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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/NZ.Range.Rovers/permalink/2062515183936077/ In your area $700 running 3.9
  2. Car looks awesome in those pictures you took, can see the appeal.
  3. Dam, sorry to hear of your troubles. Been on both sides of this, my unsolicited advice, actually wait until you get a good night's sleep, then decide where you want to take the hit. Is there anywhere you could stash it for a while?
  4. The olive green one posted last looks awesome! Had crossed my mind at one point that one of these would possibly make a good BE1 clone, I guess the k11 was pretty much inspired by that anyway but the cabriolet seems closer.
  5. Air temp sensor will go in where the vacumn for the idle control is currently, just ne to take the hole from 12mm up to 14mm, it's just above the throttle so should be a good spot Wideband sensor will swap straight over where the current O2 sensors are, the leads to the wideband controller are 1.2m so might even chuck it behind the dash Started marking out an adapter to put the throttle position sensor on, need to get some 6mm aluminum plate to make it up Not quite sure on where to set the sensor, I guess there should be a spot with min resistance or max resistance maybe will need to figure that one out.
  6. Plan is to remover the thermo air valve at the front and put the air idle valve there Like so Then should be able to remove the diagram controlled one on the top far side and blank it off.
  7. Photos of the distributor @fletch Has a mechanical advance at the top under the rotor which is a bit oddslotted disc under that , eight holes on the inside, a heap on the outside, more than I wanted to countsensor has rsb-06 on it which looks to be easy enough to get a replacementodd rotor on top that covers the advance What do you think, would it be ok to use this setup and maybe just replace the sensor?
  8. Then started a side quest for some reason, so that’s probably going to chew up most of my time for the next few months, Shit Nissans is a mental disorder I think.
  9. Not much to report here, got it home again, played with springs,
  10. 1999-2011 U300 looks like it may widen at the front, can’t find a picture of one irl to check but,
  11. Do later model chassis rails narrow at the front still? Can't imagine it would be overly hard to swap the chassis.
  12. Nah I paid $338 for a new one like a chump
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