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  1. GuyWithAviators

    WTB Valve spring compressor - CHCH

    My old man @mo999 has one in Kaiapoi. I’m sure he’d be happy to let you use it / have a sharn about how BMC A series engines are superior to Datsuns
  2. GuyWithAviators

    Truenotch's Tiny Tracker - Yamaha MX100

    Different model to yours but reminded me of what you’re doing with these ol’ hogs. Come make my V90 work better pls.
  3. GuyWithAviators

    GuyWithAviator's 1974 Austin 1300

    Moved to Tauranga. Drove this down from Auckland one evening. Got pulled over in Paeroa and told off for rego on hold, cop was a Barry though so loved it. Havent used it much here though, just been chilling in the garage. Carb needs a decent tune so started on that today. Parked up in town for some lunch and came back to this... #JustADO16things LF displacer let it’s juice out. It was a NOS one i picked up a couple years back so I guess the rubber just perished over the time when it was dry and let go now. Believe it’s around the hose crimp. looked cool on the drive home though. Left outer CV feels like it’s binding up at this height though. So juddery under power and engine braking. Can hear something going on down there. Boot is split so will replace that too. So, things to do for next wof; Replace displacer - I have a good spare here. Change CV joint / boot. Replace L handbrake cable - again have spare. Remake exhaust mounts - wire isn’t cutting it now. Tune crab. Ignore rust.
  4. I’m fizzing for this. Just picked up my Honda’s new seat. Soooo lush. Better than the metal tank I’ve been sitting on up until now. Have also sold this bike, dropping off to it’s new owner Sunday, so last ride for this wee hunny!
  5. Pls bring this along. Need some more Italian goodness in front of my eyeballs
  6. GuyWithAviators

    VGs Pair O Cubs

    Those are actually Honda 50 Magnets that @mo999 got made for his one and sent a spare set to me. Just slapped over top for now. I will eventually yarn to @Archetype about some real stickers that match the age of the bike.
  7. GuyWithAviators

    VGs Pair O Cubs

    Nice score on this. I saw the advert and was tempted but I don’t need 2. I’m just about finished building this one, same as yours; C90 Deluxe. With the form filled out correctly and some stickers it became a C50 Deluxe. They’re exactly the same frame after all, and I’ve repowered this with a 49cc* Lifan. With slightly different to stock gearing it’ll pull me up to 95kph. You’ll enjoy this project.
  8. GuyWithAviators

    Lum's Honda Life (Moped NZ)

    What bike would you say is your Dream bike?
  9. Will be taking last chance pre-orders for these on the day also. Bank account or cash if preferred. Delivered mid Jan once supplier is open and printed etc.
  10. Tell your friend not to bring a GSXR1000 on a Nifty 50 plate and he’ll be sweet. Basically if looks like a moped and has a number plate come hang.
  11. Definitely won’t upset me. I’ll be jealous of the fuel economy tbh. If it’s the 155z one I’ll also be jealous of the cubes.
  12. GuyWithAviators

    Kicker's C50

    Also done the cutting shaft / thread etc. Didn't consider it being hardened just sent a die down it haha. Works well, need to do it to my Yamaha now. It has the massive droop from just cut springs - so many fingers caught under the guard when lifting the bike onto the trailer haha.
  13. GuyWithAviators

    Fat-Daddys ATC110 - Build

    Pull start lifan is definitely possible. or I have an electric start 110cc Honda clone quad engine here under the bench I could look at moving on later when you’re ready for an engine @weetbixkid