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  1. This is the kind of information I need haha. I was just super keen to go somewhere today, in hindsight was stupid with no gear or experience. Thankfully had a spade and found some driftwood. I let air out but no gauge so I dont think it was nearly enough. Thanks OS^ for the tips though. Enjoying this video for the off road tips, and the music
  2. One of the selling points of this truck was the history of it, paperwork for everything done to it in the last 10 years. Everything from new engine in 2006 (!) to Nolathane bushes and new leaf springs in 2009. Vtnz WOF sheets etc. I love the mechanics write up here on the first line: Here's the obligatory new car photo: Also got this thing stuck in sand today. The aged A/T tyres didn't cope. What are some good options for better performance in soft stuff? I have no idea about tyres that are Supercats.
  3. Yeah dude! And it's definitely rad enough, just go everywhere in second gear popping wheelies. The roads are 50/60km max anyway on the route.
  4. Super lush! So which bike are you bringing to the AKL small bike ride? Hosted by @MopedNZ with myself and @Shakotom.
  5. QFT. I believe this one is okay chassis wise, I had heard about that issue though. I will go over it fully soon. Yep I already don't trust the sender, filled the tank and it only shows 3/4 full ha. Nah unfortunately not. This one listed yesterday on TM has them though:
  6. Tell me about bolt on turbo kits and the best place to buy bulk Newtech Repairer filler here. Project:
  7. So after many months of looking - including (failed) bidding on sight unseen cars 9 hours away from me, mincing around car yards and looking at more rust than I care to remember - I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one of these fine automobiles. Reasons being: - It was local in Auckland. - The Toyota tax wasn't too extreme. - It was ratty, showing it had been somewhat legitimately repaired. Anyway, what I purchased is a 1985 HJ60 high roof model, not sure which trim level but it has the 'power pack' interior with central locking, power windows and sunroof, A/C, rear passenger heater. It's powered by a 2H 3980cc straight six diesel engine and an H55F 5 speed transmission. It also has a working PTO winch on the huuuuuge front bumper. Initial impressions of the truck is just how big it is, it's massive! Especially compared to my usual modes of transport, the Austin 1300 or Nissan Sentra Sportwagon. The paint is rough but it shows where work has been done. There is filler but it is mostly fresh metal underneath. Looking up the D pillar I can see some rust at the roof seam, I've acid treated this and will address it at some point. There are also a couple of small patches of rust in the rear inner wheel arch and under the rear seat floor. Will apply wax to the body to preserve the patina. Driveline wise the P/O had the engine reconditioned (receipts provided) and the owner prior to me did the cylinder head after the HG blew between no. 2 and 3 pistons. This was caused by the head not being torqued down evenly. The front hubs were also rebuilt by him after a WoF fail on oil leaks. The gearbox is a little noisy, I believe this is the input and/or output shaft bearings. Kits for this are available ex-Australia. Probably caused by towing - it lived in the Waikato towing horse floats for a while. Have not tested the 4wd system properly yet. Anyway, overall I am stoked about my new truck! Diesel and 4wd is all new to me. Planning to daily this if practical. The conveniently most appropriate stickers applied - thanks @Archetype! Also thanks @MichaelJFox for assisting in collecting this tank. Discuss:
  8. Spotted on bookface
  9. Thanks @MichaelJFox
  10. Derped a little with that. Runs very nicely now though. Yet to go for a decent hoon but will report back soon with skid vids.
  11. Here's what it looks like fresh out of the can. Horrible stuff to spray, comes out like glue and doesn't cover very well. I wish I'd used a darker/brown basecoat instead of just grey primer. Oh well! Still looks rad. Also two cans wasn't enough sp picked up a third from Takapuna Art Supplies. Looks browner/darker with the 2K Lyndar clear on it. Then came the reassembly. Easiest way to do this was to flip the bike upside down and work that way. Also gave the engine/exhaust a quick cover with silver high heat enamel. As mentioned earlier I trimmed the springs... Maybe too much. Looks ideal but rides terribly with lots of reverse rake. Will see what options AliExpress has to rectify this. That rim tuck though! Needs a final clean / chrome polish / tyre writing finishing and wiring tidy up but I'm really happy with the final look! Some of the paint isn't quite right with chips, not even coverage but the rest of the bike isn't perfect anyway. Also have to repair the cracks and paint the front guard. Here's a before/after. Finally - I need to repaint the rear swing arm chain side as the fuel tap leaks and has melted my paint. Will do this with a white engine enamel or somesuch. Anyone got other recommendations for solvent resistant spray cans? The Lyndar 2K clear was supposed to be but I might not have put enough on. Also the carb isn't right, won't idle slowly or rev smoothly. Any bike carb wizards around Auckland that can help me? Other than that super happy with how it looks - 3 years later!
  12. Decided to do the side panels, forks and rear swing arm in an off-white pearl that I made up at work. Makeshift paint booth outside on a nice day. While they were off I took apart the rear shocks and installed the Makita one ways. More on this later.. Now for the main frame colour. I said in 2014 I wanted metallic brown. I took this a step further. Again in 2014 @The Bronze imported a bunch of Krylon Metalflake spray cans. I wasn't able to get my hands on any of this but I pined for it so much. Back to 2017 and @Threeonthetree mentions he has some spare cans of Bronze Blaze from The Bronze's haul. Some hand shandys were exchanged and I now owned 2 cans. Excellent!
  13. Paint stripper is fun stuff. The blaster wouldn't touch where the stickers were so paint strippered them also. Accidently left some parts uncovered too long and they started surface rusting so rubbed all that down. The bike then sat in etch primer while I got everything else stripped and prepped.
  14. Back in 2014 I stripped it down with plans of brown paint and a good tidy up. This never happened, got too busy with school/cars/moving to Auckland. @mo999 kindly gave it a rattlecan paint job and reassembled it so I could have it shipped up here to Auckland to use as a daily commuter into the city. I've now finished studying and don't rely on this for daily transport I've decided to reattempt the plan from 3 years ago. Started with @mtbtimr giving me access to the sandblasting cabinet at his work. Made everything so much easier! Frame was a little too long to fit so had to manually strip the ends.
  15. Nice car! Twins to mine. The passenger side noise is more likely to be the bush in the steering rack, it makes a noise through the floor. Check my thread here - I just did the fix. I'll find the nolathane part number later. See below for how I did it. //