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  1. Otodat

    KerryTGIs 1988 Hilux

    If the rag is damp but not soaked with thinners seems clean up fine or can use wax and grease remover, wipe it on with a rag then wipe off before it drys with a clean rag. Personally I’ve found a bit of thinners to be better. The primer doesn’t need to be thick for stuff like this as long as it sticks to the brunox and the top coat sticks to it should be fine. Scotch brite pads are really good for making a surface for paint to stick to with taking it off like sanding etc. Best to do a test patch when mixing different paints. Killrust is a bit weird to paint with compared to the other few paints I’ve used and takes ages to dry but seems to hold up ok.
  2. Otodat

    KerryTGIs 1988 Hilux

    Yeah i’m far from an expert. The stuff I’ve done I gave the brunox a quick scuff with a scotch brite pad then a wipe over with thinners on a rag otherwise the paint wouldn’t sit flat. I use killrust as well because it’s available locally but I think I might of used a different primer I had sitting around last time, can’t recall what type it was sorry. Found it best to put a very light coat over the brunox first followed by a heavier coat as the brunox dries quite hard and smooth. Used brunox and hammerite on my daily to tidy up some chassis mounts and a bumper without any sanding and brushed on (with 2 or 3 coats) and it’s holding up well after 18 months.
  3. Otodat

    KerryTGIs 1988 Hilux

    I have used hammerite ( also from mitre10 ) over brunox on chassis and bumpers and it is held up well. Usually leave any rust converter at least a day before before putting any top coat over to avoid reactions. You could also try an intermediate primer between brunox and the killrust, seems to stick better. What part of the Waikato are you in? Anyways keep up the good work.
  4. Otodat

    Browndog's 1978 Ford Transit Sundowner

    Sweet vans, what’s the setup with that silver one?
  5. Otodat

    scott's 260c H330

    Yeah the 55 is the id of the frame
  6. Otodat

    scott's 260c H330

    Cool thanks I measure 55x38 on the round bush and 62x30 on the top of the steel block
  7. Otodat

    scott's 260c H330

    Hey scooters, just out of interest would you be able to measure the blocks and front bushes so I can compare to President ones, cheers.
  8. Otodat

    J21's '70 Datsun 521 Pickup Discussion

    Damn that was a good read, can’t quite figure it out- is the greenish truck the gtref truck now? anyways awesome work going on here, watching with interest.
  9. Otodat

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Good score, that shell looks dam tidy
  10. Otodat

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Have been reading up on that looks really good
  11. Otodat

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but would anyone be able to recommend electrical schematic software that is easy to use and cheap or free to acquire?
  12. Otodat

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Getting quite a stockpile of bits there Alasdair , for paint on springs etc I have just used truck chassis paint in the past and found it ok but might be a bit rough for what your going for. People seem to recommend por15 for under carriage bits. If your ever up in Hamilton be worth asking at autolink what they recommend
  13. Otodat

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Yep I have a little press, and access to a bigger one if need be
  14. Otodat

    Alasdair's 1974 KE25 Corolla

    Seems like you have got some momentum on this at the moment, good stuff keep it up