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  1. That's a fair bit of twist! Did the diff pop? Was watching with sound off
  2. All sorts, have used ppg and recently rustkill stuff from mitre 10 and some random old primer I found in the cupboard ( resene I think). Would generally leave at least 24 hrs between brunox to primer then at least another 24 from primer to paint. Rub of scotch brite just before then usually wipe down with thinners ( maybe not necessary but I feel like it makes the paint stick better) not an expert by any means but seems to work ok for me. Are you spraying or brush, if spraying do a very light coat ( like see through ) first and let it dry a bit then heavier on the next one.
  3. Usually give it a scuff with a scotch brite then primer then paint
  4. Looking good, glad to see you are on a bit of a roll with this now.
  5. Well done on getting this going so quickly, can't imagine how nuts it is with that engine!
  6. Would usually use argosheild for gas which is argon mixed with carbon dioxide as it works out a bit cheaper and lasts longer, co2 is cheaper again and lasts longer as co2 is stored as liquid but leaves a bit of green slag which needs to be cleaned off.
  7. Oh yeah, your regulator shouldn't be hissing, except when gas passes through when you are welding, might have a leak there. Are you using straight argon or argosheild?
  8. You can also hold a block of dissimilar metal behind the weld where possible as a heat sink, copper is best but hard to find or a scrap bit of aluminum works to. You can clamp it with vise grips and it will both give you a surface to weld to so the weld doesn't blow through and take some of the heat away if you can't turn your welder low enough. Other than that work in short burst and let it cool a bit between. Good luck and keep at it.
  9. That a12 block would explain the gutlessness on the hills you talked about, shame it’s not a15
  10. Oh man, cool project. Will be watching with interest.
  11. Looks to be shaping up well, great job keep at it!
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