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  1. Don’t have to intentionally drop it, just get in Barts way
  2. I dropped off my bike in @Thphantum man cave last night. @RUNAMUCK can drink beers on it if he wants. plz don’t forget to bring it Mark otherwise I’ll have to ride j5s JetSki or something
  3. This but reflector on plate itself. Can get small button shaped ones. I set up my yamahondalifan similar with plate on guard.
  4. Yeah I saw @Shakotom’s OG raglan ride sticker the other day. Quality MS paint. He’ll sort a design
  5. Wasn’t the rear brake dicky on it last year too? Lol. Good steeds those back up CTs though. Happy to help with any repairs needed also.
  6. Instead of doing the important stuff like fixing my chooched forks I’ve repurposed my oil tank to something more cape appropriate.
  7. Probably come out a different door at the factory like that already
  8. We also missed a turn off and almost ended up in Edgecumbe lel.
  9. You don’t want any air flow for this scenario so park it against the shed wall, put into 3rd gear and rip it lil Jonny until the exhaust glows red. rings are now bed in