is $20 does that explain the $20 entry fee
  8. As you’ve found out, not D21, they’re a lot more square.
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